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  1. Here's a good copy of that link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/gameon/2012/12/02/tomlin-harbaugh-testy-handshake/1741585/
  2. Seems like there's usually a good 2-3 thousand for a normal game (pulling that number out of thin air), with that number going down if the Ravens are having a down year. Since they haven't had any of those recently, they've done a real good job of keeping the Steeler fans in check. I just happened to be in a section with a good number of them. First time in a few years that there hasn't been some type of drama nearby between angry fans.
  3. I actually didn't see it either. I was at the game, but I saw a few tweets describing how emotional Batch was after the game. Was just pointing out that I think it was more than just "Hey, we beat the Ravens."
  4. Batch is 38, and there's zero chance he's back next season. Guy just won the last start of his career playing for his hometown team against its biggest rival. Have to think that's why he was so emotional.
  5. (I come in peace.) The interesting point about the Brown reception is that the play called by Bruce Arians had all of the receivers running 15 yard routes. Arians was content with getting some positive yardage to help flip field position. Roethlisberger overrode the call. He felt that you have either: A) An incompletion. B) An interception that acts as a good punt. C) A big play. Whether it's indicative of Joe Flacco's development or Cam Cameron's coaching style, it's unfortunate that a 3rd year QB isn't given the ability to make a similar adjustment.
  6. I thought this should have ended it: But I agree, the hypotheticals get tired fast. This game is far more important.
  7. That was my point. Of course Pittsburgh can lose this week, and they certainly could have lost in Week 4 with Roethlisberger. But the record speaks for itself. Steelers vs Ravens since 2004: Roethlisberger starts: 8-2 (including playoffs) Maddox/Batch/Dixon: 1-4 As to this week, I expect it will be more of the same. I'm leaning Pittsburgh if only due to the bye week, home game, and the Steelers being about as healthy as they've been all season.
  8. That may have been your intent, but that's not how it came across. All I'm saying is that it's illogical to discount Ben's impact on the game by saying, "Last time I checked, he doesn't play defense!"
  9. I've seen that written far too often, and it makes no sense. I'll give Flacco all the credit in the world for orchestrating that drive, but with Ben playing over Batch, there might have been a bigger hill to climb. Charlie Batch in Week 4: 12/21 for 141 Yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. 57.8 QB Rating Roethlisberger has a career QB rating of 82.6 against Baltimore. We're dealing with hypotheticals here, but it's logical to assume Ben plays better than Batch in that game.
  10. The coaches may have been different, but the situation was the same with respect to the fans. His supporters blamed his lack of post-season success on the QB situation (read: Stewart, Kordell) and just bad luck. His detractors thought he was too stubborn and got out-coached when the games got big. As usual, the reality probably falls somewhere in the middle. My memory is horrendous though, so I can't provide much in the way of specifics.
  11. It would stun me if either of those teams made it to the Super Bowl.
  12. Agree 100% there. I don't think I've ever seen a defense more exhausted in an NFL game than last night. The pass rush was noticeably better once they got some rest for overtime.
  13. It's interesting that this game played out in such a way that it clarified absolutely nothing. Offense looked good at times, nonexistent in the second half. Defense held the Texans for the first half and collapsed in the second. I think every question you had about this team going into the game is still valid now. It's probably no consolation to a Ravens fan, but at least they find a way to keep things interesting.
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