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  1. With the lockout, are trades allowed?
  2. I like having the #1 farm system, but I'll be more impressed when we have the most young MLB talent.
  3. The O's can refer to Lyles and Harvey as twin aces.
  4. I would be ok with them nontendering Mancini if the O's did something to solidify the starting pitching of the club. For example, signing a dependable back end starter for 2 years. I don't understand how the O's need to keep Mancini to pacify the fans, but not attempt to at least stabilize the pitching staff (not even talking about them being good).
  5. I agree with you analysis. Modern baseball is defined by the 3 outcomes. Hitters try to hit home runs or take walks, if they can't, strike outs are no big deal. I would like to get back at least part way to 70's baseball. More doubles, more triples, and more stolen bases. I would much rather watch that, than a bunch of guys striking out and the occasional home run. How would this be done? I don't know. One of the things contributing to the home run surge was the replacement of the larger ballparks of the 60's and 70's w/ the bandboxes of today.
  6. Do the owners really want to equalize team's revenue? Are the Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox on board with sharing the majority of their revenue?
  7. MLB teams spending money like water isn't really helping MLB's case. O's are one of the only teams that have been frugal. Even Tampa Bay signed Franco for close to $200 million. Texas just spent $175 million on a 31 year old. I can't wait to see what MLB rewards Baltimore with. Baltimore can't get an All Star game or MLB support for the MASN dispute, but surely MLB is saving a big reward for Baltimore's loyalty.
  8. Hopefully the O's will have new ownership with a goal of winning instead of padding their pockets.
  9. Too much money, who's available for $1 million. It's becoming obvious that the Angelos brothers can't afford to field a competitive major league team. I would like to believe otherwise, but there's a mountain of evidence supporting it.
  10. Target for competing will be 2024. Might as well field offers for Adley by the end of the year. At least the O's will have the best farm team, Isn;t that the goal?
  11. If Elias is following the Houston model, he isn't signing anyone longer than 5 years, unless they are a generational talent ala Altuve. I'm not expecting the O's to sign anyone to a contract exceeding Davis' contract in length or total value for many years.
  12. Are you proposing that O's players wouldn't get a salary, but would owe money for last year?
  13. It's more likely the Ravens move than the Orioles. The NFL could care less about a rabid fanbase. See what they did to San Diego, Oakland, and Cleveland. I don't see the O's moving. If MLB allows a move, it will be the Rays or A's, imo.
  14. What kind of contract will Matz probably sign? 3 years? O's really need to sign a dependable FA starter. The rotation going into 2021 was a disaster waiting to happen. Depending on Harvey and a bunch of rookies to be reliable is not a strategy for success.
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