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  1. So you think the sons dump all over their father's legacy?
  2. I don't think we know with any certainty if the offers from the Orioles were equal to those of other teams. Mostly I think the Orioles don't attempt to woo impact free agent pitchers.
  3. And I'm completely not disagreeing with you. I think the O's limiting him this year is probably going impact him in 2023.
  4. I'll take pure, overpowering stuff over big game experience.
  5. I think this isn't one of the major reasons the O's don't sign premium free agent pitchers. I think it is almost entirely their reluctance to over the money or years other teams offer.
  6. And they can charge extra, for those "Premium" games!
  7. I'm just saying that despite what I view as an overabundance of caution one of the top prospects got injured. You can't keep them from getting hurt.
  8. And their #2 pitching prospect still got hurt. Maybe they were being overly reckless? 😉
  9. The thing is the Orioles like the unbalanced schedule and the tough division. They sell more tickets when the Yankees and Red Sox are in town.
  10. Should I have colored my font? (Hall has a stress reaction in his elbow)
  11. To avoid stress reactions in their elbows.
  12. I thought some of the reports were from national guys that had actual eyes on the camp?
  13. Not surprising, the O's sent over roster filler caliber arms.
  14. His span of possible outcomes ranges from all star to never appearing in a game.
  15. He's already 6'5", how much bigger do you want him to get?
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