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  1. I'm going to make couple of suggestions to your Orioles Black off the top of my head. Centerfield should be Gonzalez with Feliciano in right. But Junior Lara could be centerfielder and leadoff hitter. He will definitely start in centerfield for somebody. 2nd base might go to Angel Pena who has been on a tear to finish the season. He's batting leadoff but he's a poor base stealer. I think he got $200,000. Among your starting pitchers might be righthanders Vasquez and Morillo. They will be 20 next year. And Deivy Cruz a small strikeout Lefty will be 18. He got $200,000 i
  2. waynebug

    DL Hall 2021

    You're absolutely right. Way worse control than in college. Only walked a little over 4 per 9 innings at T A&M. Maybe Miami was smart to pass on him and take Max Meyer. But I don't prefer short righthanders. For me, I thought he would cut his walks and keep his dominate strikeout stuff when he pitched professionally full time. A reasonable assumption.. The guy is also 6'4" and over 200 lbs. He's a horse. Watch his video.
  3. By the time the Orioles reach agreements with Tavera and Arias they should still have somewhere around $3.5 million left out of their $6.26 million dollar pool of money to fill out the class with another 12 to 15 signees. Baseball America projects Tavera to get 1.5 to 2 million dollars. Arias was not in their top 30 list. Players outside the top 30 historically get less than $1 million. So I'm hoping they still have $3.5 million to pass out in 6 figure bonuses. That could get them 10 players in the $400,000 to $300,000 range. This January they gave their top 2 signe
  4. waynebug

    DL Hall 2021

    I really liked his article. I take the Athletic also for Keith Law and other baseball articles. This is his breakdown on Hall. Fastball 65 Curve 55 Slider 50 Changeup 60 Control 40 Command 40 Could have drafted Texas A&M lefthander Asa Lacy last year instead of another corner outifielder. College lefthander with lots of Stuff but command issues. Lacy was #6 on Bowden's list. Lacy is MLB's #67 overall prospect.
  5. Next to last day of the DSL season. Orioles 2 wins 5 to 4. Angel Tejada stays hot. 3 for 4 with a triple. Hitting .322/.392./.402 playing 2nd base. I think his bonus was around $200,000. Converted shortstop, of course. Only 4 errors while learning 2nd base. Prospect-heavy Orioles 1 loses again 7 to 4. Millionaire shortstop Maikol Hernandez goes 2 for 4. Millionaire catcher Samuel Basallo goes 2 for 4. Speedy centerfielder Junior Lara goes 3 or 4 with a triple. Now at .375/.475/.600. Missed most of the season, injured ? His sample size is large enough to ce
  6. I looked it up. His WAR is only 0.8 for people who want to know. And yes, he's had injury issues taking away from his value at the plate and the field.
  7. Santander has 0.0 WAR this year ? I still like Santander as an everyday player. Hays looks like a platoon player. Unfortunately neither can stay 100% healthy so they're a little hard to know for sure. Stowers and Neustrom are back in the conversation although they're remarkably similar.
  8. Way to old and expensive for the youthful rebuilding Orioles. And not even that effective since he left the Braves is he ? But I like your aggressive approach. I don't even think the Orioles WANT to win yet. Why ? Because they're not using their early draft choices to select college pitchers that are near major league ready. Look at the last 3 drafts, draw your own conclusions.
  9. waynebug

    FCL happenings

    Well both teams CANCELLED. The FCL season is over. Hopefully next year there won't be so many unexplained cancellations. Reinforcements from the DSL will hopefully increase the competitiveness of the teams. I would also expect A LOT of returning players with more experience.
  10. There's also the issue that if you extend him you're buying into his age 32 season. Dierkes is the owner and creator of MLB Trade Rumors. He gets 100s of thousands of views every day. Today's Mailbag was for subscribers only. I think I pay $3 a month. "Quint" asked would he trade Means and what could he expect to get in return. He mentioned outfielder Robert Hassell of the Padres currently the #37 prospect in somebody's eyes.
  11. He thinks the return would be about what the Mariners got for Paxton or the Twins got for Jose Berrios. A top 40 overall prospect. The issue with Means is his shoulder issues in 2019 and this year. And his lower strikeout numbers. Whatever they do GET MORE DOMINICANS THROWN IN !!!! This was a subscriber's only mailbag, not on the regular MLB Trade Rumors site.
  12. waynebug

    FCL happenings

    I appreciate that. I do love short season baseball. I really miss the Appalachian League. I used to ride over to Burlington NC to see the Baby Orioles and the Baby Braves when they came to town. Burlington.was affiliated with the Indians.
  13. Good work Tony !!!! I just noticed you ranked Anderson De Los Santos #47 in your latest update. Gives Orioles 1 three players in your top 50.
  14. waynebug

    FCL happenings

    Thursday is the last day of the season for Orioles Black and Orange. Lots of fun this Summer checking these box scores. Several outfield prospects on each team and a stud 3rd baseman on each team. Pinto and Rangel for the pitchers on the Black. Better hitters than pitchers, overall I thought They were scheduled to play each other Friday and Saturday and they've already cancelled.
  15. Thanks Tony. Is there any reason Melewski didn't interview Felipe Rojas Alou this year ? Alou gave really good scouting reports on our 2019 DSL and Tricky League teams. Would you consider a telephone interview with Alou in the future ?
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