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  1. It might be best at #2 to grab the safe pick in Spencer Torkelson. Advanced NCAA bat. Not much left to prove in NCAA. There are concerns about Hancock and Martin. Can Martin play SS? We rely heavily on analytics but this draft looks like scouting will play a huge role. I’m sure we have numbers on guys from last year, but now those Sr arms that we’d target in rounds 10-20 have leverage because of an extra year of eligibility.
  2. NCAA has already ruled to give “spring” athletes an extra year of eligibility because of all this. They are considering doing the same for “winter” athletes. Basketball is a “winter” sport. If the option were there, would Cowan want to come back for a 5th year? On Sr Day I heard that he is already in a Masters program. Another year and he could just finish that. He had missed out on the most important part of his Sr year. He could come back and set the all time scoring record. The negatives would obviously be more classes and a year missed of earning. Whether that earning is in basketball or another field.
  3. And JJ Hardy came off his ranch in Montana finally to deal with this. He’s gotta he thinking that.
  4. Diaz is a sort of “X factor” in our rebuild. This lineup can go from being good, to really good, If he reaches he becomes a 20 HR, .290ish hitter. I think he’ll have a big AAA year if he just can stay healthy.
  5. Well Ticketmaster will be in big trouble because I expect attendance will be wayyy down.
  6. We finally have “prospect” depth in the upper minors. Guys that actually have options. With that being said, this season is about bridging the time between OD and when those prospects are actually ready. So there’s no need to mess with any prospect’s routine because we need to cover IP at the MLB level. Bailey and Rucker weren’t worth jeopardizing that. Bottomline is that we have “our” guys, that we need to keep on a schedule in the minors. They have no business coming up too soon because a 100 loss team is scrambling to cover IP.
  7. I see no problem with this. It allows the younger guys time to really dominate AAA, and work on things. We will be a better org in the long run. Plus... Millone and Leblanc, are just here to eat innings. Cobb and Davis, are holdovers from our last “run” with immovable contracts. Givens is barely 30. He’ll be dealt at the deadline. Holaday gives Sisco the opportunity to work on his offense and defense in AAA. He can relax and tinker with things. Isglesias is a stop gap, stabling influence at SS, where we have no depth.
  8. I think we’re all just glad he’s healthy.
  9. No reason why Tate can’t be at least give us Miguel Castro type production while he’s under team control.
  10. We’re just looking to cover innings. Regular season games won’t look too much different than the ST games in terms of pitching. That’s why we got rid of the two rule 5 guys. We need optionable arms.
  11. Counting Wojo as a “dependable” rotation piece is not a slam dunk. For that matter, neither is Cobb. Millone, Leblanc, and Eshelman, were some of the hardest hit pitchers in the MLB last year. Now we’re adding that to OPACY and I think the bats are ready to not be a top 5 worst team in baseball. The defense has improved, but the pitching has huge holes for a 162 game season.
  12. This is why the Astros players from those teams will be beaned. MLB should’ve suspended the players. They got off easy.
  13. Let’s say we hold Mountcastle down for the three weeks to gain the extra year of control, or until some time in June to alter the arb clock, what are some reasonable predictions for his season totals? Down three weeks - 25 HR Sometime in June - 15 HR
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