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  1. I totally disagree with this take. I think a player's confidence is a key component of their success. I'm no scout, I don't pretend to be, but if Gunnar was in the Majors right now he'd be overmatched. Learning different parts of the game, studying pitchers, what to do in different pitch counts, and then being exposed gradually to increased talent along the way is crucial for 99% of professional baseball players.
  2. So incredibly beautiful...and touching. Life is such a blessing, even more when we find true love.
  3. I'm a person who over the course of 13 years hasn't posted all that often, every now and then I'd send a message to Michael. I remember the first time saying something to the effect I really don't know anyone here but I just wanted to let you know that I liked what you said about xyz.....before long I got a message back from Weams with a "Well, you know me now!" I just thought that was such a kind thing to do. May Michael Rest In Peace in the loving arms of our Lord.
  4. I stumbled upon this thread and felt compelled to see how much of a difference Buck's 'talk' had with Ryan back in 2017. His walks went up from 17 to 26 in 2018. Not a lot it seems. 🙂
  5. It was more offensive than the Orioles were last night. Actually, I thought it was funny. 😊
  6. Definitely a prayer warrior over here! It will be our honor to include you in them. Here's to a great baseball season and enjoying many many more!!!
  7. Paul Blair! I was working at the Jacksonville Kennel Club in the late 80s up in the announcer booth area. A good buddy of mine was the track handicapper, he knew I was a life-long Orioles fan and Paul Blair happened to be at the track that night taking in some races. My friend brought up Paul to the booth and introduced me and he sat up there for about 3-4 races and we talked Orioles baseball. It was a really cool experience!
  8. Caleb Joseph would want the job. I don't know if the others would.
  9. That's easy...Nick. Better plate discipline, smarter approach at the plate. Better chance he'll keep the inning alive opposed to Adam. (I like both of them too).
  10. Man...I like Adam and I want to see him do well, but as sincere as Adam's commitment to those things might be...that was more about control than anything else. Plain and simple. He was upset about the reality that the Orioles weren't going to bring him back. He in turn didn't want to help the franchise; whether that be cutting salary for the rest of the season or the benefit of getting a fringe prospect in return. And he was entitled to that as a 10/5 guy. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he goes to San Diego. He's basically going to go to whatever franchise he feels is going t
  11. You'd build a baseball village.
  12. I like Adam a great deal...I think he's been one of my favorite Orioles for awhile now. It's certainly his right as a 10/5 guy and he's earned it. No hard feelings here at all. My take on it...he probably realizes the jig is up and he might be hurt by it. Understandable. Duquette isn't going to try to re-sign him for next year. He probably knows some of his playing time is going to be chewed up my Mullins in a month or so too. Maybe he even thinks the Orioles just want to toss him away so they don't have to pay him his $7.2 million for the rest of the year and this is his way of lit
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