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  1. Lets take this back to the simplest of basics. Maybe2050, what is the primary job of the batter in the game of baseball? I will give you a hint, its the opposite of the job the pitcher has. Do you have it? Now who was better at the job last year, Tejada, Bell or Reynolds?
  2. Hold up there! I was just commenting that they have the means to sustain a high payroll if they wish to.
  3. As of 2010 Ted Lerner was worth 3 billion. They can suck up a 25 million a year loss and not really feel it. http://www.altiusdirectory.com/Business/world-billionaire.php?profile=Theodore-Lerner&id=340
  4. Of course. If Harper is a guy that can zoom through the minors in a season then I could see the Nats batting him sixth upon his promotion. You wouldn't want to bat him eighth since he would be pitched around more then you would like and you would not want him hitting 1-5 which just leaves sixth or seventh.
  5. I can see him in Washington at some point in 2012. It is not like it hasn't been done before and his move to the outfield was to fast track his route to the majors.
  6. <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP3la5Nf8DE?version=3"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP3la5Nf8DE?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>
  7. I think they tried to rebuild. The only asset that was a prime candidate to move that wasn't was Roberts and I never heard an offer for him I really liked. The problem that I see is that the O's are too risk adverse and tradition bound to make the moves needed to compete in the AL East. They need to really push talent acquisition and development. Instead we have a team tipping its big toe into the pool of international talent. The O's can't afford to make signability picks, they can't afford to ignore the posting process, they can't afford to sit out on the high profile Latin American talent.
  8. In his defense Tony, he has a join date of May 2007. That has me beat by a year and a half for instance.
  9. This is where I have been since the Hobgood pick. That was when I realized that the O's were not going to go the extra distance to make themselves an elite team.
  10. Are the number of O's scouts going up or going down? Are the O's spending appreciably more money on Latin American talent? As for the posting, MASN reported that the O's did not make a bid on Nishioka and Iwakuma. Please tell me about the upgrades in the MiL system, aside from them cutting the number of teams I have not heard of any wholesale changes, just personnel getting moved around. I am certainly not seeing results, the O's minor league system is going to be rated lower this season then any other in AM's tenure. AM has been in charge a lot longer then a year, long enough that more progress should have been made. Do you honestly think that the O's are gaining ground in player development verus any of their AL East opponents? Wait till after the next draft when the Rays pick 10 times before the O's second round pick.
  11. Jerry Reinsdorf is willing to spend money, I have seen little indication that John Moores is likewise willing.
  12. I really don't think that either Lee or LaRoche is willing to sign with the Padres when they have maybe two million left in their budget to field a first baseman. If LaRoche goes to the Nats then Lee is stuck with the O's. Overall its a pretty idiot-proof situation.
  13. True, but increased scouting and a willingness to pay for expensive Latin American talent could have made it possible to field two competitive teams. If you want to get "huge rewards" you don't do it by downsizing operations.
  14. You are drinking the kool aid by the gallon if you think the advances the O's have made in international scouting will bring "huge rewards". Notice the O's did not involve themselves in the postings of any Japanese players since AM has arrived? Notice how they closed a team in Latin America? Notice how they still are not giving out large signing bonuses? The O's have made some progress on the international scene, but I think they have probably fallen further behind the rest of the AL East. The O's need to make some drastic changes before they can even think about reaping huge rewards.
  15. You do know that Hat Guy has passed on right? FJM wrote a piece about him earlier in the year for FJM day at Deadspin. Evidently he was a really nice guy that wrote them a letter after being lampooned by them. I would consider HatGuy if I wanted a FJM name, well assuming I could find some sweet pictures of guys in hats to use as Avatars.
  16. Of course the O's are not going to sign a true middle of the order bat to a fair market deal. No true middle of the order bat is going to come to Baltimore unless the O's overpay him, probably to a Werthian level. That would preclude any sense of a fair market deal.
  17. I was just thinking the other day that FiredJoeMorgan would make a good name.
  18. I have no problem popping into an infected thread, skimming the unimportant posts, making a quick point and getting back out of there. The key is to not get bogged down. If you stick and move you can be ok, if you try and slug it out toe to toe you will get worn down. I also suggest spending time on pages other then Orioles news.
  19. Or the O's could be the foolish team to offer him 150 MM then we could watch the team struggle under the weight of the contract as a disinterested Fielder declines before our very eyes.
  20. Considering that the young BP arm the O's traded Huff for was the centerpiece in the Hardy deal I would say it worked out ok in the end.
  21. Growthearms Buythebats Raidthefarm fWAR Flyball_Tendencies Koji's_sideburns
  22. Rodriguez 2007- 1067 OPS 2008- 965 OPS 2009- 934 OPS 2010- 847 OPS
  23. Actually Prince looks like he is dropping some weight in Japan. http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/12/15/your-prince-fielder-photo-of-the-day/ Probably because the Japanese version of a vegan diet doesn't include corndogs.
  24. A true loss to the baseball community. Posnanski's take http://joeposnanski.si.com/2010/12/16/rip-bob-feller/?eref=sihp
  25. Atheist, I used to be rather militant about it, not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance in High School, getting into trouble over a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Germany etc, etc. I have mellowed considerably as I have gotten older.
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