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  1. I agree Frobby, they honestly can't play any worse. I'm thinking teams will show up with the "this team sucks" attitude and the Orioles will surprise some people.
  2. Pitching and Hitting can't really get much worse. I feel like they hit a stride.
  3. I honestly feel like this teams just not going to lay down the rest of the season. I'm not saying they make a playoff run but stealing some wins from the red sox and yankees will make me a happy fan considering whats gone down thus far.
  4. I don't post ever, but I have a gut feeling. Blast me.
  5. I'll be at the games Tuesday and Wednesday night (provided the weather cooperates), looking forward to it. Haven't seen my boys in person since I moved to Ohio 5 years ago. Did see Arrietas's no hitter at the Red's last year with my Cubs buddy, barf.
  6. Didn't you say you were leaving at about page 13 of this thread? Why are you still here?
  7. swerda

    vs. ASTROS 5/29

    Glove definitely pushed the foot into home plate...but hey, why have slow motion replay even available.
  8. Especially with Detroit coming into town. That is all.
  9. Regardless, if we can't score a single run....
  10. Haha no he didn't was just pokin fun.
  11. Cal: "That should count as a homerun anyways."
  12. I think when we closed out the series in Tampa we were somehow cursed with the Rays offense mojo minus Longoria.
  13. Man didn't realize Chen was starting tomorrow night.......pooop.
  14. man EFF this ump...he's giving them exact calls we aren't getting.
  15. Ripken totally looks like Darth Vader when he takes his helmet off in Return of the Jedi....funny stuff.
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