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  1. Good explanation. We have to be the only fanbase that is now talking about the Milb portion of the Rule 5 draft. Haha. That’s what it’s come to.
  2. Your logic is sound. I’m just looking at a pitching staff right now that is wide open. It looks like we’re going to be in scramble mode to just cover innings.
  3. Catchers have the steepest learning curve of all the position players. I don’t think we should stress too much over two catchers that were 24 and 25 last year. Plus, they’re all we have in the system until AR is ready. I expect decent overall improvements from the both of them next year. We have a pretty good platoon situation next year, rather than a #1 and #2.
  4. It’s coming next November. 11 more months. You can do it.
  5. The Laureano trade was the Astros having to get something of value before they lost Laureano in the Rule 5. So they chose to get a guy like Bailey that wouldn’t be Rule 5 eligible for a few seasons. Then they lost him. So what can you do as a GM? Which OF should they have released off of their 40 man for Laureano? It wasn’t a bad trade. Just some bad luck and this is what happens when you have a good 40 man.
  6. I don’t think we’re going to have consistent defined roles with our pitching staff for a long time. Probably mid 2021 if the young guys can form a rotation.
  7. 2020 #2 pick. 2021 #1 pick. It wasn’t the best sentence structure.
  8. The 26/40 man rosters are going to look a lot different next year. See below for the players that will need to be protected next November or be eligible to be selected, Fenter, Sedlock, Lowther, Baumann, Zimmerman, Wells, Hanifee, Mattson, Pop Cumberland, McCoy, Bannon A lot can happen in a year, but that’s still 12/30ish prospects that will need to be added. This could be the thing that gets Davis off the roster. A lot of relievers this year will have to produce or be gone. Wynns and Mullins will need to have big years as well.
  9. Being the 54 win team we are, I don't think we're looking to hide these two guys. I think we're looking for them to give us innings. They're not holding anyone back.
  10. Never a bad idea to draft a guy with a higher avg ext velo than Judge, or any middle IF.
  11. and Wilkerson is our JD Martinez. Well that's what the thread title was.
  12. It'll be tough for us to get to the 54 wins we had last year. I think we're looking at 2021 as a year where we could make a jump. Maybe going from 55 wins to 65 wins.
  13. Sisco is still really young, I don't know why anyone would be down on him so far. Joseph was like 6 years older and had given catching up completely in Bowie before he got the call because MW was hurt. If Sisco is putting in the work, I see no reason that his defense should hold him back. It could be a situation where his defense was affecting his offense. He had a .729 OPS last year. That's pretty good for a C.
  14. It will be interesting to see how the pitching staff comes together. I think the relievers that can only go one inning might not be long for our 40 man roster. Next year we need guys with options, and guys that can go multi inning appearances. I don't think we'll have an opener situation, but I think we'll have games where 3-4 pitch the 8-9 innings to complete the game.
  15. I wouldn't expect a magical fix with Bailey. I think we took him because we're familiar with him, and because he can have multiple inning outings. We might not have traditional starters and relievers this year. We might have a bunch of guys that pitch 80-100 innings, other than Means.
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