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  1. Brian Matusz owns Josh Hamilton for his career.. 0-11 7 K 1 BB
  2. Tampa is much more likely to finish first in the division than last imo
  3. Guess I can turn this off tonight before Tillman records an out...
  4. That 2-0 pitch to A-Rod was straight down the center of the strikezone....
  5. Fix your feed MASN... this is ridiculous
  6. Another Yankee strike-zone night....
  7. Smith had faster 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone drill times than Desean Jackson.. Smith also had a 41" vert, his athleticism shouldn't be in question at this point
  8. The Orioles have the lowest BABIP # in the AL. Markakis's BABIP is .197. This shows Markakis has been extremely unlucky, but his luck will eventually turn around... Nothing to get so worked up about
  9. That is a fake Rosenthal twitter account.... Real account: http://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal
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