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  1. The fact is that Davis can't hit MLB pitching anymore. He can't catch up to a 95 mph fastball anymore. Those are a dime a dozen in the modern bullpen and not uncommon in starters. He is hitting ridiculously low against good fastballs. It was around .100 or so, ok that's not much lower than his regular average. He can't even hit mistake pitches from a pitcher with good velocity anymore.
  2. A new stat is born. How bad is this player, based on the CD (Chris Davis) scale. Player X had a miserable year and put up a 0.5 CD.
  3. As much as I hate to see Davis on the roster, it makes sense to keep him until the O's find out if the season will be shortened. It probably will be if fans will not be allowed in the stand for part or all of the season.
  4. I thought the PTBNL was going to be Velazquez.
  5. I didn't think he was a deal when the O's were paying him way less. He is much more likely to put up an ERA around 5 than an ERA around 3, IMO.
  6. A better use of that $3 mill would have been to make a bonfire and have O's fans roast marshmallows and hot dogs over it.
  7. Video reminder of what O's fans should expect.
  8. The O's gave Chris Tillman $3 mill. They should be willing to give a little more to a pitcher who still has a major arm. I'm interested not just in the innings a veteran starter could give us, but also the leadership and teaching they could give our pitching staff.
  9. Orioles' "Made up reasons for firing people" division needs to step up its game".
  10. I've got another dollar. Are we halfway there yet?
  11. Could be sort of a rush to get a sale through before inheritance taxes could be potentially raised with new political leadership.
  12. I could see Profar being a good move to replace Alberto. Not likely to happen, but an idea. I think signing Tajuan Walker on a 1 year deal wouldn't be bad either. Not going to happen.
  13. And Vlad! Years after losing the sweepstakes when he was at his peak.
  14. If I had to bet on better defensive value going forward, I would choose Mountcastle over Stewart. I would think that Mountcastle can play an average to slightly below average LF and won't embarass himself. His best position is probably 1B and his athleticism would be an asset there. There have been many worse corner OFs for the O's, Delmon Young, Trumbo, and of course Jack Cust come to mind.
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