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  1. Agreed. If you “win” every negotiation or misread the market and leave $500K on the table, then you left talent on the table.
  2. https://www.mlb.com/news/2022-mock-draft-mlb-top-prospects MLB 2022 early mock (they could just do their top 20 draft prospects). It gives you an idea of who some of the top guys will be going into next and ahead of the conclusion of the summer leagues.
  3. I’m with you. I’m hopeful about Rodriguez and DL Hall, but Hall has the elbow and some very real reliever risk IMO. I tend to view everyone else as maybe lightning will strike and we’ll end up with a serviceable pitcher, but some might say that I’m just jaded.
  4. I agree with you on almost everything in your draft related posts. I think (and certainly don’t want to put words into your mouth their mouths) that they have a higher opinion of the system than we do. I see depth, but limited upside. I’ve seen posts penciling Westburg and Vavra into starting positions on the MLB team. It is an easy thing to say that I’ll be shocked if either is an above average regular, but I’ll say it because that’s why I think they needed to add higher ceiling talent. I wasn’t as high on Lawler as you, but was high on Rocker, House, and Watson. If people think Westburg
  5. 1. Rutschman 2. Rodriguez 3. DL Hall 4. Henderson 5. Westburg 6. Jones 7. Kjerstad 8. Cowser 9. Stowers 10. Mayo
  6. I’ll bite. That’s a high percentage of the slot value for the 5th overall pick.
  7. He talked about it on a podcast. I think it was actually 6 years/$24 million with a couple team options after that, and the offer was made by Duquette, so it’s not all that relevant. He mentioned how when he got the diagnosis, turning down that money was something he thought about even though he knew it was the right thing to do. It was either Jones’ podcast or the one he did a couple episodes of with Sara, but I don’t have time to track it down for you.
  8. Agreed. To be honest, Mayo is more likely to be a contributor on the 2024 Orioles as a 1B/COF (not that Mundy can play COF) than Mundy and that’s also highly unlikely.
  9. Top 90 position players from 2010 to 2020 by fWAR: 28 high school players 35 college players 23 international players 4 JUCO players Top 60 pitchers (number 61 was Jason Hammel) from 2010 to 2020 by fWAR: 16 high school pitchers 25 college pitchers 16 international pitchers 3 JUCO pitchers The top 8 pitchers were all first round picks. Lester at 9 was a second round pick. Kluber at 10 was a 4th round pick.
  10. Tony - I know you said you wouldn’t know much on the complex league, but do you have any early thoughts on Mishael Deson? He looks like he has a lot of tools to work with in the limited video I’ve seen.
  11. It’s an overstatement for sure, but just saying (and I’m not saying you’re saying this) that we should only draft college players because they are safer and more likely to develop into impact players isn’t correct either. By rWar, the top 25 active position players is composed of 12 high school players, 5 international signings, 6 college players, and 2 junior college players. If you expand to the top 50, 18 are college players, 17 are high school players, 13 are international signings, and 2 are junior college players. The bottom line to me is you draft the best player regardless o
  12. Solid post, but the Rays are not risk averse when drafting players. Blake Snell was drafted out of high school. Josh Lowe was drafted out of high school. JJ Goss was drafted out of high school. Last year they drafted Nick Bitsko in the first round. There are many others. When they’ve traded players, they’ve acquired high ceiling players such as Xavier Edwards, Luis Patino, and Shane Baz. They’ve also supplemented with high ceiling players J2 players like Franco and Brujan (which Elias will also hopefully do). I don’t think you can always avoid high school players or pitchers early in the draft
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