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  1. But since they can't stay healthy how is that a positive?
  2. All I've heard about Mayo this season is that he's hurt but expected back in time for games. I'd be interested in knowing who is calling him a future middle of the order bat before he's played a game as a professional.
  3. I seem to recall him starting in the bullpen. I'm not sure you can "win" a spot in Baltimore's bullpen.
  4. I wonder how many guys play a full season at AAA then go on to have an average or better MLB career? I don't think that's the normal career arc.
  5. So you don't think he'd make the Machado move in a similar situation?
  6. You do know that the 2018 team was trying to win right?
  7. He's had 240 games at second in the minors. I don't think he's ever going to play an adequate major league 2B.
  8. He was also the 1-1 in the draft and a college player.
  9. Yea but guys get hurt. Guys like Hays and Santander get hurt EVERY YEAR. You have to prepare for that.
  10. When you toss a bunch of replacement level guys out there you can't be surprised when they perform at slightly below replacement level. The only names listed above that are a surprise to me are Mountcastle and Santander. I've never been big on Santander but I did expect him to be better than he has shown thus far.
  11. Please find me some example of me advocating signing 40 million worth of talent to add to this roster. Heck find me an example of me wanting to add 10 million worth of talent to this roster.
  12. What is even worse all the other teams get to have playoffs.
  13. I mean it is kinda his fault that Adley hasn't had a chance to prove himself.
  14. If you have a too large an ability gap I feel the ability to learn is impaired. For instance if you took 20 year old me and tossed me into a basketball camp with college players I would have been completely lost and overwhelmed to the point that I wouldn't be able to improve. If you do that to a baseball player that would be rushing them. Aggressively promoting someone like Adam Hall or Darrell Hernaiz would be an example of that. With pitchers it is a bit more difficult because you want to control their workloads and they need to work on specific pitches which is not something tha
  15. The 2014 team, which was as successful as one could reasonably expect, drew fewer than 2.5 million. That, to me, isn't droves.
  16. Now we just need to get Elias to pick one of them.
  17. Some will but not all. Even in 2014 attendance wasn't that strong (2.46M).
  18. Elias has to know he's going to lose the casual fan with this style of rebuild.
  19. Ha, even I'm not dark enough to make that joke. I was talking about Mancini.
  20. Not sure why you'd want to take the RBI chance away from Mancini and give it to Pedro. Unless of course it's part of the plan to suppress his arbitration reward...
  21. Crap, what happens if they tie it up and the game goes to extras?
  22. Can someone explain to me, who isn't currently watching, why gameday had Pedro pinch hitting for Mancini with the bases loaded?
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