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  1. I’d rather have these two guys then some guy that is going to clog our 40 man and be just as much of a long shot to actually contribute.
  2. Should we sell “high” on Severino, Alberto and Nunez, this offseason? All will be in Arbitration in 2021. As much as I love this team, I think it’s a stretch to see them “contend” in 2021. We just don’t have the SP. Longterm we have AR for C. We have Vavra, Hall, and Bannon in play for 2B longterm. With Valaika and Martin, already in the mix. We’ll be ok filling 1B in the short and longterm. It’s a chance to really sell role player types that could fit on a contending team now, but would allow us to get players in higher positions of need for our “run” in 2022+. What could they fetch? The Givens package?
  3. A creative way by Elias to acquire talent from the Dominican. He picked up two athletes. A CF and a SS.
  4. I like what HOU did. When they went out and added an arm they bought a horse via trade. The goal is to probably add a FA SP for the 2022 season, then trade for a stud if we’re in it.
  5. I’d really like to see us bring up Zimmerman. Means said that one start back in 2018 made a huge difference for him to know what he had to work on the offseason that year. Let Zimmerman come up for that.
  6. True. We do this every year and it seems like we actually have a 40 man crunch. Doesn’t look like this is the actual year for that crunch. Maybe next offseason.
  7. Hays is hurt more than Reimold. Mullins can’t hit RH. I love Mancini, but we don’t know if he’s coming back, and it’s his walk year. I think we’re going to struggle with OF depth, with Diaz getting AAA time, in 2021. CF - Mullins, Hays LF - Mountcastle, Stewart RF - Santander.
  8. We have to have top 10 international signing classes. That would be a big step. Right now we’re dead last - bottom five, every year. I wouldn’t worry about us not having a top 10 pick this year. Not to be negative, but we’re in a bit of a free fall. Also, we have 15 games left. 11 against ATL, TB, and Toronto. I think we go 5-10 at best. Put it like this, I don’t think we’re going to have to “try” to lose. We’re set to pick #9 right now. We’ll finish with a top 5 pick. Maybe 3rd.
  9. What’s the deal with Cobb? Here is his rotoworld profile, https://www.rotoworld.com/baseball/mlb/player/19396/alex-cobb
  10. So you’re saying opposing teams have only stolen 12 bases against us this year? Yeah, we should consider not using that as a metric if players don’t steal anymore.
  11. Can Alberto situationally hit? He’s just going up there hacking. It’s all fun and games, until we play a game that matters, and he just gives away an AB.
  12. He tried to get to cute with a 6-1 lead. It’s a learning experience. Don’t walk people up 5, and the manager is really only asking for a few more outs from you. He should’ve been going all out with his FB for strikes.
  13. That catch by Conforto. Should Alberto have bunted in the 6th? Sisco’s baserunning error. Should Holaday have came into catch when we were up 6-1. Blowing the 6-1 lead was a team effort though.
  14. Big game tonight. Any predictions? I’m saying 4+ 2ER then we go to the pen. He’ll keep us in the game.
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