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  1. I would rather see Ryan Ripken. I think he could put up a better line than Davis, and no I don't think he's a MLB hitter.
  2. Maybe he's turned the corner and is finally a "guy" or dare I even say it, a "dude".
  3. Now I understand why Davis is on the team still. MVP year!
  4. Yeah, I'm sure there are no shady politicians in Baltimore County. Plus, as other people have mentioned there are tons of entertainment taxes that can pay for it. I'm not saying that its likely the O's will move to Baltimore County, but its much more likely than the O's moving.
  5. I think the Angelos brothers could be trying to minimize future obligations and leave the new owner the option to hold the city hostage. Not so much to move the team out of state, but to move to Baltimore County. The Braves moved to Cobb County 20 years after building a downtown stadium. What is that downtown stadium used for? Flea markets?
  6. I think Elias is doing exactly that. He is definitely open to trading any player that has value. You would think he would hang onto Rutschmann or a similar highly ranked player, but he likely views other prospects/young major leaguers as replaceable.
  7. Nationals don't get as much revenue from MASN as the O's plus they don't have fans in the stands either, but they seem able to spend up to the luxury tax. Why?
  8. Is Aberdeen going to be the High A team and Frederick is no longer an O's affiliate? Not up to date on what happened to the minors.
  9. Yes, the O's have the 28th or 29th largest payroll. They should be under less financial constraints than just about any other team. I'm not expecting them to add big multi-year contracts, but its a shock when they seem to be cutting basic costs of other franchises. MASN is a cash cow, so to cut production costs from something that is making tons of money makes no sense. The actual O's franchise can't be losing much money, less than just about any other franchise.
  10. This would raise more questions about the finances of the Angelos's. Is there situation that bad that they need to make a minimum profit for the O's every year. This makes me hope for a sale sooner rather than later.
  11. C.R.E.A.M. Cash rules everything around me. Time to replace those infomercials with a blank screen.
  12. Yeah, that could really cost another team money after he's traded.
  13. Its like you believe the goal this year is winning. 🤣 I believe Elias' goal is another top 3 pick and of course more "development.:
  14. Sounds like he's someone the O's should take a flyer on. Wonder if he would sign for around $2 mill w/ incentives and an option. Would be nice to have the ability to control him for 2022, just in case the O's prospects are ready for the majors and the O's can compete for the wildcard in 2022.
  15. I bet the O's have Mongolia and Bangladesh locked up. Probably still have the market cornered in Curacao (sp?). Take that Yankees!
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