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  1. I get it, I just think he's more likely to be part of the taxi squad of bullpen arms.
  2. I don't agree that Tate will spend considerable time on the roster. I think it will be closer to two days on fifteen days off.
  3. Can_of_corn

    Tyler Skaggs dead.

    Particularly football.
  4. Y'all are forgetting that big contract in Detroit.
  5. You would have to find a team willing to cut him
  6. That is where the accounting chicanery comes into play. They still paying debt service on the money Angelos loaned the team?
  7. Five teams broke or tied the previous record for most HR allowed in a season. Yankees allowed 248.
  8. 125 balls hit in the regular season fit that criteria.
  9. I think we can blame 9/11 for the post-9/11 crackdown on age fraud. Entrance requirements were made more stringent.
  10. I'm not sure you got my total point. I think you are, to some degree, looking at the return through the prism of today's game. I think guys like the O's traded were more highly valued back in the day.
  11. I don't think all the GMs were the same type of rational then that they are now. I'm not saying they could have brought back anyone better than Mora ended up being but I do think a different GM could have received a better group of on paper guys.
  12. Thankfully I think they mostly are today.
  13. It's a callback to the original trade. It's a Sports Guy quote. It is also a fact, you don't trade for a Dana Eveland, you claim him off the waiver wire.
  14. I think the question a lot of us have about Dan's reign was how much of what happened do to Buck and ownership?
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