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  1. What website is most reliable to get information on drops? We had at least 6 in this game, I'd like to see the details.
  2. We need O line and D line help. I think those would be my top areas to target. Probably slight edge to Defense.
  3. Yeah the one in their own territory was definitely worse.
  4. And I'm saying that last sentence is dead wrong. Strongly disagree that age is irrelevant. Strongly disagree that a guy who wins the MVP at the QB position (leading the entire NFL in touchdowns passes) is not a good passer. BTW he also led everyone in QBR. Strongly disagree that completion percentage is not relevant to determine whether or not a QB is accurate. If you want to focus on criticisms on his passes that travel 30 or more yards in the air that go at a 40 degree angle or more towards the sideline...…...ok? I guess? But I'd appreciate some kind of apples to apples comparison with other QBs. He may not be Tom Brady or Drew Brees accurate...….that's fine. There is a pretty big gap between 'good passer' and 'most accurate in NFL history' and Lamar as of right now is somewhere in there.
  5. Imagine drafting Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. Imagine the possibilities...………….
  6. Lamar Jackson just finished a regular season at 22 years of age with a 66% completion rate. Better than anything Flacco has done in his entire career. Lamar was more accurate than Pat Mahomes and Dak Prescott. Lamar had the same completion % as Russell Wilson. Roll Tide we get that you might truly feel that But unless your threshold for an accurate passer is like 70% or something, it's just not reflective of reality anymore. Lamar had a bad game (as did the receivers, lineman, and coaches) but it did not in any way take away from his historic season this year.....again at 22. He could be even better in 2020. The Ravens were beaten in the trenches in this game, and although yes Lamar could have played better, the blame should go all the way around.
  7. Andrews and Ingram are both active. Let’s go!!!!!
  8. Roch is reporting that Mancini has agreed to terms for 2020 as well. So there are will be no arbitration hearings this year. Woo!
  9. Only Mancini and Alberto remain. less than 10 minutes til the deadline!! What Will Happen Next??!??!?!!?
  10. I guess you could make the argument that since all of our picks are made public as soon as we post, it could hurt some strategy. Especially for whoever is in first and just needs to 'run out the clock.' Solution would be to submit picks to you privately via PM, but idk if people are really caring that much. Plus the playoffs are over so quickly.
  11. He is 1 behind the leader in 2nd place. Along with many others. Not exactly in desperation mode yet.
  12. Controversial is certainly one way to put it. Hi @atomic, I can't help but notice that you have picked the Ravens to lose to Tennessee in this Pick 'em thread, yet you've voted that you expect the Ravens to win in the Game Thread poll. I would be curious to know what kind of strategy or thinking went behind these decisions.
  13. Both Andrews and Ingram are officially listed as questionable for tomorrow. Andrews is def expected to play. And "sources" are telling ESPN's Adam Schefter that Ingram likely will as well.
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