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  1. I agree. The next year is key. Does Elias finally start signing some of the top international talent? Is some of the young talent signed to extensions or a free agent signing to show the fans the O's are serious about putting a competitive team on the field. So far I give the rebuild an A-. The only things I can dock Elias for are the Kjerstad pick, seemed like an overdraft and you never exchange a #2 pick for higher talent in the 2nd round or later. We might never know how good Kjerstad would be w/o the myocarditis. Also, I have to dock Elias for not protecting Pop. I would rather
  2. I might drive up there to see Grayrod.
  3. Cedric, give that man a contract! Great to have some excitement on an otherwise miserable team.
  4. Yeah, what I've noticed with Yankee fans is that many of them expect to win a World Series every year. They expect All Star performance out of regular and Hall of Fame performances out of All Star. The only position player who could be said to be having a good season is Judge. Other than Stanton, Sanchez, Urshela and Judge, everyone is below a .700 OPS.
  5. The O's are actually outscoring the Yankees 280 to 272 this year. Both teams have played the same number of games. I would have just assume w/o looking at the stats, that the Yankees would be near the top of the majors in offense. O's are 20th in runs and Yankees are 25th (large group of teams have scored 270=280 runs).
  6. It is a shame that the O's developmental system is still being docked for the errors of the past. If Elias was in charge for say 5 years, that would be fair, but I feel like he is being penalized for the mistakes of Duquette. Hopefully we have a lot of young, successful rookies next year, and Elias can be judged on his own record.
  7. The O's and Mets should swtich. Then the O's would be in a division with the closest teams, Nationals and Phillies. The O's competing with the Nationals, Phillies and Braves wouldn't be much easier than competing with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays.
  8. I thought the Hosmer signing was worse than the Davis signing when it was signed. Who wants to lock up a 1B man w/ 20 HR power? Hosmer has aged better than Davis, though.
  9. Starters are winners of the vote aka popularity contest. Reserves are chosen by the players voting and final reserves by AL All-Star manager. At least that's how it was chosen in 2019. Not sure if they have changed it.
  10. Currently healthy CF in the AL you would want before Mullins? Trout and Buxton are on IL. No way this guy hasn't earned an All-Star spot.
  11. Eshelmann, more like Ace-elmann. Definitely earned a spot in the starting rotation. Hopefully now the O's can give up on the "Dark Knight".
  12. Wander Franco is putting up a .995 OPS in AAA right now. It will be interesting to see if he is good enough to "earn" a promotion to the majors this year. Especially if the Rays are in a pennant race in September.
  13. His arm, that will be the reason to delay his start in the majors next year. I was thinking, what if Adley starts hitting .400 with power, how do you delay him being promoted to the majors. I believe that Vlad,Jr and many other top prospects had to work on their "defense" to be major league ready. Oddly, the amount of time required to work on defense is always equal to or slightly greater than the time required to gain another year of service time. The old "needs to work on his defense" quote won't work for Adley, but the "arm needs to improve/recover" will work just fine.
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