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  1. I could probably put together a list of 50 movies, but a few movies that I won't turn off (in no particular order): - Gone in Sixty Seconds - Con Air - The Godfather - Swingers - Tombstone - Scent of a Woman
  2. AL EAST: -Baltimore -Toronto -Boston -New York AL CENTRAL: -Detroit -Cleveland -Chicago AL WEST: -Texas NL EAST: -Atlanta -New York -Philadelphia -Washington NL CENTRAL: -Pittsburgh -St. Louis -Milwaukee -Cincinnati NL WEST: -Arizona
  3. I think Beltre might be the backup plan for the Cardinals if they fail to re-sign Holliday. Otherwise, he could end up in Boston or Anahiem. I don't see the Athletics ponying up the kind of jack needed to sign him.
  4. I think these guys just want the most money they can get. Teixeira wanted to be a shadow, rather than a star. Things seemed to work out for him.
  5. No doubt that it is more difficult for the Orioles to sign free agents because of their losing ways. Heck, you can even see the Red Sox signing players for less than their market value just because they want to play for a winner. However, the Red Sox are very smart with their signings. They are definitely further ahead of the Orioles in terms of their number of holes. They don't see free agency as their only way to improve. They did used free agency to fill a need a shortstop and bolster a strength with their starting rotation. They are not confined to the positional limitations of the current free agent market. In terms of left field, they have signed Mike Cameron. It appears that he could be the replacement for Jason Bay or (and this is where the Red Sox show how they are different) they can use Cameron to make Jacoby Elsbury expendable. They can then turn Elsbury into package to trade for an Adrian Gonzalez or a Prince Fielder to fill their need for power in their lineup. One way or another, they'll find a way to fill the need that letting Jason Bay walk created. The Orioles can do this very same type of thing. They have a desperate need for power in their lineup. They also have immediate positional needs at 1st and 3rd, but they have prospects nearly ready to make their way to the Majors. Instead of wasting money on temporary players with no chance to be apart of the future of the team, the Orioles could sign Matt Holliday or Jason Bay to fill their need for a cleanup hitter. Doing that would supplant one of current players from their starting job, but it also creates depth for the Orioles. At that point, they could trade Scott, Reimold, and/or Pie to fill another need. On top of all that, the fact that the Orioles have more holes than the Red Sox should be a reason for the Orioles to be even more active in free agency. For some reason, a lot of people on this board seem to equate making a splash in free agency as the doorway to instant contention and, if you can't achieve that, you shouldn't even try. They seem to think that you should only sign high-priced free agents when your base of homegrown talent gets you into the neighborhood of contending. What if that day never comes? Signing Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, or whoever might not get the Orioles immediately even with the Yankees and Red Sox, but it makes us a better team. It assists the team in the effort to get above .500. Your earlier example was that the Orioles have a hard time bringing in top-notch free agents because of their losing ways and, inversely, the Red Sox have an easier time bringing in top-notch free agents because of their winning ways. The sooner the Orioles get respectable, the easier it will be to sign other free agents.
  6. I don't buy for a second that the Orioles can't spend in the same league as the Red Sox. Maybe not right now, because we don't have the stability in our fan-base but we are not far off from them. Lumping the Yankees and Red Sox in the same group financially is inaccurate. The Yankees are in a group all their own. If anything, the Red Sox have outlined the formula for what you need to do to beat the Yankees and remain competitive each year. The Red Sox are willing to take risks and combine their homegrown talent with shrewd trades and free agent signings. They also do not go out and sign "every single glittery free agent." They recognize their weaknesses and they go out and do what it takes to fill those needs to the best of their ability with what is available on the market.
  7. Are people really serious when they talk about Vlad coming here? Why aren't all the people concerned with saving money for when we contend also concerned about giving him a contract with all of his injury issues? On top of that, why do people expect him to come here when he didn't want to back in 2004? I think everyone should stop talking about him as if he is some sort of viable (or reliable) option.
  8. While the Orioles are certainly not the Yankees, they could be in the same ballpark as the Red Sox -- or not far off. The Red Sox do not have the ability to absorb several huge contracts if the players turn into busts. I don't know why Baltimore fans suddenly think that the Orioles are some small market team that can't handle a couple of big dollar contracts. The only difference between the Orioles and Red Sox is that the Red Sox are willing to take risks. The only thing that they cannot afford is letting the Yankees get significantly better than them -- something that the Orioles appear to not be concerned about currently. Signing Lackey or Holliday won't make the Orioles a contender this year, but it won't make them a worse team. It will make the team better for the future.
  9. Per Ken Rosenthal... http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/9097924/Sources:-Cubs-trade-CF-Pie-to-Orioles
  10. What constitutes a "panic move?" What if MacPhail signs Jon Garland to a 4 year, $40 million contract? Some fans might consider that a smart move, while others might call it a panic move. What about Adam Dunn for 5 years, $60 million? Smart or panic move? We need players. I haven't seen anything so far that would make me think Andy MacPhail is willing to make a "panic move."
  11. The White Sox aren't trading Gavin Floyd for Brian Roberts. Everyone needs to get over that right now. It doesn't make sense for a team trying to contend to deal one of their main starters. Think about all the moves the White Sox would have to make in order to make a Roberts/Floyd trade work out for them in the end: 1.) Acquire Roberts. 2.) Sign or trade for another starter to replace Floyd. 3.) Trade Jermaine Dye so they can afford Roberts and the new starter. The White Sox would also want to sign Roberts to an extension, which would cost them even more money. Money that they might need to sign a free agent starter. I'm sure the interest in Roberts is real, but just not including Gavin Floyd. Look for a trade based around Christopher Getz and maybe Josh Fields, plus some pitchers.
  12. Penn is still a young guy. He has suffered some fluke injuries and not all of them have been baseball related. It is definitely sink or swim for him at this point, but I would like to see what he can do in Spring Training. If he still shows an inability to be effective or stay healthy, let him go. However, there is the chance that he would surprise some people and snag the #5 spot in the rotation. What is the harm in giving him a chance? It's not like the Orioles have a ton of options.
  13. Hayden Penn doesn't need a change of scenery. He hasn't been healthy long enough to get consistent playing time at any level. The Orioles shouldn't be giving up on him.
  14. I don't see the White Sox being serious about giving us Floyd. If they are really trying to get Brian Roberts, it is because they want to compete next year. That would be hard to do with only two established, dependable starters on their team. I would definitely like the deal from the Orioles' side, but I don't see it happening.
  15. I'm kind of shocked by the lack of faith in Andy MacPhail. This has been a pretty slow developing off-season. So far, he has made one solid trade and filled a major hole at shortstop. The whole direction of this off-season was dependent on signing Teixeira. Now that that whole story is finished, we can move on. I'm sure there are still more moves on the horizon, but I feel like the whole idea of losing faith in him because he didn't sign Teixeira and hasn't extended Markakis (yet) is silly.
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