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  1. I'm hoping it is a ploy to make him more amenable to a buyout.
  2. Spotify snuck this into one of my playlists.
  3. Even if he did all of that how much of an improvement would we be looking at? Not enough for him to be on the team.
  4. You thinking Elias should have brought a bodyguard? I've seen the Statcast data, I'm pretty sure Elias can outrun Davis.
  5. Because Mountcastle has more value if he can play left at a decent level.
  6. Sure, of course you would prefer the vastly more talented player. I'd like Trout in the outfield. What if it was Trumbo or Keon Broxton?
  7. Two hundred loss teams, this started at ugly.
  8. Shame, Stewart, I think, needs to show he's not a defensive liability to secure a career in the majors. A little power, a little speed, and a good OBP plays a lot better if the glove is neutral.
  9. Sounds to me like you can't prove a contention so you are just acting like it doesn't need to be proven. I'll show you how to prove (well as much as you can prove anything over a small sample size using defensive metrics) it. Find out how many runs someone like Trumbo allows in right field over say 120 outfield games and compare it to say Jason Heyward in right field. That should give you a rough estimate of how valuable a skilled corner outfielder is over a butcher. I honestly really love a good internet debate and it disappoints me that you are so bad at this. I feel like I'm playing chess against myself. Also, you need to quit asserting that I have said, or that you think I believe, that outfield defense doesn't matter. I've not said that and you are beginning to actually annoy me by repeatedly lying about it.
  10. Anyone else intrigued that Elias had a one on one with a player during the season?
  11. Baby steps. First he has to master looking at the ball.
  12. Crazy, I could not disagree more. Dude had a 17 year career, accumulating over 50 rWAR. He's a Hall of Famer for goodness sake and you wouldn't waste a spot on the 40 for him?
  13. This internet discussion thing just might not be for you. You know and I know and you know that I know that you said "very important". This is a feeble attempt to change the context of your original comment. I asked you for supporting evidence that you obviously didn't have, you should have just backed down and admitted you had overstepped.
  14. And yet, there you stand, ready to help!
  15. Typical L_O_J trying to make Sisco look bad. 😛
  16. Nats lost 103 in 2009 (O's lost 98). Nats lost 102 in 2008 (O's lost 93). I don't think the O's have ever picked second overall.
  17. I find chapter 8 to be superior. Strike them out and leave nothing to chance.
  18. Yes it is a higher standard. Look at this team, Davis, Mancini, Sisco, Smith, Stewart, Wilkerson in center...bad gloves all over the place but Mountcastle, wink wink, needs time in AAA to polish his glove. Yes they will be getting stomped again next year so when better to let a kid learn defense in the majors? Why have him learn the outfield in AAA only to bring him up and force him to adjust to playing outfield in the majors (third deck, different ballparks)? What makes you think Mountcastle isn't athletic? Because his arm wasn't good enough to stick at short? I would be not at all surprised to find out he's already better than Smith and Mancini in left. Poor shortstops tend to be more athletic than poor corner outfielders. As for handling criticism, kid shrugged off Buck publicly berating him, I think he's got a thick skin. I can't think of a single player to crack under the pressures of being a corner outfielder. Got any examples?
  19. By who? When? Using what metrics?
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