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  1. 100% chance he knew. From the fangraphs article the the other day, it’s sounds like he was more involved with the minors. I don’t think he was an active participant.
  2. People know right from wrong. Suspend people that participated in the cheating.
  3. Mountcastle should help offset the loss of Villar’s offense. The pitching is the big unknown. I think we’re going to just go with a bunch of relievers that can go 2-3 innings every couple of games versus having 1 IP relievers. The days of a SP even going 5IP are done with us for now. I could see pitchers going 3-2-2-1-1 every game. We also will only have to cover 8 IP on road losses which should be 55+.
  4. I think the big reason Iglesias signed here was because guaranteed ABs at SS. We were likely the only team offering that. There’s probably multiple teams that are offering Holt 145+ games started, if healthy. Big if.
  5. They should suspend the players but stagger them. The players were involved too, they committed the crime, they should get a suspension too.
  6. I could see us in it at $3 million. Holt can play everywhere and lead off. Would Holt do it? He could get everyday ABs and hit FA again? Can Holt stay healthy? Holt would get ABs at 2nd if Alberto can’t handle playing everyday. He could get ABs at 3rd if Ruiz flops. He could get ABs in LF/RF. Can he stay healthy? Would he sign an Iglesias type deal?
  7. It would be a tough sell. We couldn’t pay Villar 1/8.2 but we could pay hold 1/5?
  8. 1. It really helps when you’re not gearing up to hit a 100 mph FB. 2. If it didn’t help, they wouldn’t have done it. 3. Bonds never failed a drug test. MLB has become cycling. Just a sport where everyone is cheating and the best cheaters win.
  9. Nowadays it’s a race to see who can be the most offended in the room at all times. Can’t complement Mancini. Can’t bean players anymore. What’s the the world coming to?
  10. Are you sure about that? There was a ton of backlash then.
  11. Yeah, Greg Zaun. Haha. Jk. It’s really Colin Moran the 3B from Hou/Pitt. He was rumored in a possible Britton deal with us.
  12. This is true. The “fire stopper” role wasn’t for Givens. No reliever gets asked to do that for a lengthy period of time.
  13. Would it be hard to see Buck manage a different team? I thought more so than any of the players at first, but the “rebuilding” has desensitized me.
  14. I think we got a great deal with Iglesias. He may have given us a discount for everyday ABs. Start the over/under for how many times Bordick calls Iglesias something like a “true professional” this season. I’m going 150, and I might be really low.
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