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  1. At what point do we stop using our good players as trade chips and start acquiring and retaining our good players
  2. Spider44

    Top Five

    Carl Ripken Jr?!?! Really?!?! Who wrote that article, Robbie Alomar?
  3. I wish I had more. I'm as curious as everyone else.
  4. As some have suggested, Rich Amaral was hired by Brady. I know this for a fact.
  5. How about this for a crazy thought. They both start. Is it too crazy to think that Crush gets a day off against Happ?
  6. Chris Sale should be our target. However, I believe signing Manny long-term is a must. The package that I would consider trading for Sale includes Britton, Jones, Mancini or Walker and a young pitcher or two not named Bundy or Gausman.
  7. "I was really down," Davis said. "I was really depressed because I felt like I had let so many people down and had really just scarred my reputation to the point of where everything that I had done wasn't really going to count for anything. God just reached down and put his arm around me at that time and let me know that it's OK to stumble as long as you get up and move forward and learn from your mistakes." I would have preferred if God put him arm around him and let him know that he should hit 50 homers again this year...
  8. I thought he was barking at Cervelli who was pumping his fist behind the plate all game.
  9. I've read this before, but I'm unclear why SEA and TOR have a protected pick. Please explain.
  10. I guess Proefrock was in his ear more than we all knew...
  11. They aren't going to sign Burnett. He doesn't want to pitch in Baltimore.
  12. I didn't say I agreed with the logic. I'm just writing what I heard. I also find it interesting that Rickli just tweeted almost verbatim what I said about AJ coaching with Profrock.
  13. Just received a little insider information from a friend of the Burnett family. AJ would prefer not to pitch in Camden Yards. First choice is the Pirates where he is comfortable. Phillies are also a possibility as AJ has been coaching rec basketball with Phillies GM Scott Profrock who lives in the same area.
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