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  1. Maybe Jason Tyner is!!!!!:eektf::eektf:
  2. Why remove Bass now???????? We lost this s******!!!! We may need a long man tomorrow. My bad!!!! We WILL need it with Hill on the mound tomorrow!!!!!
  3. This movie is unforgetable!!!:angryfire:You will allways ask yourself: why in the hell I paid for this crap???
  4. Lester was dealing!!! 10 K and only 61 pitches throug 6 inn.
  5. I was watching on MLBTV. Young just doubled so the jinx worked!!!:clap3::clap3:
  6. so I'm trying to jinx his bid!!!!! Make it 6.
  7. At least the Raiders missed the extra point!!! Oh, sorry, wrong thread!!!!!
  8. What the hell you should say when you are a broadcaster and have to deal with this crap performance?
  9. Guthrie should be an allstar.......pitching to Luke in the HR derby!!!!!
  10. Luke, for AL player of the week !!!:clap3::clap3::clap3:
  11. Matt Han Solo Wietters providing good protection to Luke!!!!
  12. I'm real sorry for the Tides. They'll miss Matt, Nolan, Lou, David, Brad and Jason!!!! Can they still compete?
  13. Squeeze here? Mora can bunt!!! Now it's up to Huff!!!
  14. No reason to have Walker on this team. A LOOGY that can't get lefties out!!! We need to bring Patton or Wilfredo or Castillo, any LH should do better than Walker. Very poor managing this weekend, Montanez should have gone to DL and a reliever called cause our bullpen was overused. Then send Ray down and bring a SP for tuesday, then activate Scott and send Walker packing. But that's just what I would have done!!!
  15. Tillman has been removed fro Tides game with 33 pitches!!!!!:scratchchinhmm::scratchchinhmm:
  16. JJ has been awfull pitching back to back games.
  17. Now we need a closer!!!! Bring in Ray!!!
  18. Bring Walker to face Pena...ooooohhhh wait a minute!!!! Stop this matchup b***t.
  19. TB annoucers want our bullpen up early!!! If I was TB, I'd prefer Eaton as long as possible!!!
  20. Our pitchers doing their part on the big-ball thing, I suppose.
  21. Strike two to Pie was a low and outside ball!!!
  22. Another hanger!!!:clap3::clap3::clap3:
  23. Weak and off the target. Markakis should have an out there.
  24. Bad base running costs 3 runs here.
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