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  1. I think it's pretty obvious that Gunnar would not have started the 2021 season at Delmarva if there had been a 2020 minor league season. Would he now be further along in his development as a result? I think so. You can make the opposing argument if you want.
  2. Looking solely at his time in High-A: Home: .192 / .342 / .376 / .718 Away: .271 / .344 / .492 / .835 So that does seem to reinforce your argument a little bit. Probably the biggest concern I have right now is his .665 OPS vs LHP this year. But it's still early in his career.
  3. Just like the O's will do with Adley and Gray Rod and other elite prospects. Even Vlad Jr who was signed as an international free agent at 16 took until age 20 to make his debut. When we sign a kid at 16 who can play like that then I think the comparisons will be valid.
  4. I blame Hyde. Half his fault, and half Hunter Harvey's. Oh. And half Lew Ford's.
  5. Over a full MLB season...... those percentages work out to a 75 win season vs a 63 win season. If he ends up being worth only 12 wins for us each year I will take it.
  6. Yes........yes he is. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/09/orioles-promoting-pitcher-mike-baumann.html
  7. Well............. It's show time! Always nice to see someone graduate....congrats to Mike. Roch says he will be in the bullpen in the beginning at least.
  8. Putting on my magic prediction glasses and assuming everyone is fully healthy in Spring 2022 (including Kjerstad)..... I would predict Cowser starts at Aberdeen on Opening Day and Kjerstad at Delmarva. I know that may seem crazy (Kjerstad will be 23) but I think in his case they will want to give him every chance to ease into it....after not playing competitive baseball in like 2 years at that point. I would imagine if all goes according to plan neither Cowser nor Kjerstad will be at those levels for very long.
  9. Heh. Fair point. One can say that Adley both went to Aberdeen and also skipped Aberdeen and you would be completely truthful. Funny. I think if there was a 2020 season he would have started at high A Frederick, but we will never know obviously. So there has been one exception so far.
  10. Just going by what he has said in the past is enough for me. And seeing how he has handled every prospect so far without exception. If there is other evidence I'm not aware of that goes against his stated development plans I am open to seeing it.
  11. Well he is currently on pace to give up 0 ER this month so that's not too bad.
  12. If there's one thing we can assume with pretty high confidence, it's that the Orioles will not be fast tracking any prospects. Elias has been pretty straight forward on this, he has a set process and will be consistent. He will be at Aberdeen next year in the Spring. Now I do think you are correct that he could be up with the O's by 2023. I think what happened with Stowers this year (start at Aberdeen....promoted to Bowie and now promoted to Norfolk) is a realistic best case for Cowser in 2022.
  13. Seems a little strange that you are choosing to evaluate half of the 2002 season for Gibbons compared to the 2021 season in its entirety for Ryan. I guess I see why....since it makes the numbers look closer. I have a radical proposal. Let's see where Mountcastle ends up after September and compare two full seasons.
  14. Good deep dig. Looks like that was for 5 years and $10M guaranteed. Still doesn't seem like much risk to me. Also you are talking about a guy like Adley who is ranked the top prospect in all of baseball drafted at 1:1. Singleton was taken in the 8th round although it's true he was a highly thought-of prospect. I'm clearly not advising we do this for all or even most of our top prospects. Just the absolute cream of the crop can't-miss guys. I suppose all of this is kind of moot anyway until we get details of the new CBA. That could change economic incentives considerably for
  15. Kinda crazy. The Longoria deal was in 2008. The Lowe deal in 2019. Both look like genius moves at the moment.
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