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  1. They need to lay off high 98 MPH fastballs.
  2. They need him next year.
  3. E-Rod up over 100 ptiches, how bad do they want to get him #20? He's at 115. If the O's don't give up a run here do they send him back out?
  4. Givens has had a down year but he's hardly unviable.
  5. One year left but the Red Sox keep talking about how they want to get under the cap and they only have so many ways to cut payroll.
  6. I'm guessing he's in the National league next season.
  7. Helps facing a Red Sox team that has given up. I expect the Sox will come out to play today.
  8. Wasn't Stewart super hot in ST, only to get set down really early? I don't think a hot ST makes any difference to Elias.
  9. They were making solid progress in Baseball just a few years ago. Then they let their coach get hired away.
  10. Could be. I think if they were doing anything other than slow rolling him he would have seen AAA last season.
  11. Of course Angelos might have spread the payments over a decade.
  12. With what I've seen with Mountcastle I'm expecting late April 2021.
  13. I'll be surprised if after more than two full seasons at AA if they promote Diaz that quickly. I think that if they had any intention of a quick 2020 promotion he would have moved up to Norfolk at some point in 2019.
  14. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=hays--000aus
  15. When? Not if? You seem confident. I don't like these little games. I'd like for them to be forced to bench him at the cutoff so they can't pretend toward their motivation.
  16. Since Hays is out are they obligated to send someone else? Any guesses?
  17. I'm hoping the O's bats go really well or the game hits extra innings.
  18. Can't play next season with a 25 man roster. I'd also rather see Mancini at DH if they can get a better defensive first baseman.
  19. I took walks in little league. Refusing to swing the bat increases the walk rate.
  20. It is a very safe bet to say that a pitcher is going to go on the IL.
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