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  1. You'll get Eshelman and you'll like it.
  2. You never know when the Jays will just stop spending. Remember when they had a team in contention and their corporate ownership just flatly refused to add any payroll for the stretch run?
  3. I don't think that is going to happen. At least not successfully. However I do expect changes in the players' favor in the next CBA.
  4. I don't think Elias is planning on making the playoffs in 2022.
  5. Folks love comping guys to Zach Davies. I think the odds of Baumann running up 10 rWAR is less than 10%, even if it is better than Well's chances.
  6. At some point don't you have to make an educated guess as to if he will have value in the back end of his control? How many players even have six to seven year careers? If he's out of baseball by 2025 what good does that extra year of control do you?
  7. I'm not saying they should be cheap. I'm saying I'd rather spend the money elsewhere.
  8. Because I won't want to pay him arbitration prices. I'd rather pay the kid they took second overall league minimum. I'm in favor of identifying and locking up key pieces longterm early. I think we are already past that point with Santander.
  9. You can, but you shouldn't. If the money is made available I think it would be better spent elsewhere, like on trading for a pitcher.
  10. I'm confused. You agreed with my point about the Brewers but you again mention the O's and if they will be ready to contend. My contention is even if the O's are ready to contend Santander won't be a good fit because of the money he will be owed. I'm not looking to dump Santander, but a fair deal is a fair deal, I wouldn't require more than he is worth to move him.
  11. I agree that we should. But honestly, the Rays can afford a higher payroll, they just choose not to because the owner wants a higher ROI. I fear the Orioles will be in the same situation.
  12. Like the Rays? How do the Rays keep that steady river going? Is it by trading guys like Santander? 😉
  13. And Schoop had 0 trade value at his arbitration price point which is why the Brewers non-tendered him. 2018 salary (arb)- $8,500,000 2019 salary (FA)- $7,500,000
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