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  1. Exactly. We should trade him to the highest bidder. We need to target 2023 and beyond. I think we could a Castro like return for Paul Fry.
  2. Maybe with the 26 man roster Elias envisions us doing the bulk reliever strategy a lot once we’re competing with a constant Norfolk shuttle. Bottomline is that if we’re going to play it safe in the draft then we need to spend more in the Latin American market.
  3. What I’m taking away, 1. NCAA bats are “safer” 2. Pitching is risky to development and because of injuries. What we are seeing is Elias being very risk adverse and hopefully we will spend our excess bats as currency to “buy” pitching. The Watsons, Rizers, Stowers, Cowsers, etc… will be used to buy a rotation. Well whoever is excess.
  4. Good point. I think that’s a lot what he’s doing. Elias is mitigating risk by not spending high value capital on Pitchers. I think he is letting the other orgs develop the pitching. It’s looking like his theory is to acquire “safe” NCAA bats and then use them as capital. Another pattern, even with his trades, is that he targets NCAA pitching from rounds 10 on. I don’t think he cares about age and that it is more about stuff.
  5. I think Elias is sticking to his plan. I appreciate that. I don’t know if I agree with it, but he’s doing it. It’s obvious that he preferred college bats. Grow the bats and buy/trade for the arms. It looks like he’s also building the depth in the system to a legit top 75ish. The COVID year made things more uncertain for us, and a smaller draft that Elias had to work with. It looks like he’s taking BPA, even if they’re all OF. The IF depth may come in trades. When we’re ready to compete the overall depth will build the rotation. It’s just unfortunate that Kjerstad
  6. Good points. I think Mancini is dealt though. One, he just has to. Two, we have a glut of OF and Nevin, that can rotate through DH. Fry and Sulser could go. I think it’s going to be a pretty boring deadline for us. The Galvis injury hurt a sure fire trade. Means was going to bring some serious rumors.
  7. There’s a lot vids of oppo field homers earlier in this thread.
  8. Even with Elias where do we rank in international spending? I bet we’re still in the bottom 5. That’s still losing ground on everyone. It’s just a shame.
  9. That’s a real solid top 50. Hopefully with deadline deals and the draft, that Elias can push that out near 75. That’s what the depth is the good organizations have. Nevin is someone I’m more bullish than his ranking from the list. On pace for 20 HR in AAA at 23.
  10. He might not be our SS of the future but we do need a 2B as well.
  11. Yeah but Mountcastle is the reigning AAA MVP.
  12. Valdez was so good for a stretch that we have to see if he can recapture that. I’d rather roll with him and give him an extended look.
  13. Hope you had a good 4th @weams Sending positive vibes your way.
  14. Man, I don’t see how we can pass on Rocker for a second basemen or the 3rd/4th best SS. Rocker is a horse. He’s been healthy. 179k in 120 IP. He pitches some in A ball this year. Short outings. Next year he starts out at Bowie. You can likely pencil him onto the 2023 OD roster behind Means, Rodriguez, and Hall. That rotation core is just ok tantalizing not to try. You can build a 26 man roster out for 2023 and see a .500ish team with upside.
  15. SSS but his numbers with us have been good. 42 GP, 120PA, .852 OPS.
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