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  1. Wish we could watch AR at C, Diaz in LF, Kjerstad in RF, and Mountcastle at 1B. Who knows what the new player control rules will be anyways.
  2. It just sucks because losing Cruz led to us trading Tarpley and Brault for Snider. Then we compounded the mistake even further by trading Davies for Parra.
  3. We should probably bring up Mountcastle, AR, and Diaz. Who knows what will happen with the new CBA. It won’t be pretty. At least let these guys play in some games. It won’t hurt. The service clock stuff is dumb. I get it, but it’s still dumb. I don’t want lost development.
  4. If our "worst" pick is a CF that will make the majors, then we're doing pretty good.
  5. Does the current situation work out better for hitters than pitchers? I'd think hitters, but now our pitchers get an extended period of time to focus on analytical changes.
  6. The LLWS is always a must watch. Schoop got the save.
  7. The dude can rake. He hit that bomb at the Astro’s ballpark to straight away CF off of a tough LHP from Texas. The Texas pitcher seems legit. His team USA stats are great as well. A good direct comparison to Martin and Torkelson, but SSS. Feeling better about this pick and our draft as a whole.
  8. We have some options now at SS. It’s an area that we’ve spent a lot of draft capital on for the good and bad over the last three drafts. Hernaiz is the one guy for me that could really be a game changer for our rebuild.
  9. Ok. Thanks for the reply. So we should probably thank of Mayo more 1B. After reading your reply I read some stuff on his defense and it seems like his footwork is pretty slow. So seems like 1B it is. It wouldn’t be the worst, but hopefully he mashes and we find a spot for him.
  10. How does Mayo compare to Gunnar Henderson? It’s obvious Mayo, and the O’s, used Gunnar’s money as a negotiating point. We gave Mayo “Gunnar money”. 2019 - Gunnar #42 overall. Signed for $1.771 million. Ranked #27 pre-draft by MLB.com 2020 - Mayo #103 overall. Signed for $1.75 million. Equivalent to #42-43 overall slot money. Ranked #132 pre-draft by MLB.com
  11. Mayo signed for #42-43 overall slot money. Baumler signed for #49-50 overall slot money. So they both got 2nd round money.
  12. Mayo signed for the equivalent of #42-43 player overall money. Baumler signed for the equivalent of #49-50 money. Elias favors NCAA Hitters in the early rounds of the draft. In the draft, and with trades, he seems to prefer having lots of darts, versus having a “one player” draft. Elias obviously felt that Kjerstad, Mayo, Baumler was better than Martin, punt, punt. If Martin signed for full slot or overslot, we wouldn’t have been able to afford Mayo and Baumler. Baumler and Mayo signed for mid to late 2nd round money. When rebuilding the organization, I’ll agree that the better approach is to have as many darts as you possibly can. If Martin were to bust or get injured, he would be a lost draft. This was a way to limit risk.
  13. We just took Kjerstad #2. So that factors into my rankings, 1 - AR 2 - Kjerstad 3- GrayRod 4- Mountcastle 5 - DL Hall 6 - Hays 7 - Diaz 8 - Gunnar 9 - Harvey 10 - Baumann 11 - Kremer 12 - Westburg 13 - Mayo 14 - Lowther 15 - Stowers
  14. Is Kjerstad a consensus top 100 prospect? I feel like Tork and Martin will be top 20-25.
  15. What would you rather have? 1) Herstad, Mayo, and Baumler(Mayo and Baumler being the overslot guys) or 2) Martin and two NCAA “Sr signs”? I have no choice to accept it. I just don’t want to see Austin Martin be an Oriole killer for 10 years.
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