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  1. I just checked the radar, I'm wondering if they play. At the earliest looks like they could play around 7:15 or so.
  2. It's Laz Diaz, his strike zone is usually the size of a king size mattress.
  3. The Cards hitting up the casinos and the Marlins fishing for tail at the ATL nudie bars really about to end the season.. Hopefully, the Cardinals get it together but I'm going to appreciate any baseball we get knowing the season could get cancelled any moment.
  4. Was surprised this was left out in the opening post, that was embarrassing. I enjoyed the O's taking the series from the Sawx as I expect a lot of pain this year, well as long as the season lasts..
  5. During the 2014 off-season, I struck up a baseball conversation with a yankees fan. He told me I was lucky to be a O's fan as the yankees weren't committed to winning as they didn't top the M's deal to bring back Cano. I said what about the signings of Masahiro Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran and Matt Thornton. He looked at me confused and said, yeah those are good but it's not Cano.
  6. Game 4 of the NLDS plenty of empty seats Now the Bandwagon in Full Force
  7. Interesting... MLB network on Monday jumped the gun and said Greinke was traded to the Astros. Now it actually happened, have to believe this was brewing for a while and not last minute especially with all the prospects involved.
  8. Cubs Reportedly Talked to Orioles About Middle Infielder Jonathan Villar Link
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