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  1. I'm going to need to see Lowther perform at the major league level to dispel the demons of the past that are Garrett Olson, Tyler Wilson (remember that fangraphs article that made us think there was something special about his 5 pitch mix and that he might make it?), Brad Bergesen, Josh Towers, etc. etc.
  2. I feel like Bundy's hype at its peak was as big was Weiters was, and while I was a bit young when McDonald hype was going on I feel like he would rival that...he was rated BA #1 prospect, and I'm not sure I have experienced hype as strong as that for Bundy in 2012. Maybe McDonald beats him, but if he does I would put Bundy 2nd on that list, probably Weiters and Machado 3rd and 4th.
  3. Wouldn't the occam's razor supposition just be that he was using PEDs before and he's using them again?
  4. I can't really tell how to read this post, being facetious?
  5. Some of those projections for when players are called up seem really, really conservative. Would be really surprised if Yusniel Diaz for example gets called up one month into the 2021 season, and if he does, it's probably because he flopped.
  6. I thought Sedlock would for sure get in there. Oops.
  7. Would put a healthy wager on it being #1.
  8. Still holding out hope that he gets tried as a starter at some point down the road. If not late inning reliever is not a bad floor at all, is it?
  9. Flash- bd

    BP Top 10

    They also have Yusniel below McKenna after ranking him 1st last season. Smacks of incoherence.
  10. I could've sworn that Luis Gonzalez did the same thing (using the same tool, starting with a s and ending with an oids).
  11. The organization is probably just praying he does something stupid off the field that allows them to void his contract. Only real hope.
  12. I know you mean this sarcastically, but honestly that is a more significant development re: his chances of becoming a valuable major leaguer. Almost rather see him walk in 3 out of 4 games than homer in 3 out of 4 at this point. We know he's got plenty of power.
  13. That’s sad to me. I’d still like to see him given a chance as a starter if his arm holds up for a season or two. But yeah, it looks pretty definitive his move to the pen.
  14. Does this mean we're officially giving up on him as a starter? ☹️
  15. Flash- bd

    Dean Kremer 2019

    How much is his velocity down on average this season? Heard Luke mention too his FB not being the same as last season’s...
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