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  1. It’s early for Leiter, but the velo was up
  2. I have no idea whether it was simply finishing school, but that sound like something he did because he could not be at instructs. I did find Blood’s quote to be a bit ominous (and not particularly clear) when he said: We’ve got a plan with him and the hopes are we’ll see him next year and put him right into the mix with the rest of these guys who have been exciting to watch. When Blood says “the hopes are we’ll see him next year,” is he suggesting that it’s not clear as to whether he’ll be able to play next year? Probably not, but I didn’t love the language used by Blood.
  3. Sydnor

    FA 3B . Hmmm

    This is from the article: “It’s pretty much the same thing they told (Brocail),” Flores said in a phone interview. “When I received the call from Mike, the GM, he just told me it was a decision that they really didn’t want to make, but that ownership had put pressure on him to decrease the budget and the staff, and I was one of the guys that they decided to let go.” https://theathletic.com/2109598/2020/10/02/connolly-why-the-orioles-moved-on-from-coaches-doug-brocail-and-jose-flores/
  4. As someone who lives part-time in VA Beach, my impression (I haven’t conducted a survey) is that in the Tidewater region, Orioles fans and Braves fans outnumber Nationals fans. I haven’t been to a ton of minor league parks, but Harbor Park is pretty solid. I think it’s a good move to keep a presence in the region.
  5. I suspect Wilcox is looking for an overslot deal as a draft eligible sophomore. He has the leverage to go back to school (as does JT Ginn).
  6. I think Law was suggesting that the savings from Kjerstad should’ve enabled the O’s to go over slot at both 30 and 39. Perhaps they will go over slot at 39 and 74. I’m somewhat skeptical that they’re going to spend their full allotment, but will be happy to be wrong (I’m aware that they’ve traditionally spent the full allotment, but this is a different year with Covid and the new presence in Latin America). We will find out!
  7. Keith Law on Westburg and the underslot strategy: If that pick was to save money, rather than a straight preference for Kjerstad, they didn’t take advantage of it at pick 30, the first selection of the Competitive Balance A round, where they took Mississippi State shortstop Jordan Westburg, a very good athlete who also strikes out too much and has to work on pitch recognition as well as reducing his leak at the plate. https://theathletic.com/1865805/2020/06/10/law-thoughts-and-analysis-from-day-1-of-the-mlb-draft/?source=user_shared_article
  8. Cole Wilcox, Markevian Hence, David Calabrese, or Masyn Winn.
  9. Exactly. I just can’t get over it. It feels like they just drafted a potential platoon DH at 1-2.
  10. I don’t care what they do with the rest of the draft. I could not be more disappointed in this pick. He struck out 22% of the time and 7th most in the SEC. I said I wouldn’t meltdown over Gonzales and meant it. I saw Keith Law mention this rumor, but never believed it. I won’t meltdown over this pick, but I won’t be watching the remainder of the draft.
  11. While true, no scouts are saying that Martin’s swing will need to be rebuilt because of an extreme crouch, that he lacks the athleticism to play a premium position, or that he would be a reach at the number 2 pick. Martin could bust. However if people read this and think that Stewart’s plate discipline hasn’t transferred (and I’m not sure he’s ever been given a fair chance), so Martin will end up a AAAA player (I’m not saying that you are saying this, only that it could be interpreted that way), there are plenty of reasons why Stewart’s lack of major league success is not predictive of whether Martin will succeed.
  12. One of the interesting things about the Martin debate is that during the DD era, a lot os felt like the O’s players’ struck out too much and lacked plate discipline. Martin’s stats have been posted a number of times, but he seems to be what a lot of posters have wanted for years—a player with excellent plate discipline and good athleticism. Last year he had a .486 OBP with 40 walks and only 34 strikeouts. Kiley McDaniel writes: Martin's calling card is his plus-plus contact skills and plate discipline, which help him get to all of his solid average raw power in games, for 15-20 homers most years. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/29251325/updated-2020-mlb-draft-rankings-latest-top-150-players Eric Longerhagen writes: He already had two traits that together make for a strong profile in that Martin is likely to play a premium position (though where exactly is up for debate, his arm was not great early in 2020 and he moved from 3B to CF) and has a plus-plus feel for the strike zone. He had more walks than strikeouts as a sophomore and started hitting for power late in that season, something his combination of selectivity and gorgeous, natural swing loft give him an excellent chance of doing in pro ball despite middling raw juice. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-mlb-draft/summary?sort=-1,1&type=0 Keith Law also called Martin a plus runner with electric hands. I’m certainly not saying he’s a sure thing and I’ve previously written that I won’t melt down if Gonzales is drafted, but it seems to me that this is the type of player a lot of people (myself included) have wanted on the O’s and I almost feel like the O’s would be overthinking it to go in a different direction (assuming Tork is drafted by Detroit, though I prefer Martin over Tork and will probably look incredibly stupid for saying that).
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