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  1. Martin is going to get the everyday ABs at SS when Villar is traded, and he should. We have no better options at SS, literally zero currently. Lol, we don’t need to send Martin down to put up a certain stat line to predict what he can do up here. We can actually watch him play up here. We’re a 100+ loss team. Martin is in the same boat as Stewart. It’s sink or swim time.
  2. Ideally we’d get an offer involving a SS, 3B, and/or SP for Mancini.
  3. I’d like to say throw a lot of the pitching on the 40 man roster off and let’s try a hockey style line change, but sadly I think we already have some of the better options. Ynoa was basically our 3rd best SP after the Cashner trade. Wojo and Eshelman were two of top SP in the IL last year. I just don’t know if you can find a better resume of pitchers that we can get. Who the heck are we going to get, Tyler Wilson - KBO Odrisimer Despaigne - AAA IL IDK if we should keep any of the “fringe” pitching(probably most of the 40 man P)on the 40 man, but my gut also tells me that I’d like to see us trade Villar, Givens, Bundy, and Mancini. Shoot for 2023.
  4. Think about it from Dudroff’s perspective, if we don’t get “top” prospect returns, he will probably equate that to the Cashner return. The average person doesn’t understand that we don’t want middling prospects in AA/AAA because all they are going to do is put us in a 40 man roster bind.
  5. I think we see some platooning, Alberto: vs RHP - .609 vs LHP - .948 Wilkerson vs RHP - .783 vs LHP - .465 Ruiz vs RHP - .694 vs LHP - .626 Martin vs RHP - .513 vs LHP - .643
  6. Just because Mancini made himself playable in the OF doesn’t mean Mountcastle can. Just because Schoop was a big 2B doesn’t mean Mountcastle can. Especially at 2B. There’s no point in not trying Mountcastle in LF in 2020, but that’s going to be the excuse to keep him down in 2020. To work on his defense. I think Mountcastle is in AAA to work on his LF defense for the full service clock game, so June 1st. That allows us to sort through Smith, Stewart, and Davis DFA.
  7. Ynoa “quietly” pitched the 3rd most innings on the team with 110.2. He at least had a positive WAR of 0.1. He hadn’t really pitched in 2 seasons. Is he anything more than an innings eating a swingman type? With no options remaining, the innings he gave us in 2019, and the 26th man roster, means he has to be a lock for the 2020 roster.
  8. That’s where they messed up. Need those high ceilings.
  9. The old Liberatore vs Rodriguez debate. I think most “experts” will always try and rank Liberatore slightly higher than Rodriguez because they all criticized the O’s for “reaching” for Rodriguez.
  10. Someone pointed out before that Vaughn got pitched around his last year in NCAA. Let’s see what happens to Torkelson when/if he gets that treatment. I don’t see how we could draft Torkelson. Even if we trade Mancini, Mountcastle is still likely a 1B. When team building I don’t think you pencil in your future 1B and DH spots first. I’d like to see us draft a bat, but if the best SP is available then I’m open to that. I think that bats are safer picks and would help the system more. Hopefully Detroit makes a mistake at 1:1 and we get the player Elias thinks is #1 overall. Lots of baseball to play till the draft.
  11. HOU got burned with taking Pitchers Appel and Aiken high. HOU has been grow the bats and buy the arms since then. Using their prospect bats to acquire proven SP. I do think bats are safer picks over pitchers. Last draft we took lots of bats compared to pitchers. It could’ve been lots of factors at play, but I think it was a strategic decision. Not having the number one pick in next years’ draft means we’ll likely be deciding on the 2nd best SP, Torkelson, or other NCAA and HS bats.
  12. Exercises like this are tough because people say we need more SP depth, then aren’t enamored by the reality of what a milb FA is. Means, Bundy, Cobb, Akin, Wojo sounds like a what the OD rotation should be. We likely need 5-7 more options right from jump street that can start. Are we keeping Ynoa and Brooks? I’d like to see us add 3-4 more names at least. The problem is that we need AAA’s rotation for prospects so selling vets on the idea of pitching in AA isn’t going to go well.
  13. I’m thinking we get to see Elias bring in some milb FA that his people like. Last year was all about Elias just getting hired, much less him filling out his staff. I think we’ll see a much more active Elias after a year of assessing what we have, and getting his guys in place.
  14. Well Buck will just have to come back here next year.
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