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  1. After a fun ride early we now have the fewest runs scored in the AL East, 10th in the AL overall. Seems like maybe some lovely reversion-to-the-norm action going on for some of these guys. I actually think that's a good thing in a way (not that I think Elias is dumb enough to be persuaded by SSS - quite the opposite) as it shows that there is still some definite work yet to do at a few positions.
  2. You think it should have been predicting playoffs in 2021 I assume?
  3. Roch is echoing some of the sentiment expressed here. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/09/examining-the-chris-davis-situation.html Saying the Orioles are LESS inclined to release Davis during the pandemic since there is a potential to save more money on his contract if the 2021 season gets shortened again. He points out that COVID saved the Orioles "at least $14M" on Davis's deal this year. The plot thickens.....
  4. I agree that flows off the tongue better than #wearestillmathematicallyintherace
  5. Fully agree with this. Just evaluate what young players we have as much as possible for the next 14 games.
  6. 3 days ago, I thought we were worried about how we wouldn't have top 10 draft picks anymore. Everything was on the upward swing and we were deeply concerned that the minor league talent pipeline might suffer. Now we are chasing a top 5 pick? Help me make sense of this storm!!??!
  7. The inverse of the way that they always had a terrible farm system despite drafting at the top of the board year after year.
  8. Surely at least a part of this could be that he isn't playing in OPACY anymore right? Can we get data for how many of those fly balls that he has let up would be HR in Baltimore?
  9. Not like this 2020...……….not like this...……..............
  10. Did we cover here yet that Davis is with the team on their trip to NY? Roch says he may be back before the next (and last) homestand.
  11. Big blockbuster this morning. Padres acquire Clevinger.
  12. I feel like you are not quite accounting for his .802 OPS over the past two weeks. Perhaps that means that he is getting hot at the right time! But perhaps you are over adjusting for his .500 OPS over the past 7 days. Perhaps that means he is not any good! Gah. What to do when two arbitrary small sample sizes conflict?!?!!? I guess you just pick the smallest and most recent sample size possible? Isn't that how it works? In his last game he was 0 for 2 with a BB. In his last AB he made an out. Guess he's not any good.
  13. In no way shape or form should the O's be "buying players" this year in the sense of trading away valuable prospects for short term gains. Now there is some gray area if we can 'buy' a guy whose stock is currently low who might improve in 21-22 or something....that gets a bit more interesting. Fortunately there is 0 chance Elias will deviate from his clearly stated goal numerous times that we are still in the "building the talent pipeline" phase of the rebuild. I understand you want to "win now" sir. We would all love to win the World Series this year and every year. But this is a mediocre to poor baseball team right now and to get to where we need to go takes a bit more discipline and a bit less Peter Angelos style "trade away the future for Gerardo Parra or K-Rod" kinda moves that only help in the short-term. We've seen how that goes and Elias isn't playing that game.
  14. My favorite new nickname is one that really emphasizes the TEAM aspect of this franchise. The Washington Team of Football. All hail the WTFs.
  15. Glad to see Mountcastle looking good so far. Hope he keeps it up and we have something positive to report after the 2020 season. I wasn't sure there would be much before.
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