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  1. 7 minutes ago, Roll Tide said:

    Right and a 4 WAR player should be worth a couple of a teams top 30. Perhaps not 6 & 9 but you continue to act like he's worthless.

    As a fan that watches the games Villar is my favorite player. If they can't get value I'd rather they work our a reasonable extension than give him Away. 

    I think that, given the past transactions he has been involved in, that the league doesn't value him as much as his stats suggest they should.

  2. Just now, sportsfan8703 said:

    One of the two. Both would be extremely optimistic. Even though the Reds have a weak game system and Villar seems like a really good fit. 

    Tendering Villar is an easy choice. It might take some stones, but not really.  We’re just going to have to see what happens with Didi.  At the end of the day Villar is a 4 WAR SS. 

    For any team out there looking for a SS, would you rather have Villar for 1/10 or Gregorious for at least 3/42?  That’s if the Yankees don’t want to bring Didi back, or then you have to outbid them. That’s also if you can attract a FA to your team. 

    No, at the end of the day Villar put up a 4 win season.

  3. 3 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

    I agree, that's why I posted it, the eyeball test and the statcast both suggest otherwise. I hope someone asks him to follow up on this opinion in a future chat.

    I'm guessing he'll just ignore the question if someone start quoting Statcast at him.

  4. 5 minutes ago, OsEatAlEast said:

    Keith Law says some pretty odd things sometimes. He definitely has the tools to play center. He might need some work on his routes. But he has good speed and arm strength. I really don't think it's a too much of a stretch envisioning him roaming around in centerfield for a handful of years.

    He's got a shtick.

  5. 3 minutes ago, sportsfan8703 said:

    Villar to the Reds makes a lot of sense.  They don't have the best farm system but these two prospects would interest me,

    #6 3B Rece Hinds

    #9 SS/2B Jose Israel Garcia

    Two players that wouldn't be ready until around 2021/2022, wouldn't require 40 man roster spots, and adds to depth the positions where we lack as an organization.

    Are you suggesting either or and?

  6. Just now, eddie83 said:

    I always believed this stuff was policed inside the sport. Going to the media crosses over into a whole different territory.  

    I would say it improves the A's chances of a division title next year.

  7. 8 minutes ago, theocean said:

    You don't know that at all. Could have been upset and finally felt like he needed to speak up.

    Right...just so happens that the turning point happened when he moved to the A's.


    Seems likely.

  8. 3 hours ago, theocean said:

    Definitely a big deal. Mike Fiers was willing to go on record because he was so upset about it.

    It's not Black Sox big, but anything that degrades the integrity of the game in the eyes of a large portion of MLB's fanbase is a big deal.

    Like, can you imagine the media circus if the Nats lost and the Astros won? Can you imagine how many awful think-pieces journalists would be writing about how they don't know how to explain this to their poor children?

    He wasn't upset when he was an Astros or a Tiger.  He moves to a division rival and now he's upset.

  9. 4 hours ago, Satyr3206 said:

    My outlook is the same as Frobby's. Sign stealing is fine until you start using electronics. There should be a punishment but I have no idea how harsh or lenient. Mainly because the rule just went into effect.

    So if you put a guy in CF with binoculars and he has a buddy with him that signals the hitter that's fine?  As long as it doesn't use electricity?

  10. 2 hours ago, Beetlejuice said:

    You can’t be serious.  One whole year?  The GM should get an indefinite ban.  Indefinite as opposed to lifetime. Let him grovel for 5 years and then MLB can reconsider.  Hinch might deserve a full year.

    And declare everyone in their farm system eligible to be re-drafted and move elsewhere if they want, allowing them to keep their “time served” status so their new team can’t give them the rookie treatment.

    The most difficult punishment is going to be how to handle the active players who were in on this.  I’d do a suspension of 81 games, the the MLBPA would shit bricks. Then there is the cases of Cora and Beltran.

    That is insane.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Luke-OH said:

    I don't know anything about her, but to be a woman and making it this far in baseball operations, she must be talented and I'm all for it. 

    She needs to update her Linkedin profile.

    She was on the International side of the house.

  12. 8 minutes ago, Luke-OH said:

    I'm not particularly vouching for COC's entire list as it would differ from mine. I was just saying that Tate is the most important to keep from his list and Wilkerson is DFA fodder IMO. 

    Davis is Davis, he's completely useless as a MLB player at this point but he will probably hang around because of the obvious reason. 

    Wynns, yes Elias wants catching depth, but Wynns is utterly replaceable from a baseball talent standpoint. He's pretty equivalent to the standard waiver wire catcher.

    You should totally vouch for my list, it's a fine list.

  13. 1 minute ago, GuidoSarducci said:

    This actually leads me to another question - why do relievers even need warmup pitches at the mound?  They've should have already been warmed up in the bullpen.   So maybe with my hot swap idea, if the manager is using  LOOGY or other one-batter reliever, two pitchers would actually exit the bullpen - the LOOGY and then the next pitcher would come out with the manager directly from the dugout.     

    To get used to any differences between the two mounds.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:

    Wasn't the only update they had that he would be able to resume baseball activities at the end of Spring? If so, there is no chance he is making the Opening Day roster.

    That far out I could see them being off by a a few weeks which could enable him to be ready.  I probably should have said less than 50/50.

  15. 1 minute ago, SteveA said:

    I think you have it backwards.   He said  "Mountcastle.   Until then Stewart".

    So I think he thinks Mountcastle is the eventual LF, but Stewart starts the season there while Mountcastle serves his time in purgatory.

    Ahh.  That makes more sense but odds are probably 50/50 on Stewart being ready to go opening day.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Philip said:

    Luke implied in another comment that I shouldn’t be so down on Sedlock, but one does expect a bit more from a high Pick. Tate, certainly, sure looks like the Rangers will never regret letting him go.

    Who said anything about Sedlock? 

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