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  1. He’s gotta be better than Chris Davis
  2. I’m a big fan of the “They’re not kids” way of thinking. No need to hold these players back to start there service time so we can have them when they’re 32. However, I think there is a big difference between Vavra and Dorian. At least as it seems. Vavra seems to have some real pedigree. How did we acquire Dorian?
  3. No need to rush him back. Our lineup is weak as hell, but I want him 100% and getting some reps before coming back up.
  4. Jahmai Jones has a .653 OPS in 700 ABs in AA. He needs a full season in AAA. We’re just struggling at 2B and 3B in the MLB. I don’t think Bannon, McCoy, Martin, or Wilkerson are the answer. We definitely have to ride out Franco until after the trade deadline in the hopes he heats up. Ruiz is on his last legs. But, the cupboard is pretty empty with upper level IF prospects. Vavra seems like our only legit prospect in AA or above. It is what it is. Hopefully we are able to trade some pieces this deadline to improve our IF depth.
  5. Maybe. Or it means we trade away Mancini. Then with everyone healthy we’re looking at, CF - Mullins LF - Hays RF - Santander DH - Stewart 1B - Mountcastle Mckenna would play against LHP and would rotate in for starts in the OF the give people rest. One ten day IL trip and he’s a regular.
  6. I still like Valdez in the closer role. Scott isn’t the answer. Harvey is never healthy. We saw the Cole Sulser experiment. Fluke things happen when you play sloppy defense in the 9th.
  7. Pop has now pitched 8.2 IP scoreless over his last 7 outings. 10k/2BB only 4 hits allowed. I guess Elias thought he couldn’t afford to keep a reliever over SP depth, and IF depth. Oh and Chris Davis.
  8. Harvey is eligible to come off the 60 day DL around Memorial Day. All signs point to that and that he will be getting some milb rehab games hopefully soon. He’d be a good boost to the pen to help them maintain their stellar performance so far. Here’s the most recent update I found, Per Rotowire, “Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said Sunday that Harvey (oblique) remains on track to return from the 60-day injured list when first eligible in late May, Dan Connolly of The Athletic reports. He resumed a throwing program just over two weeks ago and appears to have escaped any setbacks thus far. Harvey will ramp up for the next few weeks and should fill a key role in the Baltimore bullpen once reinstated.”
  9. Solid outing by Lakins in a high leverage situation. The Lakins vs Armstrong debate here is hilarious, but Hyde prefers Lakins. That’s obvious.
  10. Just hit baby!!! I don’t care about defense right now.
  11. Happy John Means Day(almost)!!!!
  12. Why is it a bad sign if McKenna gets 300+ ABs? He’s an organizational top 10 prospect. You can’t just bubble wrap the player and that ranking. He’s 24. We can’t cling to this idea that these guys all go to AAA and have an .800 OPS or a 3.99 ERA. We need these guys at the MLB level. They’re all between the ages of 24-26. It’s time to get some playing time over stop gaps. We’re 3 years into a massive rebuild. We’ve reached the point where the “prospects” have arrived. It’s time to take the training wheels off and send them out there. Until Santander comes back, McKenna should be playing against RHP, and filling in for DJ Stewart if he can’t go. Diaz is hurt too. Mckenna is next man up, and it’s his time.
  13. We DFA’d Leblanc for a reason. We have a bunch of these guys in AAA/MLB that need to play. You can’t sit around and wait for the Mariners or Royals to throw them out there. It’s time for Kremer, Zimmerman, Akin, and Lowther to step up and get results. No more of the Leblancs or Milones of the world. No excuses. We have 2 rotation slots to be filled by those two guys and possibly 3-4 spots depending on trades, injuries, and Lopez. Players are going to get their chances this year. They aren’t a bunch of 22 year olds. They’re actually all 25-26.
  14. Is next start will be against the NYY. That’ll make for 5 of his first 8 starts being against BOS and NYY. We don’t play either of them again till August.
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