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  1. IMO seats are a must and worth the extra $. With a game like this I'd rather stay home and actually get to see the game vs my view being compromised in SRO
  2. I would be grateful for any amount of tix to any game! Please consider helping out a fan before trying to turn a profit!
  3. Please PM me if you have an extra code and looking to commit a random act of kindness!!!! Help me get my wife and son (in utero!) to the ALCS
  4. Tickets or codes greatly appreciated as well!
  5. More like O's fans would dominate both stadiums...would be like an entire series of home games
  6. I spit my beer out....LOL
  7. Any hangout members purchasing adult size hakuna machado shirts now through this weekend can get a free youth XSmall or youth Small with your order. if you make a purchase include a note specifying what youth size to include. No coupon needed and only available to hangout members (or your friends) first come first serve basis
  8. In honor of Manny's Golden Glove...coupon "Golden" is now active on all orders for 10% off until next week
  9. A small amount of adult sizes are available for pre-order and will ship next week. remaining youth sizes are only $10 with free shipping https://www.etsy.com/shop/OriolePhan
  10. Get this out and break up the no no
  11. Any phish fans in here tonight? Tweezer over the PA during that last mound visit
  12. Congrats to all the haters on the loss
  13. Here we go O's! Lets do this.
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