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  1. Current line is BAL -3. Yea I imagine we will be picked as favorites in all the remaining games. Pretty neat. Rams are 6-4, and seem more vulnerable than last year. I guess Ramsey is a serious threat at CB, good thing we can run the ball somewhat ok.
  2. #MeToo I cannot tell a lie. Always put an end date on your polls folks!
  3. I was a skeptic when the season started, not really a hater. But he has since made me into a believer. I just pray he is able to stay healthy for a long time. We can worry about contract negotiations later........for now I'm enjoying the ride.
  4. If anyone feels that further engaging with this guy will be beneficial to anyone..........go ahead I guess. But I think I'm done. Glad the NFL's judgement was pretty swift here and harsh. Guess they weren't amused by the incident unlike some people.
  5. McCaffrey for sure. Maybe Rodgers?
  6. Looks like Hunt played in 11 games in 2018. The Chiefs cut him in November, and I guess he was just a free agent while the investigation was ongoing.
  7. Agree that Burfict has a much more checkered history.........but Garrett certainly has at least some history of "dirty" hits also. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/browns-myles-garrett-appeals-trio-of-fines-from-nfl-says-he-wont-change-his-playing-style/
  8. Has any on-field incident in an NFL game led to criminal charges being filed?
  9. You're confusing the black and gold uniform with the orange and brown one. They are different teams. Garrett will be out for the rest of the season, minimum. I feel pretty confident about that.
  10. Surprised the doubters havent pointed this out yet as a downside when you score on every possession. 😉
  11. yeah I agree with this 100%. But would this then lead to all the minor league affiliates being essentially subsidized by the MLB club? How much is that the case now? I have to imagine the MLBPA is going to oppose that too.
  12. Yeah I'm playing along with the joke here but in reality I support what Elias is doing 100% and I think most of the fans on this message board are in the same boat. Overpaying for mediocrity is only going to prolong the problems. The system needed a total gutting and rebuild from the ground up, which we are seeing now. It will pay off in good time.
  13. Yeah I mean. I think a cheeseburger from 5 Guys is pretty good but I think I'm on pretty sound footing if I also say I would not pay $30K for it. Obviously I'm not in favor of overpaying for things, certainly not to that degree. In no way am I suggesting that teams SHOULD be overpaying for guys over 35.
  14. Well 2 or 3 WAR is still pretty good. You're talking about true All Star talent that is 4 or above. You won't have an entire roster of those guys.
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