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  1. But hey they got all that international slot money from the Braves so they could jumpstart their International program.
  2. I say we blame DJ even though he is the DH. He's unathletic and awkward.
  3. The O's dumped ~11M of O'Days' contract. They had to throw away second round draft picks to dump the Matuz and Webb contracts. That was only 4.75M in savings. At that rate of exchange the O's gave up the equivalent of roughly four second round picks worth of talent.
  4. That gets called maybe once a season. That isn't a Yankee thing. I've seen guys from every team in the league lean into a pitch for a free trip to first.
  5. I bet after taxes the ballplayer made more.
  6. All money isn't equal. Obviously the Dodgers don't need actual money but lowering their cap number might be enticing. Not saying it would have been the case in this instance.
  7. That's the easy part, the hard part is they have to have a deft hand at Table Tennis.
  8. On a more serious note, it isn't an easy thing to find someone with JJ Hardy level defense.
  9. They can always just move him to the outfield.
  10. He was expensive, coming off an injury and not as effective as previous years. The Yanks basically cleared the chaff off their 40 man.
  11. Anyone's defense is serviceable if they hit enough. But I think he'll REALLY have to hit.
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