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  1. It certainly can be if the AD does what it is capable of and they hire the right coach.
  2. Some fans think the Yankees are a rival to the Orioles.
  3. He isn't borderline if Bonds doesn't get in.
  4. I read that. I also think that is not very often the case when a guy gets to the majors. He has pedestrian velocity and movement.
  5. I don't get how 88-92 with ordinary life gets a 50 grade.
  6. I'll agree with most pitchers but Palmer struck me as being a bit like Gregg, not wanting to give in to someone that could actually hurt him in that situation. Lineups back then had a lot of guys that couldn't really hurt you so if you have a three run lead, pitch around the guy that can hurt you once you fall behind and take your chances with a 2 run lead and a fresh count on a less dangerous hitter.
  7. They aren't going to say "Yea he sucks, but he was cheap.".
  8. Lower than his career rate. Interesting.
  9. Can you check his walk rate with the bases loaded? If is isn't too much trouble?
  10. As a high school second baseman he'd have to be clearly the top of the class to go 1-1. Don't often see guys drafted as second baseman go early.
  11. You do realize he's thrown 180 innings in a season exactly once over his 11 year career? Do you think it's sensible to assume he can match his career high moving from the AL West to the AL East?
  12. They could sign Lyles for less after the lockout while guys are scrambling to get jobs. Folks already compared him to Harvey and how much did Harvey sign for last year?
  13. I mean technically they could just give them raises if they wanted to or not, at least before they hit arbitration. If the O's want to pay Mountcastle 5 million instead of the minimum they do have that ability and he can't refuse it.
  14. I'm not sure if calling them the naughts instead of the oughts/aughts was intentional but I like to think it was.
  15. Even if they see something it's still bizarre they would pay that much to sign him this early. They need to see something and be convinced that at least one other team was making him a priority.
  16. If a floor is incoming I'd 100% spend it on extensions for younger players. I'm sure it would go by AAV so it wouldn't even raise current payroll by a lot.
  17. I would hope that if they thought a guy was in a "tier of his own" they would draft him no matter what. Even if he was a right handed high school pitcher.
  18. Premature. We know how good Elias is but we know it isn't a sure thing. Elias has managed to finish second worse and fourth worse despite his best efforts.
  19. Sure, I mean if you can't beat Va Tech... 😉
  20. The question is, is the school going to step up and get a difference maker? They should have the resources, it should be a desirable job.
  21. I was talking about you supporting him, not Elias. Unless you are Elias in which case God help us all.
  22. It's bad process. Also really unlikely to actually happen. I have to admit it's admirable how you keep supporting Holt after how his pitchers performed last season.
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