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  1. Isn't he the guy that has the record for most strikeouts without a walk? I think he's at 40 K's and 0 walks.
  2. Something some folks thought they would never see. https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-04/21/f5024f8f-4d521f5b-fc41581d-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4 No the runner had no business going and a cut off man was involved but still, it counts.
  3. Yes, if he had thrown a shutout until the O's managed to score a run they would have had a much better chance at winning.
  4. Can_of_corn


    Early in the season yada yada yada. His OPS (1.052) is higher than his ERA (1.04).
  5. The team is built to lose. Elias is probably sitting back doing mock 2022 drafts.
  6. Just think how hosed the O's would have been if they had picked Posey with Wieters tearing it up in the minors.
  7. Brendan McKay is a thing, but he hasn't played this season.
  8. I think pitchers just enjoy hitting Sisco with pitches.
  9. I don't like the Manny comp since it was made clear that he had a congenital flaw in his knees. It's just a shame he didn't get them both fixed at the same time since it was going to be a matter of when, and not if, his other knee was going to fail.
  10. Couldn't you just give him an IBB without throwing any pitches?
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