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  1. I have hope that at some point posters will learn how to spell Sisco's name and use proper capitalization. If I can hope for that impossible dream anything should be possible.
  2. An 11 pitch at bat for Mountcastle leads to a single.
  3. Mullins Dong. Eight more solo shots and we got a ballgame kids!
  4. Hays should be on the IL by then.
  5. Eddie Gamboa did make the majors with the Rays in 2016 and Baseball Reference has him wearing an O's hat. Does that count?
  6. If I were a team and he was willing to sign a long term deal I'd be worried he'd stop using the illegal substances he's using to increase his spin rate.
  7. If you think Elias came in as a first time GM and actually had "total control" I don't know what to tell you. I think he had the ability to shift spending.
  8. Even if you think the numbers are incorrect I think comparing the yearly totals have value. You have to assume that one year is going to be as accurate as the next. I don't think they just suddenly missed 5M in spending in 2019.
  9. We were told it would be Edgertronic high speed cameras.
  10. You've read enough of my tin foil hat theories to know that I'm not surprised. It is disappointing.
  11. Pretty close to what I expected. Rebuilds always have the side effect of dumping money into the pockets of ownership.
  12. Don't sell short Cobb's contribution. If he wasn't putting runners on the defense couldn't make double plays.
  13. And by competent players you mean your definition of competent. The O's have two catchers with a rWAR over 0 and AR waiting in the wings. The only catcher they need is a backup type at Norfolk, the kind that doesn't go onto the 40 man.
  14. Cash loss of 3B? He means MLB revenue will be 3B less right?
  15. On the other hand we also have the time he, let's say, exaggerated, how much time he spent with the hitting coach in the offseason.
  16. I'm pretty ok with a mostly competitive season that still ends with a top five pick.
  17. So much is up in the air. Can he play next year? How much and what positions? Does he expect to make the same as last season or is he willing to accept a more team friendly deal? If the medical prognosis isn't favorable and he's expecting to make 5M you have to think long and hard on it. It is really easy for us to say Sure, pay him 5-8M if he can't play so what.
  18. rhe·tor·i·cal : of, relating to, or concerned with rhetoric b : employed for rhetorical effect especially : asked merely for effect with no answer expected
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