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  1. The O's paid Tillman $3 mill to pitch like someone who has no basis for being a major leaguer, surely Mancini can get a similar contract with much better recent results.
  2. For playoff slots to awarded in order of worst record, not best.
  3. I'm still holding out hope that the 2019 team record will factor into draft standing. Definitely ups the O's chances of getting a top 3 pick. I dread Washington falling to 2nd worst record and getting Rocker the year after they win the World Series.
  4. So Aberdeen would become the O's low A team? Will the New York Penn League be disbanded?
  5. Good to see Means bounce back. If he stays healthy, he should be opening day starter again. Rotation looking a lot better for next year than this year.
  6. Is a player like DJ more than a platoon player/bat off the bench. His average is down to .206, his OPS is still .909. I could see him putting up a .200 average with a ,330 OBP and 40 HR in 80 RBIs in a full season. With his extreme hot and cold streaks is he someone you want in the lineup every day?
  7. Which team was playing like the worst team in baseball? When this decline (expected by many) started, the Yankees were the last playoff team.
  8. This is what happens when an improving, but not good yet team like the O's play playoff teams that are hitting on all cylinders. The O's need better players. Hopefully some of them are on the way from the minors.
  9. A lot posters are thinking/hoping that Davis will not be on the 40 man roster. What happens if Davis is not on the 40 man? Is it like he was DFA'ed? I can't see any team claiming Davis even if its only for mlb minimum.
  10. Even as tone deaf as the O's have been/are, I can't see them nontendering a player with cancer. Especially after their publicity campaign in support of him. I would expect an incentive laden 1 year deal. Which technically might require him to be nontendered before signing him. Does Wells need to be protected if he is on the 60 IL?
  11. It would be nice for him to see some MLB time and see if he can hit MLB pitching.
  12. Is he trying to say we have some dudes there? 😛
  13. I forgot about his 2 or 3 good years in Oakland. The memory of him falling repeatedly trying to score,obscures all other memories of him. One year he led the league in walks and strikeouts, but Chris Davis was unimpressed with his inability to even reach 200 K's.
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