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  1. Been quite a few years since I posted on here, but I want to wish you nothing but the best Weams. You’ve always been someone that I really respected and liked. I can’t think of anyone that has a better attitude and mindset for facing something like this. Be strong. You got this.
  2. Too many people think of baseball payroll in terms of a salary cap. Money not spent the next two years isn't a missed opportunity; it's money that can be used in the future.
  3. Even though I firmly believe it's BS that AL teams have to let their pitcher hit in NL ballparks, it's hard to argue that it's a greater disadvantage than not having an extra ML starter to plug into the lineup in AL ballparks.
  4. Did you hear his interview after his game-winning hit against the Blue Jays 10 days ago? https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/trumbo-on-walk-off-single/c-1806180483 "You can't hunt your perfect pitch". This is the thought process of a man with a .302 career OBP. Last night was another good example. You're facing a righty that is strictly throwing FB/SL. You know he wants to get you out with sliders away. Does he look inside, knowing the pitches away are unhittable? No, he flails at sliders just off the plate. Hitting is extremely difficult, but if you have the right mental approach, you can at least give yourself a chance. I just can't imagine a rebound unless he completely changes his approach.
  5. Do you think Torii Hunter is a HOF?
  6. It certainly explains how they're around .500 with an atrocious run differential.
  7. These are good things.
  8. I believe we're somehow near the top of the league in wins while scoring 3 runs or less.
  9. Ok. I would rather have Gausman than O'Day.
  10. Me neither. Gausman in the 7th isn't better than Givens.
  11. I wonder if Thorne and Palmer realize Manny tripped on nothing but a different colored turf.
  12. I was gonna go to this game, but I was too tired. Thank God.
  13. That was a much nicer play than the one he made in the 9th inning, Gary. I dont know why this bothers me so much, but it does.
  14. I prefer to watch it sober. Watching them when I'm drinking usually just ruins a good time.
  15. You mean in terms of visual clarity? Or do you mean in terms of intoxication level?
  16. I definitely thought Thorne thought that.
  17. If there was a lefty on the mound, you might as well have just given him 3rd.
  18. He really didn't. He just knew how to time pitchers better than anybody I've watched play.
  19. Roberts could steal 3rd in his sleep. The fact that Thorne was mystified by Machado trying to steal there was so typical of him. Getting to 3rd with 1 out makes a huge difference. How hard is that to understand? Perhaps it's as difficult as it is for him to remember all the times Markakis made routine catches in the corner in RF. Bordick was right, though. It was stupid for it not to be a double steal.
  20. Watching Arrieta struggle through that inning against the Orioles was just as annoying as watching him do it with the Orioles. I didn't expect it to feel that way.
  21. I have to go with Family Guy, if only because it's been in my heart longer. I do think Family Guy hasn't been as good the past 5 years, while South Park is still hilarious. It is, however, more fresh to me, so my opinion might not be fair. Regardless, though...the correct answer is Archer.
  22. If you're doing a complete fire sale, then it makes perfect sense. Who cares if Britton is killing us the next couple years when we're not competing anyways?
  23. I agree. I think he looks pretty good. Release point seems to be a bit better.
  24. I think players should do whatever makes them happy. If people want to keep hiring them, they should keep competing...if that's what they want to do. I don't think that's a fair comparison. Musicians and actors are entertainers. Athletes are competitors. Musicians and actors making bad music/movies doesn't negatively affect anybody else. Interestingly enough (to me anyways), I think we have fairly similar personality traits. This is one area where I can't separate emotion and objectivity. I can want us not to re-sign Hardy next year, but I'll still be sad to see him go. Whether the emotions I felt were reciprocated by him doesn't change the fact that his play on the field did have an effect on my life. Me neither, but I'm not sure his shoulder is strong enough right now to get the arm angle he needs to be successful. My biggest concern is that he's going to try to compensate for it and (I'm going a little out of my depth here) hurt his elbow in an effort to stay on top of the ball.
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