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  1. Did you read the whole piece? His theory is that the influx of hall worthy names plus the backlog which is already forming because of PED use is going to cause a backlog where, due to the high number of worthy candidates, folks that would normally get in easily will fall short. He even cites an historical example. In no way does he suggest that he thinks that Glavine, Thomas or Pedro are not worthy of induction. PS- Randy Johnson won 300 games after Glavine did.
  2. Jaffe does some serious number crunching on the next few years. Thinks Biggio will make it. http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/the-possible-upcoming-cooperstown-ballot-apocalypse/ His predictions for the next few ballots 2013 Biggio 2014 Maddux and one of Glavine/Thomas 2015 Johnson, maybe Pedro 2016 Griffey and a backlog guy like Thomas It is startling the names coming up for enshrinement. It is one of the reason I have been saying that Moose isn't a shoo-in 2013- Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa, Kenny Lofton and David Wells. 2014- Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Mike Mussina, Jeff Kent, Luis Gonzalez and Moises Alou 2015- Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Gary Sheffield, Carlos Delgado and Nomar Garciaparra. Even I see at least 9 HoF members there.
  3. He hit the 4 mark this year and I think there is clearly room for improvement so yes the 6 "range" is not out of the question. Mind you 6 "range" does not mean every season at 6+, it means averaging around 6 for the next 6 or so years, after which I would certainly expect a decline. Keep in mind Pujols is giving up 50 runs due to positional scarcity to Wieters. I don't think it will take nearly 6 more seasons for his numbers at first to look merely above average.
  4. His resume, what I have read from experts, his progress as a RHB. You do realize that he made it to the majors with less PA then any other catcher ever? In hindsight he was rushed. I also wasn't talking about Pujols' late 30's. I am talking about his early 30's. Look closely at the stats, he is already showing signs of decline, he just started at such a high level that his current numbers are still outstanding.
  5. I would pull the trigger on Trout if you factored in service time and cost. Positional scarcity be dammed I think the kid is going to be a monster.
  6. I think he will routinely be in the 6 WAR range going forward. His "BEST case scenario" would be rather higher then that and would have him reaching the levels predicted for him after his full year in the minors. The main reason I would prefer him to Longo, who has appeared to plateau at the 6-7 WAR level, is his position. I do not think the current defensive metrics fully reward catcher defense. Longoria is a fine player and a heck of a third baseman but do you think his defensive WAR last season should be greater then Wieters'? I am also factoring in that the O's have better internal options at Third then they do at Catcher. Did you miss the part about declining peripherals?
  7. You would rather have a 32 year old (tomorrow in fact!) first baseman with declining peripherals then Wieters? That is surprising.
  8. Varitek has only two seasons of 4.0 WAR (other being 4.1) his career high oWAR is 4.4. Wieters hit 4.0 WAR (3.0 oWAR) this season. He is already as good as Varitek in his prime. When he was in his age 25 season Varitek had a grand total of one plate appearance in the majors. He didn't become the starter until his age 27 season.
  9. Too much injury risk for me. I don't want to lose him for a year rehabbing his elbow.
  10. Like I said earlier I think Wieters has a good chance to be a 6+ WAR player going forward and that is with an imperfect grasp on a catcher's defensive value. I will take 6 WAR from a catcher as my building block. If I thought 2011 was his ceiling offensively then sure there is a long list of guys I would rather have.
  11. I agree that is a bad law. I still think those involved (including Paterno) should have done more.
  12. I was just providing some evidence to support Mike's statement. Now maybe be will end up having a HoF career but right now it looks like he had one of the luckiest seasons of all time last year.
  13. If you want to trade MW for a guy with a 4.72 xFIP who had a strand rate of 82% and a BABIP of .224 that is your business.
  14. Sorry telling your superiors is not the right answer when you are talking about felonies. You contact the police. If Sandusky was stealing toner cartridges I would feel differently.
  15. No it isn't. I would agree that certain pitchers are better but the increased injury risk would lead me to prefer a position player. I could think that Pujols is the superior player but have concerns about his age.
  16. I still have faith that Matt is going to be a 6+ WAR guy going forward. I would rather have that at catcher then any other position.
  17. They don't all fall for it. That is how come Madson just signed a 1 year 8.5 million deal. Folks focus on the big Boras hits and not when his games hurt his client.
  18. Was just making a separate point off of that nifty data chart you provided. That is all.
  19. And when Wieters needs to move to first base he loses 25 runs. Keep that in mind when it comes time to extend him.
  20. I was just stating that the Mariner's owner has a greater worth then the Nats owner. I do think that Prince is going to accept slightly less money and go to Texas. I think they sign him and Darvish both and let Hamilton walk when he hits FA. Just a hunch.
  21. Not sure if 5K posts is the magic number or not. I have more then that and have been posting here over 3 years and I still kinda feel like a new guy. I will say always be prepared to defend your arguments.
  22. Off again http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/sinead_connor_ends_marriage_for_wTCee4LZIs3ddfkRR0t4AJ
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