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  1. I am a fairly new retread to this site. I am very excited about John Means. I won't deny I hated a total rebuild. But Means has change my thinking a little. I live in Tampa so I haven't seen him live. I wonder, Is he a possible ace? I will go to the Trop when he pitches. Heck they may let me sit in O's dugout attendance is so bad( LOL) Thoughts
  2. I actually heard the call live, i was lucky enough to grow up in Hartford, midway between Boston and New York. Lucky enough to see 3 Yankee, Red Sox brawls live. Best one was when Nettles dump Lee on his head. As an O's fan I hated both teams but as a baseball fan loved the battles
  3. 1960 in Yankee Stadium. It was my 3rd trip there, First team I saw was Indians 2nd was Red Sox third time was the charm, the O's beat the Yanks making me an O's fan.
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I better get my eyes checked. I'm an optimist but I don't think Pie will be anything above a .260 hitter. Look at Jones' splits against lhp and rhp then compare it to Pie's. It's not even close, Jones is vastly superior. But MacPhail has sold a lot of people on Pie. Too Bad.
  5. .241 vs. lefties in minors and .106 in the majors is downright scarey. He's one team's reject and we think he's the next Willie Mays.
  6. Felix Pie = Daniel Cabrera unlimited potential, little result
  7. Mr Pie, can not hit lefties. .245 in the minors. He can not hit the better power pitchers in the AL. (was overpowered by Paps) and IMHO stinks. We are wasting a roster spot and time trying to make chicken soup out of chicken feathers. The Cubs thought so much of him they signed 38 year old Jim Edmunds and put him center and sent Pie to Iowa until they could unload him on us. Have you seen him at bat. His ave. is decieving because of his speed. DFA him if he passes then good, work on his deficetcies in Norfolk, if he gets claimed, bye a cake and say good luck.
  8. Joe Torre teams finished below 3rd once since 1982. He gets 100% out of most players and owns the clubhouse. That's what makes him a good solid manager. Give him the horses and he will ride them to the best they can do. The Yankees lowballed him and Pettite and that's a lousy way to put guys who won series and pennants for to rest.
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