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    Baseball (playing and watching), history, collecting and preserving war relics (flags, uniforms, ammo belts, insignia, anything and everything else), writing and being a nerd.
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    Substitute Teacher and Live Auctioneer. The teaching job has been cut drastically so if anyone knows of a place hiring baseball loving nerds than please let me know as I could use the extra income.
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    Felix Pie... This guy is going to be huge!
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    Cal Ripken Jr., Harold Baines and Jim Poole
  1. O's sign independent league pitchers Logan Mahon and Chase Johnson to minor league deals.
  2. Well.... All I can say is "thank you" to the O's for a heck of a season. It was a fun, wild ride while it lasted and I look forward to next year and the offseason. I am now changing the channel because I just cannot emotionally handle watching the smug Yankees and their fans celebrate while our guys walk off their field with their heads hung low.
  3. No doubt about it... The ball barely hit the pole and bounced off of it. It was plainly obvious.
  4. I have met a few: Scott McGregor - Came to my church when I was a kid to talk about his faith and struggles with it as a professional athlete. Our church was the largest church in a very small town so I had plenty of time to talk to him and he brought along a whole box of cards that looked like baseball cards on the front but instead of stats on the back it featured a brief story about his faith. He signed probably 50 of them for me and told me I could give them to friends and family. A very class act who was very kind to a very young fan. Harold Baines - Came to my high school which is only a few towns away from his hometown. He did not give a speech or anything like that - He just simply walked into our gym and shook hands with the members of the baseball team and signed autographs for everyone. I remember being the only one to say "thank you" and he looked surprised and reached out to shake my hand again and said "no, thank you". He remained my favorite Oriole for many years. Johnny Oates - This was during his managerial days and came to the Eastern Shore to do an autograph signing at a store. Not many people were there so he spent some time asking me what I thought of baseball and who my favorite players were. I remember my parents (who were not sports fans at all) left really impressed because he also talked to them at length and thanked them for bringing young fans to events like that one and even talked to my Father about his career as a Professor Jim Poole - He was also doing an autograph signing here on the Shore and I was one of the few there. He was very polite and thanked me for coming and he joked with my parents about how much weight he had put on since having the picture taken he had just signed for me. Frank Robinson - Another that I met at an autograph signing. A lot of people were there for this one but he still took the time to personalize my autograph and talk for a minute. I was a really young fan and he was not someone I had ever seen personally play so at the time I had no idea how big of a star I was actually meeting. In retrospect I am blown away that I actually got to shake hands with Frank Robinson and talk with him for just a few minutes. Robin Roberts - As a kid, I collected baseball cards like I was a druf addict and they were crack. There was a card dealer at a local flea market who I always went to buy from and one day there was an older man looking over the merchandise and the card dealer was paying him a lot of attention. I heard the older man say "No cards of mine?" to which the dealer replied no. The older man turned to me and asked if I was a collector and asked about what my favorite cards were and who my favorite team was. A few minutes later he said he should get going and off he went. I asked the card dealer who he was at the man laughed and said "that was Robin Roberts." Ducky Detweiler - I have the honor of "meeting" this guy at least once a week as he lives about three doors down from me on my street. He is in his 90's and still very active in the community. He collects baseball memorabilia and loves to show it off at is always as happy as a hog in mud to sit on his porch and talk baseball of today, baseball of old and even the Eastern Shore League days.
  5. TY very much.. I will tune in and see if they will have it.
  6. Is this one being broadcast anywhere?
  7. Man..... some people will do anything to avoid having to face the Red Sox this year.
  8. did not notice it last night when I checked so I figured he posted it this morning. My mistake.
  9. Well it is not a confirmation but Roch just posted a blog all about Lee.
  10. Daniel Norris - LHP out of Johnson City,TN http://www.mymlbdraft.com/MLB-Mock-Draft-2011 Anyone know anything about this kid?
  11. Izturis is never going to be a big star but he is a solid addition who brings exceptional defensive skills and a positive attitude to the O's. Yes, his offense is not exactly eye popping (at least not in a good way) but as a bench player that is not really a major concern. I do want to point out that I love having people here who are proud to be members of this team and who want to go out there and play their hardest every single day with no excuses and no hot shotting. Izturis turned down more money offered from other teams to return to Baltimore at a discount rate. No matter what you think of his skill level you have to admit it is a great thing to hear.
  12. I am thrilled to have Hardy on this club though I am not all that wild of having Harris on our 25 or 40 man roster. I have to wonder if we are going to package Harris with a rule 5 grab and maybe another piece to pull of another trade sometime tomorrow.
  13. It is being reported that Mora has signed with Arizona. I know this should have probably been put in the MLB section but to me (and many others) Mora will always be an Oriole first and foremost and plus it ties in to today's big news.
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