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  1. Looks like Diaz is our main focus here now. He has more BB than Ks so far. 7:5
  2. Hall would’ve been my pick but the injury is out there. I went with Gunnar. If he reached Bowie. Played SS when not splitting time with Westburg. It’s all position value and upside for me. Also, I think there’s a better chance that Gunnar sticks at SS, than Mayo sticks at 3B, and Cowser can play CF in the MLB.
  3. I see Grenier getting protected in the rule 5. Both he and McKenna have options. Both will likely be up/down guys until they run out of options or become expensive. Right now McKenna/Grenier profile as #25/#26 players on a “good” team. However, if there bats can come up then we might have borderline starters.
  4. AR has done exactly what everyone has expected him to do. Now it’s just a CBA issue.
  5. McKenna shouldn’t even have been McKenna in 2021. The O’s really yanked him around and he rode the bench a lot. Not exactly what you want for any type of prospect. But now we know that McKenna struggle against big velocity. Grenier, if he survives the rule 5, should be the everyday SS in AAA until Westburg arrives, which might only be in 2 months. So Grenier better hit next year in AAA. Like McKenna hit in AAA last year.
  6. We could clear off Ciuffo and another 5-7 pitchers that would go unclaimed.
  7. Cullen came over in the Tommy Milone trade. He seems like he’s going to have to battle for an IF spot at Bowie next year. He turns 25 soon. He’s got some pop, has on base skills, and doesn’t k too much. I guess he missed some time with injuries this year. I don’t think anyone we sent to the AFL is in danger of getting selected in the Rule 5 draft.
  8. The Marlins are not a young team starting position player wise outside of Jazz Chisholm, they are all 28-32. However, they do have already a decent young rotation and bullpen in place. Also, they are losing 2/3 of the their starting OF and possibly 3/3 if the Duvall option doesn’t work. It would probably really look like Mullins, Santander, Sulser for Sanchez, Meyer, and Sierra.
  9. Well Machado should’ve been dealt the offseason before but somehow we were still going for it with a team that actually won 47 games. The only thing bad I could say about what DD did in the Machado trade, is that he should’ve gotten more A ball players versus trying to get players that were closer to being ready. However, The Dodgers had just spent $50+ million on Diaz, Pop was 20, and Kremer was leading all of milb in SO.
  10. Unless the CBA changes there is zero incentive to call up AR before June 1. It’s not like another 60 days of “bad” PR is going to hurt this franchise any more.
  11. 70 wins would be an 18 win improvement. We’ll be better next year but that is an awfully big jump especially if we’re only adding AR and GR on June 1. Likely subtracting on July 31. Our big FA signing is likely to be Galvis. It would be a big improvement to win 62. I’m excited about 2023, but I don’t think we see W/L change till then. 2022 will be much of the same as this year.
  12. I think we’re going to pick like 1, 33, and 40, with the 1st rd pick, the comp a pick, and then the 2nd rd pick. With this draft pool and Elias’ affinity for going bat heavy, we are going to be absolutely loaded post this draft position player wise.
  13. I would think that if they got visas to play in the fall instructs, then they’ll be on one of the FCL squads next year.
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