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  1. We'll see what he ends up making, if he even ends up in Baltimore.
  2. Talking about making the Yankees look like the Rays, did you see that de Blasio is trying to screw with the Mets' sale?
  3. They could sell MASN to the Nats and air the games on Amazon Prime.
  4. Potential buyers will be able to take a look at the real books.
  5. Why do folks think Ripken would be an asset? Has he done that much with his minor league teams that indicate he'd be a good owner? I'm asking out of honest curiosity. Is it just what he did as a player that is influencing people?
  6. Just remember, things can always get worse. Remember not too long ago when folks were excited the sons were taking over?
  7. Not really. I can see third and fourth year arbitration guys slotting into spots in the 40's in a normal year and this isn't a normal year.
  8. It will get better as more guys get their options declined or get non-tendered.
  9. Which just makes a lockout or strike more likely in 2022.
  10. Also way less exposure to sunlight for most folks.
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