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  1. It didn't fit for me that people were rating Haskin well above Stowers, I'm glad to see your take syncs a bit more with my intuition after seeing your new rankings!
  2. Curious why people rate Haskin so much higher above Stowers? Is Haskin's defense in CF that much of a defining factor to make up for the fact that he's hitting significantly worse than Stowers at a significantly lower level (though he is a year younger)?
  3. I have a feeling the Cowser pick was actually who they had first (or tied for first perhaps with someone a bit more expensive) on their board and people are underrating him. Best bat in the class, pure left-handed stroke, looks like he can stay in CF...I think people are perhaps undervaluing the quality of him because of 3-4-5 positions on websites draft rankings which in the end mean very little and are quite subjective. He's a pick when we were projected with him that sounded to me interesting...Watson for instance is someone people would've been more happy with and Cowser struck me as more
  4. House seems like he has more projection, no?
  5. Wasn't he touching high 90s last season and sustaining his stuff pretty deep into games? I guess he has lost a bit of velocity?
  6. Whenever I get excited about Adley I remember Wieters' numbers at an even younger age at AA and I get a bit sad. Honestly, has any big prospect ever so dominated AA at 22 only to become such a mediocre hitter? I want to feel, and seem to feel, that Wieters is a huge exception.
  7. I know I know, in terms of historical returns from a 1-1 Wieters wouldn't be that bad (nor was Matusz for 1-5), but please, no one dreams of Wieters or Matusz, thinking that Adley ends up like Wieters with better defence is still kinda depressing. Let's not have this happen please!
  8. This is exciting, looks like we have a real prospect here!
  9. Baseball savant has him at 91.7 for the season and 91.9 last so I guess I am just imagining things.
  10. I thought he threw a bit harder than what I saw last night...90-91 occasionally hitting 92. Am I right or wrong?
  11. How valuable is that at 1B? Not that much, no? He needs to be more a .850-.900 OPS bat if he is to be considered a real piece for the future, IMO?
  12. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/p/poseybu01.shtml I'd take that age 30 season.
  13. Just curious, as I don't know too much about non-Orioles prospects, but what has separated him / separates him from people who are ranked similarly to him in the MLB top 100, like Matt Manning, Max Meyer, Daniel Lynch, Asa Lacey, Logan Gilbert, Emerson Hancock, and Matthew Liberatore?
  14. Yeah but no one really ever thought Grenier had much talent with the bat, no? Is there any light to go on?
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