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  1. Here’s a good right up on Brennan Malone. https://www.wfla.com/sports/mlb-draft-prospect-brennan-malone-img-academy/2049208253 Fangraphs latest mock has him going to the rays at 40 Im hoping he slips to us. He’s a beast!!
  2. For 42 I’m hoping for either Brennan Malone, RHP, IMG Academy HS or Drey Jameson, RHP, Ball State.
  3. The problem with catching is it takes a toll on the body Look at Mauer when they finally moved him to first he was no longer the player he once was because the toll catching had on him.
  4. I’d be interested in hearing from Sig whether Adley was his guy or not. Even though i doubt if he’d say if he wasn’t. I think I remember reading in Astroball how he differed in who he wanted then many scouts.
  5. Thanks personally with his bat I think its a great idea. My only concern with Rutschman was the fact he’s a catcher and wouldn’t get to play as much and less opportunity to make impact at plate.
  6. Tony do you think that means there could be a position change coming? If so where?
  7. Interesting so positi on change quite possibly in the future. I like the pick a lot more if so. What position would he switch to I wonder?
  8. After this draft and turning our attention to 2020 whose jumping on the Blaze Jordan bandwagon?
  9. Im curious to know regardless who the pick ends up being and I hope we find out but I want to know who Sig really wanted us to draft. I think he’s one of if not the brightest mind in baseball.
  10. I hear ya and the only real knock I have on Witt that I’m sure could be a big turn off is he’s 19.
  11. I get Adley over Witt but Vaughn? This board is tough on Witt boy darn. I just don’t get it I’v read reports of him being the best SS since Arod so what if there is concerns if he k’s a few times everything else is plus, speed, arm, glove and power. Personally I’d rather have the stud short stop over the stud catcher or stud 5’11 first basemen. Seems like many here are discounting Witt and I just don’t get it.
  12. Im thinking if we go the underslot route we take Bledey over Vaughn.
  13. So has Elias made decision yet? I know in 12 it came down to the hour before they were in the clock before they decided on Correa what could they be weighing right now? I wonder if Elias and Sig are on the same page from reading Astroball I know Sig differed with many scouts and Luhnow
  14. And he’s also a cheater! Him and the others should be stricken from all records! Just my opinion and it’s sucks because it’s the era I grew up watching and it’s been tarnished by greed. I place as much blame if not more on the owners but I do t want to hijack this thread on this subject.
  15. I hear ya but I don’t think there is nothing cute or creative about Witt Jr. maybe the other guys. I get Rutschman has produced at the higher level against tougher competition but Witt has done nothing but dominate the competition he has faced correct? Most scouts have Witt rated plus in every area I believe except his hit tool( plus speed plus glove plus arm plus power) and that was due to a concern of some swing and misses he showed in some tournament most scouts have said that’s been over blown. From a pure talent stand point based off how they’ve performed against the talent they’ve faced I don’t see how one can say Rutschman is clearly better. Is trackman being used in highschooL or any other software that can track exit velocity launch angle bat speed etc?
  16. It’s the Value Elias is after I’m most interested in knowing. Is it the player that brings the most individual value or the player that allows the organization to add the most value? What do we covet?
  17. I also get that this is probably I stupid but it always pops in my head and I get that guys develop differently and I think of it when I think about all the college guys going at the top of the draft but the thought that always pops in my head is if they’re so good why weren’t they being picked in the top of the draft when they were 18. Like I said probably stupid but I can’t help but think it.
  18. I definitely agree with you that there is less Risk in drafting Rutschman but I also think there is a higher reward in Witt Jr. it’s an interesting debate one which I don’t think we can go wrong with either way.Like I said previously there’s just something about a stuff SS that attracts me more than a stud catcher. The fan in me likes watching a stud SS make highlight real plays than watching a catcher throw a runner out.
  19. When we are scouting a player are we able to work that player out have our own guys pitch to them or so we have to base everything off what we see from them in there own games?
  20. I’m psyched for tonight been waiting for this Day for a year was on the Quit for Witt bandwagon then and still want him now. That being said I fully Trust Elias and Sig and will he excited for whoever we select. I imagine it’s going to come down to all the scouts and others information being placed in the computer and some algorithm saying this who we should pick. Then Elias decides whether to Trust the data which will be easy if it matches his gut, but if his gut tells him differently which does he choose?
  21. Yes... but if you look it up you’ll see there are others that share the same sentiment.
  22. Somebody give me Mike Elias phone number please! I need to call and talk some sense to him.
  23. List of best SS prospects since 1987 only Arod ahead of Witt Jr. but everyone wants us to draft a catcher. I don’t get it we have the opportunity to draft a kid who can be impact player for 162 games a year and he brings more tools than Adley plus Rutschman a catcher would be lucky to play 140 games a year. https://atmlb.com/2WrehuJ
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