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  1. Game 4 of the NLDS plenty of empty seats Now the Bandwagon in Full Force
  2. Interesting... MLB network on Monday jumped the gun and said Greinke was traded to the Astros. Now it actually happened, have to believe this was brewing for a while and not last minute especially with all the prospects involved.
  3. Cubs Reportedly Talked to Orioles About Middle Infielder Jonathan Villar Link
  4. That's strange. I see the same issue now also. Tony's direct link off his original listing for OH tickets still works. Try this one.
  5. I hope so as well Steve. Awesome, no name tags but we will be in rows 10 through 13th.
  6. Make it out to the Yard this Saturday 7pm vs the Rays with other OH members Tony and the OH have set up tickets in section 8 for $20, the normal ticket price for this section being that is an Elite game is $73! Plus first 30,000 fans 15 & over get this sweet O's Hawaiian shirt, can't find a better deal all season OH ticket link use promo code: hangout
  7. Like many others here on the OH, I hope he signs with the O's as well. Show him the money like Jerry Maguire and get it done.
  8. Hernandez should be fired. (CB Bucknor as well) I watched a game this year where 3 pitches were all in the strike zone and not one was called a strike. I was also watching a Twins/Royals game a few days ago and this happened, classic Hernandez. During a game between the yanks and the jays, he called this a ball.
  9. 2020 MLB Draft Order PICK TEAM RECORD WIN% GB STREAK L10 1 Baltimore 21-50 .296 -- Lost 5 2-8 2 Kansas City 23-48 .324 2.0 Won 1 4-6
  10. Thanks as always Tony. The OH games are truly great and having them line up with promo days with excellent prices 50% or less than the actual price is greatly appreciated. Know it takes some work to get this set up so it's not taken for granted. Good seeing you again as well as Steve. I talked to Ben (O's84) who was with me at the game and we will definitely car pool to another. I'll look to make another 2-3 OH games this season but I'm out for the game against the Padres as I'll be in Cali.
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