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  1. Yea I think the trouble came in when you took it as us comparing Hines to him as opposed to what we were really doing, comparing how they LOOK. I dont think Hines is a tyrant, I think he is more like, I dunno, one of Shreks friend...he was a donkey right?
  2. Why not, I think its hilarious. And its a pretty good look a like. Got another better one for Hines?
  3. Go to the bar in Delaware if you dont think there is purple. The new Buffalo Wild wings was absolutely ROCKING last weekend. You had to be there an hour early to get a seat. Everyone where Ravens stuff or at least cheering them on. It got nuts. I was wearing my new Flacco Delaware Underarmour Jersey. Wore my Ravens Flacco jersey for Purple Friday.
  4. Fair enough. I am really more worried about Roberts to tell the truth. I think he has soooo much value. More than even big Roberts fans give him. I like Huff Roberts Itzuris (for now) Mora...but I do not want to have to replace Roberts.
  5. On this site everyone takes everything too serious. Sure 5th is ridiculous (although I still don't see uniformed- please then inform me how it is untrue). But a distant 3rd, along with 4th and 5th place finishes for the next 10 years is very relevant. If I would have said in 1999 after the draft that the next 9 years would be, well, what they were...I feel you would have said the same thing you are saying now... "ridiculous and uniformed". Especially after all those draft picks we made. And the fact we were only 2 years removed from being great. Now we are in even worse shape. Tex = Tex + Roberts...No Tex = xxx and yyy at 1b and 2b...making holes even wider, and the ss hole still isnt filled. And what do we have, oh, right, banking on pitching prospects. That always works well. We are doomed as of now, although I do have faith in AM, and I do think we will turn it around soon, and I actually do think we have a good shot at Tex still. But I can also see the dooming.
  6. Not really, its the savior we have waited for this for 4 years at least...and we still have a hole at 1B for the most part, so thats not the reason to not go after him. I agree that its showing no interest in being committed to winning. Even if you disagree with the statement, I would never call it uninformed, nobody can ever tell for sure one way or the other what is informed. AM definitly has done a great job, but he hasn't been flawless. He should have got something back other than cash for Bradford, he should have traded Walker while he was at it, and while yes you sign Itzuris as a two year stopgap, you still have done nothing to address SS of the future. If you are going to go out and bring in a premier SS, I can see this, but thats unlikely, so you should start stockpiling second and third tier SS prospects at any given chance. So its not so ridiculous to be on the side of the fence that Teixeira is the be all source of commital by our front office. (Barring we go out and sign Dunn and Sheets or trade for Fielder or something like that). In this time of the season the last thing we need is to bash our fellow posters.
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