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  1. Read like a freshman English report to me.
  2. Youtube video of Hanser. It's pretty good, you should watch it.
  3. I'd expect some slot savings if he is the pick.
  4. I was pointing out that Dan did make an attempt to bring in a high OBP guy that had some statistical similarities to Martin. I was also making the point that college stats are not necessarily that meaningful. I don't expect any college players K rate to transfer to the majors for instance.
  5. From what I read the main thing is his K rate wasn't what folks were hoping for early in the season. It started to improve the last couple of starts but the damage had been dealt.
  6. Fun fact: DJ Stewart had more walks (147) than strikeouts (117) in his college career. His Junior year he had a .500 OBP.
  7. From what I've been reading left field is a possibility, and not just in a Mancini capacity.
  8. One of us doesn't qualify for an AARP card Rick.
  9. We don't know that. Even if we were we were also the only* team that thought Givens was a position player. So it evens out.
  10. Yes we didn't get Trout. But overall they have had some picks that have really panned out (just not always for the O's). Yes I'm still salty about the Norris trade.
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