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  1. What was the game score of Bundy's one hitter? I guess only 12 strikeouts hurt him.
  2. Like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? Are you suggesting women are only at fault 1% of the time? I think you estimation is off.
  3. The thread title did say they were going big.
  4. I agree, not a fan of "hiding" the starting pitching. The Yankees know who Means is.
  5. Now their willingness to play double headers makes more sense.
  6. I'm sure they weren't adjusting player values on the fly because of spring training results.
  7. I think doing it as an actual game thread with a minute or so between updates would be great....if we could get people to come out for it. Pretty big if.
  8. How accurate can the numbers be when so many carriers are asymptomatic?
  9. Hyde should have left him out there to eat some innings, going to burn out the bullpen by May at this rate!
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