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  1. Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal Dexter Fowler has re-signed with the #Cubs, per @MDGonzales. One year deal with mutual option.
  2. Who else is bidding though? No one else at play here except the Orioles it seems.
  3. @Ken_Rosenthal Sources: #Orioles have increased offer to Davis, possibly as high as 7/168. Team hopeful, even somewhat optimistic, that it can strike deal.
  4. I remember the last day of the season in 2013 my wife and I were in the outfield during batting practice. Tommy was shagging balls and hamming it up with the fans as always. Scott Feldman was shagging with him, and while Tommy was talking to some fans, he threw my wife Tommy's glove. When Tommy was done chatting, he went back looking for his glove, and then my wife with it. He came over and talked/joked with us for about 10 minutes (he was probably hitting on my wife, but whatever). At the end of the conversation, he threw us a couple balls and let her keep his glove. Really great guy. He always struck me as someone who was a fan of the game just as much as he was a player. He was a fan's player. He always seemed to be grateful for his opportunity. Best of luck in Chicago, Tommy!
  5. Boom! 2 tickets game 7. People are timing out, so keep refreshing. You might get lucky!!!
  6. Same here. Not getting anything for any number of tickets on any games.
  7. Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS orioles have inquired on colon. mets may be uncertain whether to deal him. http://cbsprt.co/1pt7SXa
  8. Don't worry. My niece lives in a bubble so that should cover most of the horrific things that will inevitably happen to her when attending a baseball game. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  9. So I have the esteemed privilege of taking my 2 year old niece to her first Orioles game next week. However, I have never attended a baseball game with young children and don't think her (or my sister) would enjoy my normal routine of drinking beer and paying close attention to the action. So, my question is, for those who have young children or have take young children to a game: Do I have to buy a ticket for a 2 year old? Where should we sit? What do you recommend doing? Any particular thing we should do? She us a HUGE fan of The Bird; does he show up at one particular location each game for pictures? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I do plan on taking her by fan services to get her first orioles game certificate, but other than that, I'm really lost as to what to do to engage her interest. Thanks for the help in advance.
  10. Here's a link to view it. http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/slideshow/AlbumID=13102749013/PictureID=710913054013/a=94876769_94876769/otsc=SHR/otsi=SPIClink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/ I used caulk to waterproof the cabinet as well as added weatherstripping around the door. Has worked out really well so far!
  11. Live in North Carolina and during the winter I built this cabinet to house a tv and directv box. Looks like the dog and I will be spending many a summer night hanging out on the patio.
  12. Our Johnson is bigger than their Johnson.
  13. I bet they only have the stamina for 2 or 3 good........ innings.
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