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  1. Money for teams, money for players, money for networks, money for employees.
  2. You think everyone in this country has the means to only need to shop once a week? You think everyone can just order off of Peapod and Amazon Fresh? How exactly do you plan on marking folks so you know if they have been to the store in the last week?
  3. You do know that we have areas in this country where you choice for groceries is Walmart or Dollar General right? I guess those people don't deserve to eat.
  4. Got it. I've been trying to play along like all of this is honestly happening and tailoring my posts to what I would be doing in that case. In this instance I would be freaking out that all of the top pitching prospects suddenly can't get anyone out. I'm waiting for Grenier to have a cold stretch so I can call him a huge reach.
  5. Mr Fripp is releasing an ambient piece a week for the next 50 weeks. I don't think that many folks are aware that he also does this sort of work.
  6. What in the world is going on with the minor league pitching?
  7. Did you read the part where I said they are making progress? Look at it like they are in a race. They are behind and now, instead of falling further behind, they are now keeping pace with the other slower runners. The faster runners are still pulling further ahead, albeit at a slower rate than before. Until they can start gaining on the frontrunners I just can't get too excited.
  8. Sure they are making progress. But they are advancing from last to the bottom Fifth or so. What they are doing now is about the minimum that is acceptable.
  9. I'm pleased they have made progress but seriously, they aren't catching up to other teams right now, they are, at best, keeping pace. I'm not going to pretend that this guy is liable to turn into anything. Do you think this guy is likely to have any sort of career in the majors?
  10. You don't prefer pot roast over pork tenderloin? (I find pork tenderloin to be flavorless)
  11. Crap I just remembered I need to put in the pork shoulder for tomorrow night. Edit- Got it started.
  12. While my Grandfather was away in the war my Grandmother would take the family to the movies during the day in the winter since the movies were cheaper than heating the house.
  13. I really enjoyed Renaissance Unchained. They have the Classic Album series that used to air on VH-1, some of which are pretty interesting. Time Team is pretty fun, they seem to have a nice time. I'm currently watching Technical Marvels of the Ancient World. Next on my watch list is: Saints & Sinners: The History of the Popes, seems like a good time.
  14. I think he's very good for the top end players. I would not, however like to be a Boras client as the #3 guy at a position with Boras also representing #1 or #2.
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