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  1. That would explain why they decided to send Roch.
  2. Right, I don't think finishing with the worst record is the goal.
  3. Somehow I doubt the accuracy of that statement.
  4. Did he get caught on camera licking donuts?
  5. I'm betting she be terrible in the clubhouse and just think what she would do to the pre-game spread.
  6. I want the Yankees to load up on more big contracts.
  7. If they had done a good job it would have taken more than a single night to burn.
  8. Over the remaining three years that he is under team control? Very possible.
  9. Would depend on how he pitches. I would hope they wouldn't do something as foolish as bundle Cobb with a draft pick to get rid of the contract.
  10. Would depend on how strong the directive to cut payroll is. Unless he looks like a world beater I don't see how you get anything of import back unless you each some of the contract.
  11. I think that in the fifth full season as GM the team should be competing for a playoff spot. I've previously stated I think he's not as aggressive with minor league promotions as I would like.
  12. Elias needs to move more quickly than that. I don't see how he can go five seasons in charge without being competitive for a playoff spot. Frankly he shouldn't.
  13. You think he can do better than 12.1 innings of 10.95 ERA? 😉
  14. They won't select three. Another team will pick at least one of them and trade them to the O's.
  15. I'm sure the 12 innings each one would get in spring training would enable the O's to form a competent staff.
  16. How is that relevant to what happened before? If you make a mistake and it works out in your favor is it suddenly not a mistake?
  17. Really? It was? I know what the trade was about. They got pennies on the dollar for the slot money. They had been better served getting another actual asset.
  18. I still contend it was poor process to trade for international slot money without the intent to use it. The return the O's received on the slot money was lacking.
  19. I think the most that happened is that he called Dan and told him to "Trade for somebody but don't spend more money". In which case Dan should have ignored him.
  20. I think a move like Davies for Parra is a bit small potatoes for Angelos to have been involved in.
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