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  1. Ravens have 11 sacks through 6 games. Za'Darius Smith has 6, Suggs has 4. So we are beating the 2 of them........barely.
  2. I would not expect to see a Presidential first pitch this post-season. Probably not in 20 either.
  3. Yea there is this........... 3 defensive touchdowns already on the season. 48 points allowed thru 6 games is just obscene. Sure you can say it's their schedule.............but still...................
  4. The Nationals have only existed for like 15 seasons. So no that's not what I was saying.
  5. Probably. The Boston/NY stuff is just so tiring and exhausting. And TOR and TB are two of the jankiest playing surfaces to play on 9-10 times a year. I wouldn't be thrilled about going to the NL but within the next decade I think the NL will have the DH.
  6. Thanks Drungo for this important and insightful clarification that the Nats were done rebuilding in 2012. And that it didn't take 10 years. They moved over here in 2005 so it only took them EIGHT years. I feel much better now!
  7. Are we ahead of the curve with this? Behind the curve? ummmmmmm, "on" the curve? I'm asking how many other teams use this or similar technology?
  8. I predict that the new manager will like the save rule.........but like the "win rule" a little bit better. And then manage to the save rule.
  9. I hear a soft voice whispering "I like our guys!" off in the distance...................is it getting louder?
  10. There was also the postseason where they decided to shoot themselves in the foot by not using Strasburg.
  11. Ravens are favored by 11 points which scares me. The Bengals have won 3 of the last 5 games against us. They won 5 out of 6 against us before that. so that's 8 out of 11. We just have not done well at all against them since 2013. That's kind of a long time, and pretty unacceptable. So is the smart money on Baltimore like Vegas would indicate? Maybe it was all Marvin Lewis?
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/buck-showalter-leaked-candidate-not-125808189.html Really interesting story here about how there is mutual interest between Buck and the Phillies, despite Kapler (currently) having a contract for 2020.
  13. The pass rush is ok now guys, we signed this dude: http://www.nfl.com/player/jihadward/2555248/profile former 2nd round pick for Oakland. Still only 25 years old. He hasn't had a super impressive career exactly but his wiki page details a lot of injuries for a guy drafted just 3 years ago. Hopefully he is healthy now.
  14. Facing a grand total of 3 batters officially, while also allowing a hit. Which seems pretty difficult to do but I guess there was a CS.
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