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  1. Compared to hunkering down at home? Yes.
  2. Pretty sure Pablo Sandoval found it. I've been waiting for a chance.
  3. What are the odds this is it for the career? Can't imagine a lot of demand existing for his services in 2021.
  4. If the quality of pitching has outpaced the quality of hitting, why isn't scoring going down? What is actually happening is both sides are attempting to achieve the optimal result in a way they didn't before.
  5. Florida, I live in Florida. Pinellas county in rough shape. https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2020/07/04/four-pinellas-hospitals-completely-out-of-icu-beds/
  6. This way they get some revenue and don't have to pay Price.
  7. Goliath did freeze up when faced with a strike right down the middle.
  8. Have you been watching Tasting History?
  9. We can just change the name. Happy first Friday in July day everyone! Every holiday doesn't need to be a three day weekend.
  10. For the life of me I can't remember who he got back. Looking it up now.
  11. What I find interesting is the deadline isn't until Aug first. So negotiations couldn't have been that difficult given Boras' penchant for waiting to sign.
  12. I'm curious how you mean that. Do you mean folks like Mountcastle and Diaz and are you talking going all out and bringing up Hall, Rodriguez and Adley?
  13. I saw that if you were asymmetric the anti-bodies may drop to undetectable levels within a few months.
  14. I'll repeat the same argument I made years ago. The Fighting Irish. Pejorative term about an ethnic group. Just last year they held a baseball tournament called the "Hillbilly classic" https://www.wdtv.com/content/sports/Bridgeport-Wins-Nightcap-of-Hillbilly-Classic-4-3-511338172.html The Arkansas Travelers have this lovely ethnic stereotype as a mascot.
  15. I'm fine with market pressures forcing a change. Given the play on the field under current ownership they should just go with the Generals.
  16. Making masks mandatory in stores is still being done county by county.
  17. Same thing down here with Cuban sandwiches even though you need a specific type of bread to make it correctly and most places don't bother.
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