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  1. I'll take the Nats last 5 years of "failure" as the O's next 5 years. To me, a large part of the excitement of baseball is being in a pennant race or wild card race where every game matters. If Elias can lead the O's to the postseason 80% of the time, even if the O's aren't winning in the postseason, I would have a hard time calling that a failure, especially when the O's are probably having to knock out the Yankees or Red Sox to get to the postseason.
  2. I think its notable the O's are going to start using it in single A. The past regimes seemed to have the attitude they were going to spend as little as possible developing minor leaguers, and when they got to they majors, then they would try to fix them.
  3. What does the strength of their system have to do with the prospects he would bring back. As the O's found out with Manny, teams with top prospects just put those prospects off limits in trade talks. The O's might be lucky to get someone in Boston's top 10 prospects, probably top 20 for a team like LA or Atlanta.
  4. Be sure to take a break every couple of hours so you don't become exhausted.
  5. Its a meaningless game for the 2019 Orioles, but not for Austin Hays. He's showing he's a major league ballplayer and he makes major league defensive plays. The O's and major leagues in general need more excitement.
  6. Best overall group the O's have sent in years. Usually it's more suspects than prospects. I follow the minors fairly closely, but often there's guys the O's send who I have no idea who they are.
  7. Is he working on actually swinging at strike 3?
  8. The O's have been below average at developing talent, so a lot of these people have not been doing their jobs. I believe Elias has been evaluating these people since he got here. Hopefully, their replacements are better.
  9. #10 prospect in 2017 on O's hangout list. Following is from the official writeup. 10. Cedric Mullins (CF) – Impressed the Orioles so much in the spring that he was jumped two levels to Bowie in just his second full minor league season. Got off to a hot start but a hamstring injury put him on the DL and he battled the injury all season cutting into his stolen base attempts. The switch hitter is a much better hitter from the left side of the plate and may be limited to platoon duty. Solid defensive center fielder who also played a real solid left field so could be a great fit as a 4th outfielder.
  10. Trumbo has a landing spot for next year. Any bad contracts we can trade Davis + cash for? 😂
  11. Cal wants to know if they played every inning of those games?
  12. I'm just glad he earned that 39 mill.
  13. He could become a researcher on workplace harassment. His first study would be called "No pie for me"
  14. Indians could have really used him this year. I'm sure he is a better hitter than any OF that started the year w/ the Indians.
  15. Stop winning series! Need to try for that #1 pick, or at least hold onto the #2 pick. Aren't there waiver wire claims that can send Santander and Stewart to the minors? 😋
  16. He's either working on a pitch or "rounding into form".
  17. Ready for the playoff run! Looking forward to Trumbo & Davis hitting back to back in the lineup.
  18. Is the KBO included in the ability to block trades? I would be on board with trading Davis there w/ 80% of his salary included? Could "Crush" still hit HR in the KBO (with an average over .200).
  19. Maybe the O's thought it was Lebron James.
  20. More like North Carolina to Pennsylvania. I still can't believe that MASN is making millions from North Carolina cable TV.
  21. Speak up! Chris Davis can't hear you thru all his stacks of cash.
  22. How would you know if you haven't tried them?
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