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  1. If they could drop 120M in payroll I can see where that would be useful.
  2. Why should he care? Maybe he's trying to get released?
  3. It was mentioned in the Pat Connaughton thread in the NBA section.
  4. I don't see it. Teams these days want to stay under the cap, they don't want to tie up 15M in 2021 for Cobb. I think the 2021 season puts a damper on any return.
  5. He's got another year on the deal after this one.
  6. Naw, I'd be upset they were stupid enough to allow so many folks to know what was going on. Since you are busy demanding answers can you tell me why you are so worried about the EXACT way the Astros cheated? Seriously, what is up with that? Are you fine with some types of cheating? What kind of slippery slope are your morals on?
  7. Why are you so hung up on "exactly"? Are you one of those folks that think a little bit of cheating is fine but too much is wrong? Cheating is cheating. If I have a problem with what the Astros did than I should have an issue with a pitcher using pine tar to increase his grip. They are both cheating.
  8. I fully expect every team in every sport to at the very least push the borders when it comes to the legality of their actions. To me cheating is cheating and what the Astros did is not worse than what the Red Sox did, what the Indians did or what the Phillies did. Do you have an issue with Earl Weaver?
  9. I don't think it would be foresight, just coincidence. Wells has been in the system for ages and AR was the consensus #1 pick.
  10. I'm sorry did Fiers say something when he was with the Astros that I missed? From what I read I thought he kept his head down, did his job and collected his ring. I'm pretty sure he waited until he was with a division rival before having a case of guilt.
  11. I don't care if he did know. I'm not going to hold him to some ridiculous standard that indicates he should have played whistle blower if he did know. I would have kept my head down and kept doing my job if I had found out and I imagine most, if not all of you would have done the same. That and worked on getting out of town before it came crashing down.
  12. My worry is that when he misses a lot of damage will be done. This could easily cause him to be reticent in challenging hitters and spike his walk rate despite his command. Word is AR is a very good framer which would help someone like Wells immensely.
  13. And their due includes signing JJ to that second extension.
  14. As a Gen Xer, in my personal experience the generation that is older than me is more entitled and more likely to find offense than the ones younger than me.
  15. Depends on what you are looking at.
  16. We have seen what it takes to force a sale.
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