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  1. Sorry, forgot the colored font.
  2. Ohh real time player statistics? Pretty sweet.
  3. Classy isn't a word you hear used to describe the Orio!es very often.
  4. My technique is to hate everything. You end up right more often than not when the Orioles are concerned.
  5. Frobby already provided his evidence, I certainly don't feel a need to check or supplement his hard work. If you disagree with his take it would fall upon you to refute his points.
  6. He listed these players because they were called up after the 15 days. But just because they were called up after 15 days does not mean that the delay was due to service time manipulation. He's challenging you to show evidence to support the idea that their promotion was the result of service time manipulation and not some other factor. Like, for instance, a player injury.
  7. Honestly that looks like a pretty decent return for Taillon.
  8. This makes it a bit more difficult to beat them out for the division title this year. We might have to settle for the wildcard.
  9. As a pessimist I'll reply with why would he say yes? It's not his problem.
  10. I'm guessing Davis would say no. If they sell the team whatever money that is left on the Davis deal will be accounted for in the price.
  11. A lot of the Davis money is deferred. The O's will be paying Davis for many years to come. As for why, it's simple, future money is worth less.
  12. The 1899-1900 Phillies are the first team to use electronic sign stealing.
  13. Not true, I did agree with you that one time.
  14. When I heard him and the team are going to arbitration the first thing I did was suggest he might get traded.
  15. Why wouldn't a team go public with the information that a draft pick changed his demands? If anything it puts the team in a better light.
  16. I think you have failed to provide me an example of such a strategy working out for the player. I'm not sure how players not signing doesn't help my cause more than yours. You are the one suggesting that players can change their demands and that teams will agree to pay them the new amount.
  17. Didn't sign Isn't about contract demands at all Didn't sign Player backed down Maybe the player won? Hard to say because of the circumstances. The player didn't change demands after being drafted that I can tell which is what you are advocating. Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign Didn't sign None of the 10 involved a player changing his demand after being drafted and the team agreeing to the higher number. If anything this list shows that teams will let a player walk.
  18. Did you see the part where I said next draft? It's kind of an important part.
  19. Give me one example of it happening with a draftee. I'm pretty high on the Orioles aren't spending bandwagon and if it came out that a draftee changed their contract demands after being selected I'd 100% be on the team's side. I'm also guessing that their advisor would drop them like a hot potato as they would like to continue in the business.
  20. I'd rather dislike someone for actual heinous behavior and not because ownership handed them a stupid contract.
  21. Good idea for Young to be in Australia. Probably pretty small Jewish and Hispanic populations.
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