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  1. That’s where they messed up. Need those high ceilings.
  2. The old Liberatore vs Rodriguez debate. I think most “experts” will always try and rank Liberatore slightly higher than Rodriguez because they all criticized the O’s for “reaching” for Rodriguez.
  3. Someone pointed out before that Vaughn got pitched around his last year in NCAA. Let’s see what happens to Torkelson when/if he gets that treatment. I don’t see how we could draft Torkelson. Even if we trade Mancini, Mountcastle is still likely a 1B. When team building I don’t think you pencil in your future 1B and DH spots first. I’d like to see us draft a bat, but if the best SP is available then I’m open to that. I think that bats are safer picks and would help the system more. Hopefully Detroit makes a mistake at 1:1 and we get the player Elias thinks is #1 overall. Lots of baseball to play till the draft.
  4. HOU got burned with taking Pitchers Appel and Aiken high. HOU has been grow the bats and buy the arms since then. Using their prospect bats to acquire proven SP. I do think bats are safer picks over pitchers. Last draft we took lots of bats compared to pitchers. It could’ve been lots of factors at play, but I think it was a strategic decision. Not having the number one pick in next years’ draft means we’ll likely be deciding on the 2nd best SP, Torkelson, or other NCAA and HS bats.
  5. Exercises like this are tough because people say we need more SP depth, then aren’t enamored by the reality of what a milb FA is. Means, Bundy, Cobb, Akin, Wojo sounds like a what the OD rotation should be. We likely need 5-7 more options right from jump street that can start. Are we keeping Ynoa and Brooks? I’d like to see us add 3-4 more names at least. The problem is that we need AAA’s rotation for prospects so selling vets on the idea of pitching in AA isn’t going to go well.
  6. I’m thinking we get to see Elias bring in some milb FA that his people like. Last year was all about Elias just getting hired, much less him filling out his staff. I think we’ll see a much more active Elias after a year of assessing what we have, and getting his guys in place.
  7. Well Buck will just have to come back here next year.
  8. Yeah, I think Villar is tendered, and the other club handles the negotiations.
  9. Do Stewart and Smith get penalized from their time in CF? I don’t know, and I don’t know how it works enough to know if their small time in CF would matter.
  10. We tender him. Remember what happened with Miguel Gonzalez. If you DFA the player in ST you only have to pay him a certain % or his salary. Maybe like 25%. That would be extreme worst case scenario or a an extreme cost cutting measure. I don’t think he’s quite JJ 2.0, but $10 million might limit his market from the smaller teams. Why does mostly everyone underrate Villar but overrate Mancini here? Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see a single post saying that we should trade Mancini before he gets really expensive in the arb process. Like after this season. Maybe we should sell high and while Mancini is healthy.
  11. 26 man roster. RH platoon DH. “Professional hitter”. I think he will get a ST invite from someone.
  12. Buck was the right behind Maddon with all the IF shifting. He also pretty much shaped how bullpens are used right now. We made the playoffs because incredible performances from Britton, O’day, Brach, Matusz, Ayala, Strop, Hart, Givens, etc....Even Gausman. We were forced into a formula of homers and exceptional bullpen performances. As soon as the bullpen performances stopped we collapsed big time. Except for 2014, we were pretty much a band aid team that was playing wayyyyy over are heads. Buck gets a lot of credit for that. Everyone is mad about the WC game. But all Britton was going to do was extend the game for us by 1-2 Innings at most. Britton was lights out in 2016 but kinda choked in the 2014 playoffs. Our hitters weren’t doing anything that game. We weren’t having good ABs or even hitting balls hard.
  13. Hopefully with Elias getting more settled we will see him be more active with the waiver wire game this offseason. OD, LF Smith CF Hays RF Santander Bench - Stewart, Wilkerson and Mancini as needed After June 1st, LF Mountcastle or Diaz(I’m thinking both will be on the team somehow) CF Hays RF Santander Bench Stewart, Smith
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