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  1. When I was in Norfolk I had a young Seaman ask me if South Carolina was in the same time zone.
  2. I took an "online version" once. I'm assuming it was BS because it was very easy.
  3. He is listed as being four inches taller, so maybe half a head.
  4. That doesn't really count as an achievement in 2019. Mike Yastrzemski hit 20 homeruns at age 28 after failing to do it during his six prior years in the minors.
  5. What, you think he's that big an upgrade over Vaughn?
  6. Are him and Andrew Vaughn (2019 1-3) in different generations?
  7. Not sure how smart the Astros were, they flipped Hader to the Brewers in the Mike Fiers deal.
  8. I've said this before but I've read that with cases like Hall part of the walk issue might be that the hitters are so overmatched they don't swing. Hopefully with an increase in competition this won't be an issue.
  9. I was speaking more of a trade.
  10. This take is very far afield.
  11. I've discussed this before and I'll admit the NBA isn't a strength. But if you look at MJ's shot chart and you look at the shot chart of any successful NBA player today they are almost complete opposites. Jordan played before analytics became a thing and his game was predicated on shots that are seen today as inefficient. He'd have to change his game drastically since I'm not at all sure any team would revamp their team offense around his style of play.
  12. I saw he had a podcast and some videos.
  13. I'm hoping he goes on a five year run of playing 156 games a year.
  14. Might not have seen Trout's prime yet.
  15. Only one them hits like him as it is.
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