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  1. For context: We had the 27th ranked passing attack last year (in yards). Led the NFL in scoring. Seems ok.
  2. Now look at our running game? We are never gonna be a high-powered bomb throwing offense on a consistent basis (Miami game last year notwithstanding). If we continue to score more points than all of the rest of the NFL...….I'm ok with it.
  3. Got our Yanda replacement? Maybe?
  4. 3 months later...….....still waiting you guys. 😉
  5. I definitely remember a lot of politicians squawking about this before. There will be vocal protests. But idk if Congress will really care enough to intervene. It's a different world now.
  6. A quick Google search shows a few sites potentially linking us with Clay....but they are from March 20 or so and seem like pure speculation. Looks like we were interested in him last year so I think there is definitely a chance. Have to imagine they will wait til after the draft now though.
  7. Agreed with all of this. DeCosta has done an exceptional job at building a roster during his short tenure so far imo, and he strikes me as the kind of guy that won't be fooled into extending guys long term that carry a lot of risk.
  8. What kind of long term extension would you offer a 30 year old defensive end with injury history?
  9. Aglets

    Antonio Brown

    OK I will agree that was written more recently than January. However it also confirms every single one of my concerns that I brought up before. Dude is toxic. Under investigation by the league for rape / sexual assault. Gotten himself removed from three teams in roughly the past year. Hard pass.
  10. Aglets

    Antonio Brown

    Do you have new information after the end of this January? Because the latest link I found where Goodell talks about Antonio's "well-being" also says that the NFL is still investigating the allegations of sexual assault and rape against him. Oh and the threatening text messages. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001099726/article/roger-goodell-first-step-is-antonio-browns-wellbeing
  11. Aglets

    Antonio Brown

    So even if we were to somehow discount all of the sexual assault allegations (two different women accused him of it in Sep 2019), there is this from just a couple of months ago: I'm not sure I can think of a more toxic clubhouse presence in the NFL right now looking at what happened in PIT and OAK. I don't want him near our team.
  12. Aglets

    Antonio Brown

    Might as well be blunt. Isnt the NFL still investigating whether or not he raped someone?
  13. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28966156/ex-broncos-de-derek-wolfe-ravens-agree-1-year-deal-source-says Found our Brockers replacement? He just turned 30, has had some injury issues at times. But has definitely had results when he is on the field. Seems to have a good motor for getting to the QB.
  14. So how concerned should we be about our D Line right now?
  15. He was active for the final 8 games of the year. Starting with New England. We didn't allow a ton of points in most of those games. The highest ones were against the Jets (21) and the Pats (20) altho I seem to remember some sloppy offense or special teams play that really gave the Patriots a lot of help against us.
  16. Well I'm surprised a bit. I really thought his time here would be over. Glad he was willing to take a steep discount from his previous contract and do a 1 year dealio.
  17. They have Brian Hoyer now. Who could ask for anything more?
  18. The nice thing about making vague grand claims is that you can just make up whatever criteria you want to judge them by...….and that can make you correct no matter what happens! US is the 3rd most populated nation on Earth so I would expect we will def be up there in terms of total fatalities at least.
  19. South Korea has some sports returning at the end of March apparently. That is roughly 2 months after the outbreak began in their country. Sure we aren't handling it as well as they are quite yet but we can get there. Only a fool would try to predict what the state of the US will be like 5 or 6 months from now.
  20. Good thing they are good players then. And we are likely to reduce Campbell's cap hit for 2020.
  21. I seem to remember him having to leave a game early at the end of Feb cuz he wasn't feeling well. He hasn't pitched in a game since, right? Now it looks like a blister is causing him to miss his scheduled start today. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/03/orioles-lineup-vs-twins-and-notes-on-cobb-and-wilkerson.html Has anyone gone and checked the seam height on the balls for this year? I know that's been an issue for him in the past...………...
  22. Congrats to Yanda on an awesome career. Thanks for everything. Oh and RIP Ravens 2020 season.
  23. As of this writing there are 5 reported cases of coronavirus in the state of MD. 4 in Montgomery County and 1 in Harford. I'm sure these radical measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution. It's up to you whether or not you think it's too extreme.
  24. I think it's pretty clear that the more we speculate and make up things on this forum the better off we all are. It greatly improves the odds of learning the truth, as opposed to just waiting until Trey gets all the 2nd opinions he needs and the Orioles finally make the news public. That would be so boring.
  25. ftfy wonder if this will ever get old. heh
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