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  1. If they keep the expanded roster size then that really de-values position players. You can platoon your way through a season like the Dodgers and Rays did. I think Alberto is gone. The Sanchez situation is a tough one to predict. I think we keep Valaika, and he could get lots of ABs at 3B and 2B.
  2. I think they’ll give him a full year in the minors with stops in AA/AAA. Maybe a taste of the MLB for 5-10 games. Severino is here till the deadline or next offseason, unless someone offers us a good trade. Hopefully, Severino and Sisco, make the most of these 2021 ABs and fetch us some trade value.
  3. Is the NL keeping the DH long term? Will there be expanded rosters next year and beyond? Nunez offers no versatility. The NL DH would help Nunez, but expanded rosters hurt him. Teams can piece together his offensive production with platoons.
  4. I don’t see Shaw staying on the 40 man all offseason. Once FA really kicks in, teams will face roster crunches and he will be more likely to clear waivers. Heck, he just cleared the whole NL. He is AAA depth. A dart throw. I don’t think this relates to Nunez at all.
  5. We’re pretty lucky that only one extra win/loss separates #5 from #12.
  6. With a 26 man roster you don’t need that true utility guy. I’m thinking to start 2021 that, 2B - Valaika 3B - Ruiz Util - Velazquez(too much flexibility and speed) Back up 2B/3B - Urias AAA - Martin, Bannon(DFA?) Traded/Non tendered - Alberto
  7. That was a good quick read. It’s looking like Alberto will be traded or non-tendered. There’s just no need to pay him anything over the minimum with the 2021 team because we Valaika, and Urias, that could provide similar production. Kremer and Akin will be in the rotation from OD. They’ll be given every shot to keep their spots. Cobb, Means, Akin, Kremer is the best rotation going into a season we’ve had in a longtime. Of course it could all fall apart. Harvey is a back end arm. Tate is looking like at least a valuable middle reliever. The thing I like the most about Tate, Harvey, Kremer, and Akin is that combined they only gave up 6HR in 63IP. So they weren’t getting by on smoke and mirrors.
  8. On top of Winker, Senzel, and Castellanos, they have Ervin, Aquino and Van Meter. Maybe Santander could crack that in a platoon role? I don’t think they’d give up what Santander is worth to us. However, if you go with the thinking that no player is truly worth anything to us unless they will be here when we “contend”, then we should look to deal him. I just don’t know if Cinncy is the best fit.
  9. Diaz is a difference maker. It would be huge if he could play some CF. After a lost year, it’s looking like by the time Diaz comes up, Mountcastle will be at 1B.
  10. I appreciate the reviews and the work they took, but this is just a little too rosey overall. SP: (C-) We have two bonafide prospects in Hall and Rodriguez. They’re not even projected as #1 or #2 starters. Kremer and Akin has their moments but are likely back end guys. Means really struggled, and also has durability issues. We have a lot of “depth”. That’s good. But that depth is right now in the form of 10-20 “Jason Berken/Tyler Wilson/Brad Bergeson “types” that we hope develop into back end rotation types/relievers. Relief Pitching: (C) We have some decent arms at the MLB level to build around. Harvey, Scott, Tate, Fry, Armstrong. Carroll and Kline have been disappointments. Pop is an unknown. Some of the Starting Pitching “depth” will help fill out the Relief talent pool. Catcher: (A) We have AR and Severino/Sisco. That’s an A in my book. Outfield: (B+) We have really nice corner pieces at the MLB level right now in Mountcastle and Santander. Diaz and Kjerstad are the next wave. What really holds the grade back is injuries, and question marks at CF. Mullins and Hayes aren’t sure things. Mckenna has struggled in the minors. The rest are more suspects than prospects at this point. Middle Infield (D) We’re still really thin at SS, and our prospects are a long ways away. Remember that Mountcastle was once a “SS”. A lot can change from A ball to MLB. Vavra really helps at 2B. We can name a lot of players, but that doesn’t make them realistic pieces at the MLB level(Sorry Rylan Bannon). Corner Infield (D+) Lots of ???? here. Will Mancini come back, if so he’s likely traded at best anyways. Is Nevin a 1B or 3B? Is Westburg the long term answer at 3B? Ruiz/Alberto could likely team platoon up to give us quality MLB play for the next two seasons, but are we willing to pay for that? Overall, I think we’re still a C or C- at best. That might be slightly pessimistic because we just missed an entire MILB season to evaluate, but it is what it is at this point. We’re going to have another high draft pick, and big bonus pool. Elias seems like he’ll trade some guys that are going into Arb. We really need to get out of the bottom 5(or bottom 2) in international signings. Our trajectory looks like we’ll be in the B to B- range come this time next year in terms of overall system talent. We’re heading into year 3 of a 5 year plan, and we lost a whole MILB season. We might be looking at a 6 year plan here. At this point we’re locked into Elias for that, for better or worse.
  11. Ruiz is a fine “stop gap” at 3rd, with the possibility to be more. He increased his OPS from .682 to .713. His OPS in the 2nd half of 2019 was .766. He’s only 26. He has two pre arb years left. I could see being in the .730-.750ish range those two years, while playing decent defense.
  12. At this point, the only things I’d like to be able so see Elias do is, - Spend our entire international allotment. Maybe even snag a “top” player. -DFA Davis. Those two things are seemingly out of his control though, which is alarming. I hope not drafting Martin doesn’t come back to bite us. Overall, I think he’s done about as good as we could have hoped. We might all have a more accuarate assessment if we could’ve seen our MILB players have a season this year. The potential cons so far is that he was forced to “give” away Bundy and Villar, but what did they do for the teams they were traded too, or what would they have done for us? It will be big to see how he handles the guys eligible for Arb this offseason, the draft, and if we will spend our full int’l allotment.
  13. B-/C+. It’s Hall and Rodriguez and a lot of back of rotation/swingman types behind them. It just is what it is. Our depth has greatly improved. We’ve gone position player heavy in Elias’ first two drafts. Almost entirely position players in the first 10 rounds. We’ve acquired a lot of NCAA arms that were drafted in rounds 10-30 of recent drafts. I think the hopes are is that those guys will be the role players/depth on a mlb pitching staff, not the rotation pieces. I still see Elias playing it safe in the next draft and going position player heavy again. It’s the safest and quickest way to build a system. Then we will eventually buy the rotation arms with prospects or cash. I think Elias’ goal is fill spots #3-#5 in the rotation and our entire bullpen, then buy top flight rotation/bullpen arms as needed, once we are “contending”.
  14. Any chance in the new CBA that they will allow draft picks to be traded? I feel like Elias would definitely be a mover and a shaker.
  15. If we couldn’t keep Villar at $8.2 million, who could “play” SS, then I don’t see how we can keep Alberto at $3 million. It would be funny if we non tendered/traded Alberto, then gave Villar $3-4 million on a 1 year deal.
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