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  1. If he's sick I don't want him getting the useful players ill.
  2. Pretty sure I've already said that I don't see the O's making a move of that sort.
  3. I think the concept of running up pitch counts is incredibly overrated in these parts. Probably because the Yankees and Red Sox used to do it to the O's in the steroid era. I don't think getting to the bullpen a hitter or two earlier is going to make much difference in a three game series.
  4. You could cut him. Or eat 75% of his salary and flip him. Myers isn't the important part, it's the effective buying of prospects.
  5. That depends on how you value the player(s) coming back. The O's are limited in what they can spend on the draft and in the International market. This is a way to add talent that isn't limited in the same fashion. Remember the Dodgers spent 31M on Diaz and the Red Sox spent 72M on Castillo.
  6. Tom House's comments don't make it sound like a small percentage.
  7. For a Wildcard? They certainly are.
  8. Sure folks said yes sir more often but you also had huge segments of the population that were treated like excrement. I'm not as old as you but I can imagine the looks and comments if a mixed race or LGBT couple were walking around in the grocery store in the late 70's. As for the I'm more important bit...remember what the Boomers used to be called? The Me Generation.
  9. Guys were using decades before Conseco showed up.
  10. And the total busts, say a Mark Appel, provide more value (0) than someone who was actually good enough to make the majors but produced negative value once they got there.
  11. Can't drive in a runner on second with a walk.
  12. Some? Sure, guys bust. But on the other hand someone like Acuna has already put up 75M in excess value in just two years.
  13. Sure, I wasn't suggesting otherwise, Mancini was a great pick. I chose him because he was the closest to an "average" MLB starter in terms of value I could think of off hand.
  14. Two wins a year is a pretty average baseline for a MLB starter. It was why I chose him. It will be slightly disappointing if AR doesn't beat that.
  15. By rWAR Mancini has been worth 5.9 wins. At 8M a win that is about 48M. He has been paid about 2M.
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