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  1. I would say it improves the A's chances of a division title next year.
  2. Right...just so happens that the turning point happened when he moved to the A's. Seems likely.
  3. He wasn't upset when he was an Astros or a Tiger. He moves to a division rival and now he's upset.
  4. You said stealing signs is fine until you start using electronics. So binoculars are fine right?
  5. So if you put a guy in CF with binoculars and he has a buddy with him that signals the hitter that's fine? As long as it doesn't use electricity?
  6. It's steroids all over again. No one cared and suddenly it's the most important thing ever.
  7. She needs to update her Linkedin profile. She was on the International side of the house.
  8. You should totally vouch for my list, it's a fine list.
  9. That would make for a huge ballot.
  10. To get used to any differences between the two mounds.
  11. That far out I could see them being off by a a few weeks which could enable him to be ready. I probably should have said less than 50/50.
  12. Ahh. That makes more sense but odds are probably 50/50 on Stewart being ready to go opening day.
  13. A bullpen guy only has so far he can go.
  14. Could be worse, he could have been a projected third round talent taken in the first.
  15. You think: Mountcastle breaks camp with the team. Stewart takes his position. I don't see either happening.
  16. Does anyone have high expectations for how exciting it will be?
  17. Naw, I don't go out of my way. I'm more likely to step out of my lane to take a shot at Grenier than I am Tate.
  18. Pretty sure you know I wasn't being literal.
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