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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do that. That was fun to do earlier in the year!
  2. Well my thought process was just going by favorites for various reason. It could be based on winning culture or just key moments you remember about them as a fan. Anything that makes you feel that reason about them is fine. My wife wanted to do a favorite list but it would just be based on how hot she thought they were I can say in reviewing these that it's been nice to see that I wasn't the only one who remembered various players after enjoying a bit of success here lately. It was cool to see BJ Ryan noted a couple of times. Glad to see people have enjoyed and we all appreciate the different Orioles Magic cultures we grew up in.
  3. No worries, I had to really think about him. I liked him but I met Jason Johnson a lot with season tickets and he just snuck by. I agree stats would put Bedard in.
  4. I stole this idea from the Twitter account of OriolesJesus but it really made me think back to some of my favorite players that have worn the orange and black for the past 29 years (25 or so I can actually recall. In your lifetime, post your Roster of your favorite players from each position (I had more pitchers as favorites so it's ok if you have a 4 man bench): C- Chris Hoiles 1B- Jeff Conine 2B- Brian Roberts SS- Cal Ripken Jr 3B- Melvin Mora LF- BJ Surhoff CF- Adam Jones RF- Nick Markakis DH: Brady Anderson SP1- Mike Mussina SP2- Miguel Gonzalez SP3-Jeremy Guthrie SP4- Rodrigo Lopez SP5- Chris Tillman Closer: Zack Britton Bullpen: George Sherrill, BJ Ryan, Darren O'Day, Jason Johnson, Brad Brach, Bud Norris, and Scott Erikson Bench: Caleb Joseph, JJ Hardy, and Trey Mancini Coach: Buck!
  5. Thanks for the fun activity as my wife was watching The Voice: 1) Chris Davis will get: A. 300 or more at bats 2) Trey Mancini will start more games at what position: B. First Base 3) (One point for each correct answer): Name up to 3 players currently on the 40 man roster who will be the property of another major league team on the last day of the season: Mark Trumbo, Andrew Cashner and Rio Ruiz 4) (Tough one, this is worth 3 points): Name a player who is not currently in the Orioles organization who will be in the Orioles organization on the last day of the season: Dan Straily 5) True/False: Austin Hays will play for the Orioles before September 1 True 6) True/False: Anthony Santander will play for the Orioles before September 1 True 7) True/False: DJ Stewart will play for the Orioles before September 1 True 8 ) True/False: Yusmiel Diaz will play for the Orioles before September 1 False 9) True/False: Ryan Mountcastle will play for the Orioles before September 1 False 10) True/False: Ryan McKenna will play for the Orioles before September 1 False 11) True/False: Chance Sisco will play for the Orioles before September 1 True 12) What Oriole pitcher not named Cobb/Cashner/Bundy/Wright/Hess will start the most games this year? Nate Karns 13) Who will start more games at 3rd base: A. Renato Nunez 14) Who will lead the Orioles in saves? Mychal Givens 15) Who will lead the Orioles in home runs? Trey Mancini 16) Who will pitch the most major league innings before September 1 (if you answer A-D and that player does pitch in the majors before Sept 1, you get a point; if you answer E you get a point only if all 4 fail to do so). A. Dillon Tate 17) Will Mark Trumbo be traded to another team during the season? Yes 18) Will Chris Davis be traded to another team during the season? No 19) Will Alex Cobb be traded to another team during the season? No 20) Will Dylan Bundy be traded to another team during the season? No 21) Will Mychal Givens be traded to another team during the season? No 22) Will the Orioles get the #1 draft pick in 2020? No 23) Will Brandon Hyde be ejected from a game in 2019? Yes 24) Will Chris Davis OPS be: C. .700 - .799 25) Who will lead the Orioles in home runs? Trey Mancini 26) Name a player who will represent the Orioles in the 2019 All Star Game J. Villar 27) Who will start the most games at Catcher for the Orioles in 2019? Chance Cisco 28) How many stolen base attempts (SB+CS) will the Orioles have in 2019 (reference: 103 last year)? E. 150 or more 29) What pitcher will start the most games for the Orioles in 2019? Alex Cobb 30) Will the Orioles use an "opener" at least 5 times in 2019? [Definition of an opener for the purpose of this question: someone who has not had at least 10 5+ inning starts in 2018 & 2019 starts a game, and is taken out after less than 3 innings without having gotten injured or giving up 4+ runs -- that would have to happen 5 times for the answer to this question to be "Yes"] Yes 31) Last year's attendance was 1,564,592. This year's will be: B. Greater than or equal to 1 million but less than 1.3 million 32) True/False: The Orioles will sign an international prospect for at least $500,000 bonus in the current signing period which lasts until June. True 33) True/False: The Orioles will sign an international prospect for at least $500,000 between the start of the next signing period (start of July) and the end of the regular season True 34) Name the winner of the 2019 Brooks Robinson Award for Minor League position player of the year. Y. Diaz 35) Name the winner of the 2019 Jim Palmer Award for Minoe League pitcher of the year. Hunter Harvey 36) True/False: the Bowie Bay Sox will make the playoffs. True 37) True/False: The Norfolk Tides will make the playoffs True 38) The most games over .500 the Orioles will be at any point this year will be: C. 2-5 39) Name an Oriole not named Chris Davis who will put a ball on Eutaw Street this year. (You are allowed to answer "None" and that will only be correct if no one other than Davis does it). DJ Stewart 40) Will Richie Martin start more games at SS for the Orioles than any other player? Yes 41) Will Jonathan Villar start more games at 2B for the Orioles than any other player? Yes 42) Will Cedric Mullins start more games in CF for the Orioles than any other player? No 43) How many games will Joey Rickard start in the outfield? C. 101-150 44) How many different positions will Drew Jackson start a game at this year? [DH does not count] D. 3 45) How many days before September 1 will Pedro Araujo be on the major league roster? C. 31-80 46) Name an Oriole who will be DFA'd after the season has begun. Rio Ruiz 47) Will the Orioles #1 choice in the 2019 draft be: B. A college position player 48) Will the Orioles sign their #1 draft pick? Yes 49) Will Richie Martin fulfill his Rule 5 requirement before the end of the season and still be on the roster? Yes 50) Will Drew Jackson fulfill his Rule 5 requirement before the end of the season and still be on the roster? Yes 51) How many more deals will the Orioles make tradinga way international signing bonus slots between now and the end of the current signing period? C. 2 52) How many deals will the Orioles make after the next signing bonus period starts, trading away slots from THAT period, before the end of the season? B. 1 53) Between now and the end of the season, will the Orioles extend the contract or sign a multi-year contract with any player on their 40 man roster? No 54) What is the highest level of minor league baseball will Grayson Rodriguez reach during the minor league season? C. AA 55) What is the highest level of baseball DL Hall will reach during the season? B. AA 56) Who will lead the Orioles in wins? Dylan Bundy 57) Who will lead the Orioles in steals? J. Villar 58) Who will lead the Orioles in batting average among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? Trey Mancini 59) Who will lead the Orioles in onbase percentage among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? J. Villar 60) Who will lead Orioles in slugging percentage among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? Trey Mancini 61) Who will lead Orioles in OPS among players who meet MLB batting title qualification minimums? Trey Mancini 62) Who will lead Orioles in ERA among pitchers who meet MLB ERA title qualification minimums? David Hess 63) Who will lead Orioles in WHIP among pitchers who meet MLB ERA title qualification minimums? Alex Cobb 64) The Orioles play 20 different opponents in 2019. Last year won the season series from 2 opponents (Mets and Braves) and lost the season series to 17 opponents. How many opponents will the Orioles win the season series against this year? B. 3-5 -- The next 5 questions will not be able to be graded the day after the season ends so if the competition for the prize is close a winner might not be known until early November 65) Will an Oriole receive any MVP votes (I believe voters put 10 names on their ballot)? No 66) Will an Oriole receive any Cy Young votes (I think this is also 10)? No 67) Name the Oriole who receives the most Rookie of the Year votes. ("None" is an acceptable answer and is only correct if no Oriole gets a single vote in the Rookie of the Year balloting). Richie Martin 68) Will Brandon Hyde receive any Manager of the Year votes? No 69) Will an Oriole win a Gold Glove in 2019? No 70) Will the Orioles finish in last place in the AL East? No 71) What is the most games out of last place (i.e. ahead of the last place team in the standings) the Orioles will be on any date this season? D. 2 to 5.5 Note: the weather forecast looks good for New York on Thursday so the likelihood of a rainout is slim. 72) How many guys on the 40 man roster will be dealt in the month of July? C. 3-4 73) Will the Orioles be no-hit in a game in 2019? Yes 74) Will the Orioles allow 18+ runs in a game in 2019? Yes 75) Will Chris Davis be released during the season? No 76) How many home runs will Chris Davis hit for the Orioles? C. 21-30 77) Will anyone the Orioles draft in June play for the team before the end of the season (including September)? No 78) Will the Orioles have a winning month in 2019? [Consider March games to be part of April record] No 79) How far out of first place will the Orioles finish in 2019? C. 20.5-30 games 80) Will Ryan Ripken or Preston Palmeiro get a plate appearance for the Orioles in 2019 (includes September)? No 81) Who will lead the Orioles in outfield assists? Joey Rickard 82) Will Jimmy Yacabonis start a game for the Orioles and go at least 4 innings (the second part is to preclude an "opener" type situation)? Yes 83) Will John Means start a game for the Orioles and go at least 4 innings? Yes 84) Will Evan Phillips pitch for the Orioles before September 1? Yes 85) Will Trey Mancini's OPS be closer to his 2017 number (.826) or .2018 number (.715)? 2017 86) What hitter (not named Villar) acquired in last year's selloff will have at least 100 ABs and the highest OPS in the majors. Choices are Bannon, Diaz, Carmona, Cumberland, Encarnacion, NONE (an answer of NONE gets you a poitn if none of them gets 100 ABs). Diaz 87) What pitcher acquired in last year's selloff will have at least 20 innings and the lowest ERA in the majors? Choices are Kremer, Pop, Ortiz, Phillips, Zimmerman, Tate, Carroll, Rogers, NONE. (An answer of NONE getes you a point if none of them gets 20 innings). Tate 88) The Orioles are scheduled to play the Yankees 19 times. How many saves will Zach Britton get against us? D. 3 89) The Orioles play the Padres 4 times. How many home runs will Manny Machado get against the Orioles? C. 2 90) The Orioles play the Diamondbacks 3 times, in Arizona. Will Adam Jones hit a home run against the Orioles? Yes 91) (For five points). Make an "outlandish" prediction for 2019. Possibilities include: Orioles will repeat 2011 and win Game 162 causing the Red Sox to miss out on the Wild Card as the Yankees win the Division and the Playoffs as the Rays and Indians shockingly win the 2 Spots
  6. I dont post as often as I would usually like, but I have been thinking about this a lot throughout the season and some things below might seem like jokes, but these are serious. First, I believe the new Manager of the Baltimore Orioles will be Mark DeRosa. He interviewed for several positions last year, and I think this would go with recent trends. I don't know names for certain, but I also wouldnt be surprised to see him bring in some MLB Network analysts as hitting, pitching, bullpen coaches, etc. I also wouldnt be surprised to see the continued effort in bringing in more former Orioles as they have already with Brooks and Eddie. I think somehow in some role, Brian Roberts, and/or someone similar have a part in the new managerial staff. C- Caleb Joseph and Austin Wynns (poor Sisco still starts out in Norfolk 1B/DH- Trey Mancini and Chris Davis. Whenever one is playing one, the other will play and vice versa. 2B-Jonathan Villar SS- Jose Iglesias as a FA signing 3B-Ryan Mountcastle LF-DJ Stewart CF-Cedric Mullins RF- Austin Hays Bench-Wilkerson, Michael Taylor (Cashner Trade player), Joseph/Wynns, and Nunez. SP: Alex Cobb SP: Dylan Bundy SP: Miguel Gonzalez on a 1 yr deal SP: David Hess SP: Luis Ortiz RP-Jimmy Yacabonis RP-Pedro Araujo RP-Richard Bleier RP-Tanner Scott RP- Miguel Castro SU-Paul Fry CL- Mychal Givens I think we trade Cashner and Trumbo for random prospects in the Minors. I think Cashner goes back to the NL (Nationals my guess, even through the MASN mess) and Trumbo back to Seatle as Cruz wont be someone they resign. I think we struggle again in 2019, winning 55-60 games. And then start to see a change with upcoming prospects, with more trades occurring to allow the new future birds to opportunity to grow and have more.playong time. We have a surplus of OF, so dont be surprised if one gets traded for a needed position for growth. 2020 will be 65-70 games won with more home grown starters as an option and also players like Diaz yo take over OF from someone. 2021 (DeRosa last yr on contract will be when we start heading towards .500 and see if he's renewed with an extension
  7. If only Manny would be open to the idea of shifting back to 3rd. We could then go out and sign JJ to a deal to play Shortstop. Yes I know the offense isn't all there, but our defense would immediately improve and let's be honest he would probably hit for a higher avg than Beckham. I can't surely be the only one who had thought this.
  8. I'm going to predict 3 yrs 45 million. With 9 deferred in 2021, 2022 and 2023
  9. I have had these kind of conversations with a colleague at work and my wife for a good amount of time. My wife rarely watches sports, but has a good mindset of my thoughts and Orioles where she can bounce some stuff back at me that she reads from Facebook. So if I was the GM (be prepared it will be crazy) I would first start with trying to sign some of our players we would want to. Hold around for years. If it didn't go well, then they are going to be traded because if they aren't here for the long term, then there isn't a point in my eyes to keep them 1-2 more years. 1. Offer Schoop 5yr for $50 million (2018 7mil, 2019 9 mil and 2020-2022 11.3 mil) 2. Offer Machado 5yr for $120 million (2018 18 million, 2019 22 million 2020 25 million and 2021-2022 27.5 million) 3. Offer Adam 4 yr extension that would pay 56 million with him making 14 million a year and hopefully retiring as an Oriole after his current contract is up after 2018. 4. Offer Gausman and Bundy the same exact deal: 5 year deal for $50 million and 2 team options 13 and 15 million each that would bring the total cost to 7 yrs and $78 million if picked up. 5. Offer Brach a 4 yr $32 million extension for either him or Givens to be the closer of the future. I love Britton and enjoyed him even back to the days of starting, but as the contracts for power hitters drastically went down this off season, the closer contract sky rocketed and is way to expensive for someone who pitches 70 innings. 6. Depending on how the extensions went I would start with certain players first this All Star Break. If everyone signs the contract I offered then I would start with Britton, Castillo, Smith, Kim and our SP. I'd obviously go for SP, SS/3B as the go to positions to target in trades. I would ideally hope that we could have: C: Joseph/Pena while Sisco finishes out the year in Norfolk 1st: Davis 2nd: Schoop SS/3B: Machado and player from trade until Montcastle was ready in 2 yrs. LF: Mancini/Rickard ( Mancini full time in 2018) CF: Jones (until 2018 when Mullins is ready then shift to RF) RF: Trumbo/Mancini depending on if Mancini is playing 1st or outfield. (Jones in 2018 and beyond) Yes this ultimately looks like our team this year, but ultimately it's the rotation we need to upgrade because we all know honestly the Davis and Trumbo contracts aren't going anywhere. So you try to trade the assets listed above for as many SP prospects and upgrades you can. Davis strikes out a lot, but he ultimately is a power threat and a good defensive 1B. Schoop is Cano/ Dozier in the making with the bat. Machado is still someone you can try to keep or trade and get a great haul for. Jones is Mr Oriole and needs to stay with us for the rest of his career. Mancini will continue his development and become a even more legit player for us and will be a candidate for an extension in 3-4 yrs. we have a decent 2-3 OF prospects in waiting that will be great contributors in 2-3 years that we need to keep. So ideally we hope Gausman can find himself and get sort of back to normal and let Bundy be the #1. I think between Britton and Castillo you could get decent SP from teams like the Nationals, Rockies, or Cubs. So build on what you have and gain what you can from the assets. And if Machado doesn't sign my offer then prepare to be a top 5 minor league system. (I'd type more and get more details on trades but I've been watching Moana with my toddler son while using my phone for this and it's coming to an end so my phone is no longer safe for the forum)
  10. Hi all. I initially bought 3 10am tickets because I was unsure of what the policy was for Kids who were infants. I have been reading through and noticed that some have said that 2 and under are free. Which means I would have an extra 10am ticket. I know some people mentioned they were interested in getting one or two for various reasons. If anyone is still needing one and interested in buying or trading just shoot me a message. It's my first time going in close to 15 years so everything is different in regards to the policies or at least I don't remember this much when I was 12. I learned about the 1 ticket policy for one person rule in regards to autographs and just decided to have my wife and I split up at the 11am one and she'll meet JJ and I will meet Buck. Wish it could be different, but understand the reasoning behind it. Hope everyone has a great time!
  11. I haven't had the chance to go to an Orioles game since 2006. I went to college that August and then never came back home after graduating. Now I have a family of my own and I am excited to take my son to his first game. I had a few questions since it has been so long: 1. I know kids get to run the bases, is there an age restriction for that. He is close to 2 and could get a good portion around I am sure. 2. Do the players do anything once the game is over? I recall back when I was younger that players would give out hats, batting gloves and stuff after the last home game. 3. I was wondering if anyone would exchange one of the hats I know I will get today for either one of the jackets from last night or a Kim Shirt from Friday. I am hoping for a nice sweep! I have backed the Birds since I was born and it would be amazing for my son to see a W at his first game. Here's to hoping Bundy and the bats do amazing things today! Go O's!
  12. I am 99.9% sure this would not happen but I am up late grading papers and just saw Kris Bryant hit another home run on sports enter so I come up with this question. Would you trade Machado straight up for the opportunity of Bryant's potential. I realize that when Manny is healthy and on the field that he is a top 15 player in the game, but would you take the opportunity to see what Bryant could accomplish in our hitters palace with that nice left field? Again I know I am crazy, but I just wanted to see what you all thought
  13. I have a code for the Championship series that I won't be able to use, I'm holding out for hopefully the World Series since thats the only week I can have off at my job in North Carolina....I would love to help someone out with getting the chance to get tickets to the game. I would love to switch my code for one of the Statues that was given out. So if anyone has an extra one and is interested in a code I'd love to make that trade! If not I'll pass it to another fellow Orioles fan that can put it to good use.
  14. <p><p><p>Hi. It's probably too late but I'd love to use your code for the tickets. I registered but didn't luck out in the lottery. Thanks.</p></p></p>

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