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  1. I could wait until tomorrow but I don't want one of you to beat me to the punch on this one. Fresh Black Pumas.
  2. Sure, it was the HoF stuff I thought was premature.
  3. I think we should wait another two maybe three games. To get a good look and make an informed decision.
  4. Just saying a two out double with no one on base isn't very clutch.
  5. I don't know man. Sure he hit a double by why did he wait until they already had two outs? He should have led off the inning with the double, or better yet, had Wilkerson walk then hit the double. That way it would be second and third with no outs.
  6. I just read Justice's argument for Bregman for MVP. It's not good.
  7. Hey look, more Davis. Good times.
  8. Sorry enough folks actually share that position it can be hard to tell.
  9. Hyde obviously lost the clubhouse. I hear it was what he and Davis were arguing about in the dugout.
  10. Tillman had one of those last year.
  11. Not tonight. https://www.milb.com/video/mccoy-makes-amazing-play/c-31000009421
  12. You would have to be pitch efficient enough to get through six with current usage guidelines. No one is going to hang a 6IP/150 pitches on a guy in this day and age.
  13. These, are something close to these, are mine. Lasted over two years so far so I can't say they were a bad investment.
  14. I'm popular at work. The only people I have issues with are the ones that don't work.
  15. I'm just honest enough to admit I have, over the years, had co-workers that had to be carried and that I was pleased they were removed from their position. This includes some folks in the military that would have gotten folks killed in a combat situation(not suggesting I ever saw combat). Some folks have jobs but don't want to work and just increase the work and stress load of everyone else there. I'm pleased when I no longer have to deal with those people. I assume they don't really need the job if they aren't willing to do the required work.
  16. I'm never glad someone I haven't met loses a job.
  17. No one except jabba72 is suggesting Dombrowski had full control.
  18. Maybe he'll wait until May of 2022 to better align him with the O's next window of contention?
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