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  1. I wonder how many posts will be dedicated to discussing who our "Opening Day" Spring Training starter is who will pitch at most 2 innings.
  2. We know as per the broadcast schedule on the Orioles site there are no TV broadcasts yet planned.
  3. Are these generally posted online later so people can view them on demand? Speaking on behalf of hypothetical individuals that may or may not have cut the cable cord.
  4. 1) Mountcastle has hit above low A. He has hit in MLB in fact. That would indeed greatly negatively impact our relationship with the player. I don't advocate we demote him. 2) I guess it depends what you meant by "very soon." I agree if he is crushing in Bowie or Norfolk and stays down there all year that would be bad.....and I definitely don't want the Orioles to do that.
  5. Padres were pretty clearly trying to go for it in 2019? Isn't that when they signed Manny? That is another criteria that would cause me to reconsider my position. Again, trying to maximize the number of championships / playoff appearances makes sense to me.
  6. How many games do we win this year with Adley? How about with Sisco / Severino instead? Please also provide evidence that are relationship with Adley may be "ruined" if he starts in the minors. This would be news to me and I would be curious to read something.
  7. Yes, they absolutely do. No debate. Also, I think those reasons are often warranted because the way the system is set up. And I would be MAD as a fan if my team wasn't using the system the same way that other teams do to get a competitive advantage. They would be handicapping themselves. Now if you want to argue about changing the system, I will likely be right there with you. Also, Adley has never faced pitching above low A before. I feel like that keeps needing repeating. And he didn't exactly light the world on fire. When he is crushing in Bowie or Norfolk then I will be much more on the fence about this.
  8. Who decides where Adley plays this year? I think you are being a bit pedantic here. Should I get to throw a bullpen with Adley sometime in the summer? Ummmm, on the one hand, no......absolutely not. But on the other hand...…….I really really want to and I feel I deserve it. It would be in my best interest. Also I'd like to write out a few lineups.
  9. This is a decent argument. I am not fully sure I agree or disagree.
  10. They "should" do what's in the best interest of the team.
  11. This is a really good point. If you "delay" his debut by a year, it is indeed possible you will be swapping out a year of Adley in his early 20s for a year in his early 30s where he is in decline. So I guess it comes down to what do you think is better for the Orioles? Playing him in the majors at 23 when the team isn't even trying to be competitive? Or keeping him around for more years on the back-end where we hope to have a great pipeline in place and a perpetually competitive team? Is there a realistic chance a 31 year old Adley can still help that team? I think so. The Orioles main priority is to make the moves that will help the team win as many championships as possible. Yes they also want to do what is best to help all of their players reach their maximum potential. Those goals are almost always in alignment. Occasionally, an argument can be made that they are not. I can see that for AR that may be such a time. So what should they do? Put the best interests of the player before the best interests of the team? I don't think so. I understand the moral argument against it but I don't think a rationally operating front office should think that way.
  12. Can I have a list of highly touted college bats that never played in a minor league game above low A and went on to have very impressive careers? I'm not saying the list doesn't exist. I'm just trying to gather some data here. And let's say in the past 30-35 years.
  13. Never thought of Sports Guy as the optimistic type. Good for you sir! Kind of refreshing. To be clear, I don't agree whatsoever. But it's still nice to read.
  14. So I assume the plan is for him to start at Aberdeen?
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