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  1. 7 HR so far in 14 games. OPS of 1.095 so far, which is BETTER than he had in Delmarva. Let's hope they don't keep him at Aberdeen for very long.
  2. It was a pleasure seeing him in person. Showed a clear command of the zone and hit the ball with authority every AB i saw.
  3. What a game. Lot of craziness. Left after 10 pm after the 7th inning. Lots of scoring and there was a super long delay from a fan getting hit with a foul ball and then carried out on a stretcher. Peralta: Unfortunately i didnt locate the radar gun until after he was removed. He struggled with control and the contact off of him was pretty loud. Really disappointing. Also, i saw him loosen his belt and act like he was going to take his pants off when the umps came to check him on his way out for foreign substances.....so i guess that is a world we live in now. Rutschman:
  4. I'm pretty disappointed the Diamondbacks won a game after losing 17 straight. That might have been less embarrassing if they had lost just a few more........
  5. Weather permitting, I will be at the Baysox game tonight! And it looks like Peralta will be the starter. He is the 17th ranked O's prospect as per the Hangout rankings. 4 starts in Bowie so far this year. 24.2 IP, 32 K's, 2.55 ERA, and a 1.176 WHIP to this point. Will report on what I see with him and whatever hitters I can.
  6. JC we wanted to see you fly. And fly you did.......maybe a little too close to the sun. 😞
  7. It should not be a goal unto itself, but it is clearly a sign that things are going well with your system if your affiliates are constantly successful, see Tampa and NY. And if your teams are consistently terrible you probably don't have a lot of prospects to be excited about.
  8. On the contrary, let me tell you all a tale. It's an impressive tale. A tale of a man who has run the gambit of all the levels of the minor leagues quite possibly faster than anyone else in the history of professional baseball. I am speaking of course of the tale of JC Encarnacion the indomitable. Pull up a chair, sit around the campfire, and enjoy this inspiring story, that seems too strange to be true, but I give you every assurance that it is! He begins 2021 on May the 5th at Delmarva, Low A. After a mere FOUR games, he is promoted to High A Aberdeen, it is now May the 11
  9. After busting out of the gate as some of the top teams in their respective leagues....our A to AA affiliates are starting to show some signs of regression. Nothing crazy yet, but: Delmarva (A-): 25-15 overall, still good for first in their division, but we are now behind Tampa's team in our league and even with Milwaukee. Aberdeen (A+): 23-18 overall, now at 2nd place in our division behind the Yankee affiliate. Tampa's team is also ahead of our pace. Bowie (AA): 27-13 overall, best record in our league although the Yankee affiliate is right on our heels. Norfolk
  10. I would hope that a 26 year old All Star with 3.5 years left of team control would get more on the open market than a 25 year old All Star with 0.5 years left of team control.
  11. No he isnt coming up in 2021 at all. This has been the plan all along and Elias has shown no signs of deviating from it.
  12. Our minor leaguers subject to the same randomized testing protocols that Major Leaguers are? No particular reason.......just curious............
  13. Just read up on this guy's history a bit more. Really interesting case. Hit well at the AAA level in 2019 for Arizona (.870 OPS). Arizona called him UP to the majors, and he hit .807 although in only 30 PA so it doesn't seem like he started much. Then he loses the entire 2020 season because he failed a PED test. Oops. Arizona tries him out again at the MLB level this year and he is 0 for his first 22, gets DFA'd. In very limited time in AAA this year across both teams he has absolutely crushed it. So who knows, Elias may have stumbled onto something here.
  14. So are they playing him at literally every position? In my experience that usually means that the team doesnt really trust you at any position.
  15. Surprised no one has reported on this yet. But on Roch's latest blog post from today, Elias was directly asked about this. He gave a rather firm denial of the contents of the tweet and said that all of their minor league players have accommodations. And that they have been in touch with everyone before that tweet went out and after. So take that FWIW.
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