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  1. The thing I'll never forget is one night with Atlanta. Scrawny Julio Lugo batting righthanded, playing 2nd base hit a 475 foot bomb to right center field. If there was ever a "juiced" homerun .......... His death was attributed to a heart attack. God bless his family. I hope MLB will look out for his family.
  2. In the history of the draft, since 1965, a high school RHP has never been taken #1 overall.
  3. I'm seeing mock drafts with Rocker being chose around 15 to 20. So his value will drop. There is much more talent in 2022. Hitters and pitchers, high school and college
  4. Thanks for the comments and offers of support. I do have DISH, so I have access to the playoff games. When 10 PM rolls around I turn off the TV regardless and check the scores after I wake up. The biggest reason I have DISH is I absolutely love Formula 1 on ESPN. The offtimes hapless Ferraris are much improved. With the Competitive Balance picks and larger international bonus pools MLB is attempting to balance the playing field.
  5. No it's not the Yankees vs the Dodgers for the World Series. But the Big(er) Money Teams are still leaving the Miamis', Kansas Citys' Pittsburghs', Cinncinnati's and Baltimores in the dust. To me that's why Baseball is only the 4th or 5th most popular sport. You have to have cable or satellite to even find these playoff games on some backwater channel.
  6. University of Conneticut has a great lefthanded 1st baseman/relief pitcher named Reggie Crawford. 6'4" 235 lbs. Was going to be a 1st round pick next July. Struck out 17 of the 33 batters he faced last year. Braves draft 20th and wanted him as a pitcher. Unfortunately he had Tommy John surgery last week.
  7. Well, I wouldn't risk leaving him unprotected. I think he has some trade value at the worst. Can play right field, has plus power if not plus plus power (476 foot homer). Can steal a base and seldom strikes out. You don't want another Yaztremski embarressment.
  8. Austin Wynns was outrighted Friday Oct 22 at 2pm.
  9. From what we know about Elias I think he wants a college hitter who fits a need and will consider an underslot deal. Yeah, sounds like he might be an Elias type guy.
  10. So a small consensus seems to think Orioles will go with California-poly shortstop at 1-1. 6'2" and 205 lbs. Switchhitter with all fields power and good hit tool. Can make the routine plays flawlessly but some people question his range and think he ends up at 3rd. He would have a 1st round pick out of high school but he went to college to play for his dad. There were some other high school names mentioned for 1-1. Elijah Green, Andrew Jones' son, Temarr Johnson. I can't see Elias taking a high schooler. The fan base wants results NOW, not in 4 or 5 years.
  11. The Marlins fan originally asked if Sanchez and Meyer would get Mullins and Rutschman. MLBTR then replied no way for Rutschman. But Orioles would consider Cedric Mullins to Miami Marlins for righthanders Sixto Sanchez and Max Meyer. Both Miami pitchers are considered future aces, especially Meyer.. Sanchez, age 23, was very good in 2020 but had minor surgery last year. Meyer was the 3rd overall pick in 2020 draft. Dominated AA this summer. If I was Baltimore I'd do this. If I was Miami I wouldn't.
  12. One more thing about Junior Lara, then I'll shut up. I noticed when he wasn't in centerfield, he was in right. So not only can he hit, he's fast, and he's got a right fielder's arm. That's what we used to call a 5 tool player. There were 2 standout 19 year old pitchers, Morillo and Vasquez. Both right handed starters. They were on different teams. The only 17 year old pitcher of note was Deivy Cruz a smallish lefthander, $200,000 bonus. But as I recall he had more strikeouts than innings.
  13. Good to see speedy centerfielder Prado in action. I agree with Frobby, I would think speedy 17 year old Junior Lara would have been on my Instructs team. I think the biggest omission is 18 year old Orioles 2 shortstop Frederick Benscome. He carried the team to a respectable 25 and 30 record. Batting left handed he hit .310/.365.451. 6 doubles, 4 triples, 2 homers, 10 for 13 steals. 18 Ks in 142 at bats. Hits the ball in the air 60% of the time. He played a little 3rd too.
  14. Hey Sportsfan; Thank you for the compliments. So there are 3 DSL guys in Florida now. 17 year old Samuel Basallo received $1.3 million. The biggest bonus of the Elias Era. He was expected to sign with the Yankees. He was very good batting .239/.338/.410 for a .748 OPS. 5 homers, 8 doubles. Now in Instructional League. Led Orioles 1 in homers and RBIs 17 year oldShortstop Maikol Hernandez received $1.2 million. He hit .231/.340/.308 for a .647 OPS. No homers, only 4 for 7 in steals. He is in the Instructional League so they still believe in him. 17 year old 3rd base
  15. I was "ALL IN" until the Draft. That's when I lost interest in the "Rebuild I'm content to just wait until the Short season leagues resume playing. And we'll have an all new class of Internationals to enjoy and post about. I'll continue to watch for your posts, Mr Solicitor.
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