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  1. Can I have a link to go with that quote please? It looks like a nice read.
  2. I for one would be irritated if they sold the name. Revenue isn't the O's biggest problem, inefficiency is.
  3. Tampa and St Pete have been arguing back forth about one for years.
  4. They were talking about Reynolds, not Reimold. I don't think he actually did that well at first but that isn't the issue.
  5. Who is Bergusen? If you don't even know the names of the players it is hard for me to respect your opinions on them.
  6. Send him to Delmarva to be Bundy's bullpen catcher. Just kidding. Cut him, I was in favor of giving him a shot to see if he could get back to average this season but it doesn't look likely and I would rather cut him now and bring up a fresh arm for the bullpen on this road trip.
  7. I think he looked like a #5, which is good enough for now. I don't think Norfolk is going to solve his issues.
  8. You do have a third option. Amber invited you over to dinner earlier.
  9. I did mine in mid January.
  10. He might be "hurt" and have to go on the DL.
  11. He's got a flight to catch.
  12. Naw, Gregg, if we are lucky the league will suspend him.
  13. 1- I still think Buck wanted a "proven closer" and was on board with signing Gregg 2- Wrong FO Odds were good that Gregg was going to revert to his average reliever form this season.
  14. At least by hitting the batter instead of walking him he is conserving pitches.
  15. It is reaching the state of so sad it is funny.
  16. I have no issue with cutting him, I didn't want him to begin with. However overusing your bullpen in April can cause a chain reaction that carries all season, we have seen it before. If he has a spot in the bullpen you have to use him. It is not like the O's have guys throwing CG starts.
  17. I think she meant when he used to pitch for them, you know right before the O's gave him a two year deal w/vesting option to close for them.
  18. I never said he didn't suck. I would just rather he suck in a game the O's are already losing.
  19. What is worse a top 5 pick that produces negative WAR in the bigs or a top 5 pick that never gets to the bigs?
  20. So do I but the O's don't have a deep enough pen for that. It is full of one inning guys if you haven't noticed. Work a good reliever hard enough he ends up pitching like Gregg anyway.
  21. If he is on the team they need to use him. You want to save him for games in which the O's have the lead?
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