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  1. Buffalo guy here. Been to the park many times, decent facility, if somewhat aged. Originally built to be able to be upgraded with a second deck if Buffalo had been able to land an MLB expansion team in the 80s, which they nearly did. Not a lot of loyalty to the Blue Jays in Buffalo, as it is a relatively new relationship (2013). The cities are geographically close- less than a 2 hour drive in normal times when you could cross the border. Some acrimony lingers between the cities sports-wise after much speculation that the Bills were going to be moved to Toronto, which thankfully never happened. Of course without fans this is pretty irrelevant. Any downgrade in lighting or clubhouse luxuries is balanced by the fact Sahlen Field is an actual baseball park, unlike Rogers Centre which is more of a "spectacle" and that is putting it nicely.
  2. A couple of the losses have been frustrating but overall it has been fun so far. Honestly more fun than watching good players underachieve and find ways to lose and swing at every pitch, which describes most of 2017 and 2018. I expected at least a couple 13-2 type losses so far, but they have been competitive. Those may come, but so far so good IMO.
  3. Wright and Davis don't belong in MLB.
  4. It's going to be a looooong year.
  5. Well said. Best of luck AJ, thanks for the positive memories.
  6. I will always have a soft spot for Mike, even after the leaving for NY thing. In 92, my family and I made our first trip to OPCY. I was 15. A bunch of players were having a signing session down near the inner harbor. Mike wasn't officially at a table but was walking around for some reason, and I recognized him despite him being a rookie. I went up to him and was in the process of asking him to please autograph a ball for me when one of those crazy middle age guys, who carries 25 items around at a time and wants them all singed, literally butted in front of me. Mike said something to the effect of "hey wait a minute I sign for the real fans first" and made the guy wait while he signed my ball and talked to me for a minute. Hard not to be a fan after that. Between that encounter and experiencing the glory that was OPCY's inaugural season, any question of me NOT being an O's fan for life was put to bed.
  7. Blah. I'm an Orioles AND a Bills fan. 2018 shaping up to be a year to forget.
  8. Being a Buffalo Bills fan, that has been an idea around here for years. Draft 3 QB's every year until you get a franchise guy, because it is such an important position and drafting early is no guarantee. Ryan Leaf vs. Tom Brady argument. Of course they (or any other sports franchise, that I know of) have not done such a thing, and they have't had a guy since Jim Kelly.
  9. I'm happy that what needs to happen is happening. Now, am I happy about the total haul? I dunno. The quantity approach leaves me feeling overwhelmed. So many guys to keep track of, so much luck needed. But assuming at least a few pan out AND the fact we will be getting high picks AND the international $$$ AND the handful of near-ready current farm guys, I suppose I'm optimistic overall. I'm very happy Big Pete doesn't seem to be calling the shots anymore, but I'm still worried about FO disfunction. Time will tell.
  10. Agree. The combo of no Davis and Manny and, and running into the only team hotter than us was unlucky and we deserved better. Them's the breaks. No regrets on the Miller trade whatsoever. I do think most of the decisions made post 2014 hastened the decline big time. Letting Nick go and not ever replacing him. Cruz. Davis signing. Never properly addressing the starting pitching. 15, 16, and 17 may have been better years before falling off into this abyss.
  11. 17 is pushing it for the "I was just a dumb kid" routine. I had plenty of teen angst at 17 but I still didn't go around yelling the n word and talking to girls like they were pieces of meat. Those are marks of just plain being a bad human. Not to mention a really really dumb human. I suspect at 17 he already had aspirations of playing pro ball, so you'd think he'd not tweet such things. I hope he has changed but who knows. Lots of incomparable things being compared in this thread. Throwing eggs, Hader's Tweets, and rape and murder are all way, way different things.
  12. I was pretty bummed yesterday, but today I feel some extra Oriole pride for some reason. Even put on my cap to take a walk with my daughter. The cap has seen a lot of shelf time this year. Not from embarrassment, just lack of enthusiasm/pride. This is the first part of a new start. The run has been fun, but let's move on. All the best to Manny. Frankly his talents will be far more valuable to a team that isn't rebuilding, and I fear before the Orioles ever get "good" again Manny will be past prime. Who knows. It's all going to hit me again if/when Jones is traded, but I'm in acceptance mode with Manny now.
  13. I have to echo Manny coming up and being amazing in 2012. That year was just so special and Manny was a big part of it. It was also nice tuning in every night for 6 years knowing there was a pretty good chance you may see a jaw-dropping defensive play by Manny at third. You will be missed, MM.
  14. I can't believe how lost this team is. On paper, they should be mediocre to below average, but there is no way they should be all-time bad. They are the polar opposite of the 2012 team. Finding any way possible to lose. As much as I enjoyed the good start in 2017, it was the absolute worst thing that could have happened. Trading Manny and Britton last year at this time is what was needed, and could have kickstarted this rebuild. Now Britton is worthless and the haul for Manny is going to be minimal. Breaking point is past IMO. Get anyone and everyone off the team for whatever you can get. Dump salary any way possible. I'm hoping Trumbo heating up means SOMEBODY will take him. Davis is a lost cause. I love Jones but he has some tiny value and I don't see him wanting to go into a rebuild anyway. Buck can finish out the year if he doesn't resign. Next year needs to start fresh- new GM, new manager, and as little of the core of the last half decade as possible. It will hurt, but hey, it can't get worse. This is just echoing what most of you guys have been saying, but just my 2 cents.
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