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  1. It's time to shift the paradigm. If out of this dispute we ever hope to climb.
  2. What's going on with this dispute is such a crime. I hope the unions don't get an extra dime.
  3. OK things just got real for me.
  4. Also their top player is a 6 WAR SS that they drafted and developed having his best season ever at the age of 34. His career OPS is .727. This year it is .895. Good for them! Maybe there is something going on there with coaching......who knows.
  5. Giants are great at finding washed up SP candidates that have bounced from team to team.......signing them in FA and then having them pitch like Cy Young award candidates.
  6. Don't think I could word this any better. Fully agree.
  7. Roch posted that while he initially reported rosters would come out yesterday, due to news coming out of MLB or something.....they will now be announced tomorrow (Wednesday).
  8. I initially set out to try and name the main 5 man rotation from the 2005 Orioles team. I'm a little ashamed I only got 3/5. The others were Bedard and Ponson if anyone is curious. And Chen was actually the one who had the best season.........believe it or not.
  9. I want to know what Rodrigo Lopez, Daniel Cabrera, and Bruce Chen are up to nowadays. I bet they could be had for real cheap.
  10. I'm not sure about "flipping the switch" but I believe Elias and company will significantly increase payroll next year in an effort to win more games. He has hinted at this in some of his comments which I have never heard him do since he was hired late in 2018. I don't think we will compete for a WC per se but maybe we start to get near 70 to 75 wins. Definitely interested to see how he addresses the pitching issue.
  11. He seems to be hurt rather consistently. That's my best guess. He was playing through turf toe this year I believe. Hopefully by next spring that will be over and done with?
  12. Congrats to Diaz for finally pulling this thing out and winning this head-to-head challenge. Diaz ended the season with a .476 OPS, while Ripken somehow managed to finish lower with .456. I'm not sure I want to see either one of them get many PA in 2022. I'm sure Diaz will get another shot though.
  13. Spooky man. What a finish!
  14. News drop about the AFL in Roch's latest post. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2021/09/orioles-and-red-sox-lineups-plus-notes-1.html Diaz and Stowers are going to play in it. Kjerstad will participate in "fall activities" whatever that means. Probably means not in the AFL. Full rosters will be announced on Monday.
  15. Pretty happy with the last guy we took when we had the 1:1 pick.
  16. I assume this is the thread you mean? Thought it might be good to link it here as a part of the discussion. Stowers, Mayo, Pinto indeed seem like clear choices. Rom another honorable mention. Mundy.
  17. We had identical records in 2020 so yes, the tiebreaker goes by 2019 record. We win the tiebreaker in other words. I know this question has come up a lot, hopefully it will start to sink in more. Problem is we no longer control our own destiny for 1:1. Beating Boston on Tuesday messed things up. Arizona has us by 1 game at the moment, hopefully they pick it up in the final stretch! I think we can definitely lose all remaining 4 games if we really apply ourselves!
  18. Don't forget that we have the following guys on the 60 man IL too tho. I'll exclude Matt Harvey since he is almost certainly gone. Mateo, Stewart, Lakins, Jorge Lopez, H. Harvey, Akin. So that is 6 spots we need just to potentially bring these guys back. Not saying all of them will return.
  19. Felix Hernandez is still looking for work!
  20. Good question. If I had to bet I would say Delmarva. But I guess we can hope for Aberdeen.
  21. Yes I confirmed that. The Kjerstad connection is impossible though and doesn't need to be pursued any further wrt the vaccine.
  22. Here is Roch sharing that Kjerstad had heart inflammation while the vaccines were still in trials. In case people want evidence. It is not equal speculation.
  23. No. There is no chance. Please stop with this line of inquiry. Yes there is also a link with the vaccines (not as high of a link as with the disease btw) but Kjerstad got myocarditis before the vaccines were available to general public.
  24. The Orioles haven't confirmed it. And we may never get official confirmation one way or the other. It is what it is. But there is a documented increased risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 in athletes. So with Occam's Razor and all it seems fairly plausible. Glad to see he seems to be recovering ok now. Here's to him storming on the scene in 2022. It'll be like we are getting TWO high first rounders next year!
  25. I think it's pretty obvious that Gunnar would not have started the 2021 season at Delmarva if there had been a 2020 minor league season. Would he now be further along in his development as a result? I think so. You can make the opposing argument if you want.
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