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  1. C'mon, even if its just to keep Ron Flatterly going,,,
  2. No, Cashner wasn't signed until a couple of weeks later....
  3. Yes, and way below expected market value at the beginning of the off season. The deal includes deferred money in each year and we only have to surrender our third pick. I really like this move.
  4. At 4/52 he would have been a steal. At 4/57 he is still a really good bargain.
  5. The difference is that we have solidified the rotation for years to come at a below market price. Add the fact that it is only our third pick and this is a bargain. Less pressure to rush Harvey, allows Cortes/Castro/Wright to develop a little more and strengthens the bull pen. We have a strong but inconsistent offense and a plus defense. I see this a good one year move and a great four year move.
  6. I guess this tread has derailed (lightrailed?) I have never thought twice about going into Bmore to watch a game with my wife, son, other younger children. I have never thought there was any kind of safety issue, crowds, police presence...if you can't handle a pan handler or two you wouldn't go to a game anywhere in the world.
  7. Is this assuming Tillman is the 4th starter? It might be Wright and Castro/Cortes given Tillman's issues. While I give limited credence to one start in Spring training, he was throwing sim games so he shouldn't have been rusty. Right now I would say, Wright and Cortes, Castro in the pen.
  8. Can we be happy with a Mancini who will be a slightly better than average offensive player and not a total liability in the field? Solid long term starter under control at at decent salary. What is not to love about that?
  9. How can you not like this move. Low cost, if he makes his incentives we will be thrilled. People often complain about spending on a player who has one good year expecting a regression to the mean but when they have one bad year why we don't expect a similar return to the mean? He had a bad 2017 but 3 mil for a Tilly of 2016 would be a steal.
  10. Tillman is working out with the club so we have a unique insight into how he looks. If Dan/Buck think he looks healthy I have not issues with brining him back even on a ML contract but we still need at least one of Cobb/Lynn.
  11. The biggest issue in baseball arbitration is identifying the appropriate comparable players based on service time and similar stats. The Oriole's front office has excelled in this area and has an excellent track record in arbitration. Too often fans take a market value approach to arbitration but it is really about identifying other similarly situated players based on service time, stats and then contracts.
  12. Even with the slow off season, no way Cobb goes for 4/52. If so, grab him now. I would be actually be happy with Bundy, Gausman, Cobb and a cast of Tillman, Wright Cortes, Asher....I just think we need at least one more consistent, capable 3-4 starter to band aid this rotation together...
  13. Not sure where to post this but MLB Trade Rumors has us showing interest in Jamie Garcia??
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