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  1. To the situation. What relevance do you think it has? You send a guy down because he isn't "ready" then you call him up before playing an inning of minor league ball. How is what he did in 2019 relevant? Ooh I got it, we didn't notice he played a full year at AAA when we sent him down! That could work.
  2. Yea, the plan outlined has him not playing any games. That's worse than the Vlad situation.
  3. It wasn't what they were called in Germany. Translated to something a lot closer to Medieval fair.
  4. I wasn't attending ren fairs in Germany 80 years ago. The idea that a renaissance festival is a uniquely English event is erroneous.
  5. I'm not sure about packed. I think they would max out at around 2.75M, which is a far cry from what they did in the 90's.
  6. What relevance does that have? We aren't talking about December 2021. April 2020 isn't far away at all.
  7. Of course, did you expect me to list every change? But we both know that the players were more concerned about quality of life changes. The discussions were civil and ended quickly in an agreement. No one is expecting the next round to be civil or end quickly.
  8. I don't agree, not at all. The extremely slow to develop free agent market the last two seasons have, in my opinion, made an impact. Remember, during the last CBA session the players went to the table asking for things like more days off and better post game spreads. Anyway 13 games is not in the same league as zero games.
  9. Springer played 13 games in AAA before his callup. Would you say the state of affairs between the owners and the union has deteriorated in the interim?
  10. Of course if they were to cut Davis to make room for Mountcastle that would be a big enough distraction to hide an invasion of Poland.
  11. You don't think it would be smart to bring up a topic like that, when they have a strong case, before the next CBA discussion? Would serve as a good way to rally the younger players and start influencing public opinion.
  12. Yep a lot of guys were running that shouldn't have been.
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