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  1. I love that Tony has Mayo third. I picked Hall because I wasn’t sure he’d do it given that Mayo playing at Delmarva. I think his tools are incredibly exciting. In fact, I think his tools are the most exciting in the system (excluding Adley and Rodriguez). I also remember Tony saying he thought the Orioles might have gotten a steal because the pandemic kept eyes off of Mayo in his draft year, and that in a normal year, he very well could have risen up the draft boards on the spring. I basically want to say I think this is great and my worthless opinion is I’m total agreement with this pic
  2. I voted for Hall over Mayo. I have no idea who Tony will pick, but I feel like Hall could be the choice because both Hall and Mayo have a fair amount of risk at this point and Cowser played at a low level without showing much power. Despite Hall’s elbow issue and the limited sample, I can’t ignore 15.9 K/9 and 3.5 K/BB. Admittedly, I’ve always been high on Hall because I think his stuff is elite, and worry less about the command concerns. I am very curious to see if Cowser is the pick here and where he will end up because I seem to recall Tony having some concerns regarding Cowser’s p
  3. Passan speculated that the market for Taylor will start at the Zobrist deal (4 years, $56 million). I personally think he’ll exceed that. Chris Taylor, UT, Los Angeles Dodgers, 31: Teams love Taylor's skill set: He walks, he's got some pop, he runs the bases extremely well and he can play everywhere -- second, shortstop, third and all three outfield positions this season alone. The market for a player like Taylor is well-established: four years and $56 million for Ben Zobrist. And with the Dodgers, Rays, Giants and others illustrating the value of versatility, Taylor will find himself ve
  4. Cox in Virginia Beach offers MASN. I’d assume they would also offer it in Hampton Roads. (They should still make it easier to stream and I’m not suggesting that you should subscribe to Cox.)
  5. I think Stowers would have a pretty good argument, and without digging too deep, I would probably favor Stowers.
  6. As discussed in this thread, the Tampa model has included signing pre-arbitration players to extensions. Snell also was a pre-arbitration extension by the Rays. Changing the way the Orioles do business should not mean solely that the Orioles will trade players when they hit Arb 2 and Arb 3. It should also mean signing players to extensions before they reach that point because it provides surplus value to the team and makes the players more marketable if you want to trade them. The Orioles cannot continue to go year to year and be risk averse. In my opinion, that strategy (if you even call it a
  7. According to mlb.com, the Orioles are the favorites to sign Arias. I assume that the write-up and grades set forth in the linked article are from Jesse Sanchez. Here is the statement linking Arias to the Orioles: Arias trains with Sandy Nin, a member of MLB’s Trainer Partnership Program, in the Dominican Republic. The Orioles are the favorite to sign him. Here are the grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 50 | Arm: 50 | Field: 50 | Overall: 50 And here is the link to the top 50 international prospects. Arias is ranked 46th, and further information will be found when viewing h
  8. Sydnor

    Stiven Acevedo

    Today’s HR:
  9. Sydnor

    Stiven Acevedo

    Acevedo was signed in January after Elias and Perez started. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-international-bonus-pool-accounting-20190612-story.html This regime has been high on him since he signed: ”Outfielder Stiven Acevedo, who the Orioles signed for $275,000 late in last year’s international signing period, is still just 16 and holding his own in the Dominican Summer League. The Orioles feel they got a steal, as Acevedo was just old enough to sign in last year’s period but could have gotten a seven-figure bonus if he signed this year.” https://
  10. I agree with this and think he has improved rapidly. I started to enjoy him more last year when he started doing television broadcasts with Ben. I think they have good chemistry, are kind of lan odd couple that works, and I find them entertaining. Ben and Kevin find a way to make me laugh through the losing most games. Last night they were talking about when Ben’s wife won an auction. Last year, a moment that stands out was I when Ben told him that he had never owned a computer. The humor in addition to the fact that I think they do a solid job calling games makes them a pretty good team
  11. Agreed. If you “win” every negotiation or misread the market and leave $500K on the table, then you left talent on the table.
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/2022-mock-draft-mlb-top-prospects MLB 2022 early mock (they could just do their top 20 draft prospects). It gives you an idea of who some of the top guys will be going into next and ahead of the conclusion of the summer leagues.
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