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  1. It seems that Dwight Smith is redundant and should be released or traded for the PTBNL. How many players wh0's best position is DH do the O's need?
  2. If you sit in the upper deck for most non giveaway/nonweekend games, there is already social distancing.
  3. I remembered someone compared Markakis' early career trajectory to Stan Musial.
  4. I believe its been 150 years since there wasn't any organized baseball. There was still baseball during WW1 and WW2. There is no excuse for there not to be baseball now. There was baseball during the Spanish Flu too.
  5. I would have rather drafted Nick Gonzalez, but Elias is paid to do this. I can;t see him going for signability at #2, so he must think that Kjerstad is the 2nd best player in the draft. Interesting that the "best player in the draft" Martin, fell all the way to #5. There must be more questions about his glove. Don't want another Mountcastle. I hope it works out. We'll know in a few years.
  6. I'll take 9 of those guys on my team and beat your team.
  7. He did have money to fly to Florida. Those are some expensive pants. I want Felix Pie back as a coach someday. Equipment costs would plummet.
  8. Hays, the 2020 Rookie of the Year. I think this guy is going to be the real deal and a big part of the next winning O's team. Lowther's pitching. I am looking for him to surprise some people and to look like he belongs in the majors. I expect him to get sent to AAA, but be back in a couple of months.
  9. Did any of them make a hand drawn Orioles sign as a kid? That would be my pick.
  10. Baltimore is a good destination for pitchers who don't have a chance at starting just about anywhere else. Is a contending team giving Cashner 30+ starts?
  11. Maybe the O's could DH for Davis.
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