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  1. This list doesn't mention either Takahashi or Igarashi, two arms that I really think we need to go after. Between Koji, JJ and Igarashi I think we could have a strong bullpen next season. Just because Koji didn't pan out as a starter doesn't mean we should stop pushing the Japanese market. Japanese relieft pitchers have a strong track record of success when they come to MLB.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. It's nice to hear details rather than "he can't hit." I think that often we are too concerned with getting big offensive production out of our SS. This may be due to our years of spoiling between Cal and Miggy. We don't NEED 20+ HRs a year out of a SS. We need a solid OPS guy that makes contact consistently. If Givens can play plus defense and provide solid On-Base numbers, then I think he plays a role in this team's future.
  3. I'm not a Plus-member (I know, I'm shamed), and it may be against some rule to tell me such things, but can we please get an explanation on exactly what is WRONG with Givens at the plate? All we hear is how he won't hold up and how terrible of a selection he was because he supposedly can't hit. Does he have bad mechanics, a poor approach, a slow bat, bad instincts... what is it? http://www.pgcrosschecker.com/articles/DisplayArticle.aspx?article=624 I don't know when this is from, but it projects Givens as a .280-.300 hitter with strong SB potential.
  4. It's like I said about rating Florimon at No. 13. If Florimon and Wirsch are here, that means nobody else in our system, in Tony's opinion, will ever amount to much more than organizational filler, because that's what these two seem to be from what I can tell. That's probably being a little hard on Wirsch considering he was just drafted, but an 85-87 mph fastball better be backed up by one helluva arsenal of off-speed pitches, incredible control and a true grasp of how to get batters out. Still can't see how Avery, Hoes, Johnson and Ohlman are behind these guys.
  5. To me, seeing Florimon come in at No. 14 means that, in Tony's eyes at least, all legit prospects stopped at No. 13. Florimon is not a MLer. This "flashy" defense I'm hearing has resulted in a terribly inconsistent shortstop. 35 Errors this season. That's a .935 fielding percentage. And that's his average through four minor league seasons. This year, of the 22 SS as qualified by the Elias Sports Bureau, no everyday ML SS had a fielding percentage below .962 and that was a tie between Jason Bartlett and Cristian Guzman. Orlando Cabrera made the most errors of all everyday SS with 25 in 158 games. I can't imagine what kind of butcher Florimon would be at the ML level. His willingness to take a walk is one thing. But I've long maintained that a willingness to take a walk in the minor league level doesn't mean a whole lot if a player can't hit when he is forced to swing. A .267 batting average is going to hover around the Mendoza line at best against ML pitchers. And when ML pitchers realize that he can't hit pitches in the zone, it doesn't matter how good of an eye or how patient he is, they won't pitch him out of the zone. They'll simply pound the zone until he strikes out or hits a weak grounder. How Florimon rates above Avery, Hoes, Johnson, Ohlman or any number of players is beyond me. He's not especially young for his league (Avery, Hoes). He doesn't have eye-popping tools (Avery, Ohlman) and he doesn't have proven production (Johnson). He's just the best shortstop we have in the system right now, which isn't saying a whole lot.
  6. This is my biggest sticking point. I really think that the system rushed Rowell and pushed him way too quickly. 19 at High-A is awfully aggressive. Look at our #10 prospect, Brandon Waring. He is 23 years old playing in High-A. I wonder where we'd stand on Rowell if in three years he 20 HRs and 30 Dbls in Frederick. At the same time, I wonder what Brandon Waring would have done at Frederick at 20 years old. When he was 20, he put up a mediocre season for Wofford College, a significantly less competitive league than High-A I'm sure.
  7. To not put Rowell in the Top 30 would just be out of spite that he's been a massive disappointment. His talent is still there. There is a reason he was drafted as highly as he was and, sadly, his numbers did actually improve this year even though they were disappointing. I have a bad feeling that Rowell will end up leaving our system and pop up some September with a National League club when he's 27-28 and suddenly turn into a passable major leaguer. Now, that doesn't mean we should hold onto him until then, but it's just the feeling I get.
  8. Beal needs more time to prove himself. Givens has the talent, but missing all of the summer hurts him, especially since he's already the same age as Avery and Hoes and two years behind. Johnson is talented, but he's a middle reliever at best IMO. That leaves us Avery and Hoes. I like Avery's ceiling more, so I lean Avery.
  9. I don't think Bergesen would have been rated as low as he was this time last year only because of his K-rate. Britton clearly has better pure stuff than Bergesen. Sure, BB wowed us this season and made believers out of many that it doesn't require a mid-90s fastball to be a successful pitcher, but I think most of us have, and have had a higher expectation of Britton. Matusz Tillman Britton Bergesen (insert FA) 7th inning - Erbe, 8th inning - Mickilio, CL - Arrieta.
  10. Take a look at our system 2 years ago. http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/prospects/features/262799.html Rowell, Beato, Liz, Olsen, Hoey, Fiorentino and Pope are all in the Top 10 according to BA. Of the guys that we brought up this season (Wieters, Reimold, Bergesen, Tillman, Matusz), only Reimold was in the discussion of our top prospects in 2007. Two years is a long time. We are just a few top college players (Renaudo, McGuire, Brentz), a low-level prospect breaking out (Avery, Hoes, Townsend, Beal) or a trade away from reloading. I'm not overly concerned about the "talent gap." There is more talent further through our system than at any time since the "Oriole Way" days. I'm willing to bet that if we had Avery, Hoes, Beal, Townsend in 2006, any number of them would have been in our Top 10 as they are all better prospects than those I listed at the top here. I don't think we should be overly concerned about not having enough depth. While you can never have enough depth, IMO we have been quickly spoiled by the combo of Wieters/Matusz/Tillman. It's not often that one franchise can boast three of the Top 15 prospects in baseball. While we should strive for this, we can't get too upset if a season goes by that we don't have such minor league star power
  11. My biggest question is when the national pubs come out with their rankings of each system and the league as a whole, how will Britton be viewed? We know Matusz is going to be in the top five overall and will likely be the top pitcher in all of the minors. The pubs have rated Arrieta highly before and I'd expect him to be in the Top 50 again this year. Josh Bell will likely be in the Top 100, maybe even Top 75 after his big summer this year. Those three have all been rated highly before, but Britton burst onto the scene nationally this year for the first time. If Tony puts Britton ahead of Arrieta, he's saying that he believes Britton is among the 50 best prospects in all of baseball. Will anybody else agree with this? Will Britton be in the Top 100 when BA's rankings hit the Web and if so, where?
  12. Greg, can you elaborate on Zach Cox and your reason for having him so high on your list? I don't know much about next year's draft beyond Harper, the top arms and Brentz. I was interested in Cox because I saw he was a college third baseman that could possibly move quickly, but when I saw his numbers, I was less than impressed. .266/.345/.558, 65 Ks in 195 at bats, a .920 fielding percentage. His 13 homers look nice, but that's about it. Is there something here that we can't see from stats alone? Was he battling injury?
  13. I'm questioning whether or not Bundy should be higher than Coffey right now. But this time last year, before Bundy supposedly showed up out of shape, we knew about as much about him as we do Coffey now. Power pitchers with one secondary offering, injured during high school. Regarding work ethic, I think most of those here were incredibly impress with Bundy's senior year numbers that he put up by pushing through his injury. He wasn't 100% and still put up great numbers through grit and determination. I don't believe Stotle or I are anti-Coffey. As I stated before, he is a fantastic get where he was picked and if it turns out well, this could be a major feather in Jordan's cap. Expectations just seem to be a bit high from the starting line here. to QB: Please read Tony's write up I may have downplayed Tony's report on his changeup, but it is his only secondary offering of note at the moment. Also, IIRC, people on here were raving about how devastating Bundy's curve could be this time last season. Nobody is doing so for Coffey. I'm not comparing Coffey and Bundy October 13, 2009. I'm saying that the reports on Coffey today aren't that much different then the ones we received this time last year from Bundy, aside from this unbelievable work ethic. I fully support Jordan. I'm a "In Jordan We Trust" flag waver. However, I'm amazed at how much emphasis has been placed on work ethic and character this year as these are the reasons we had Hobgood near the top of our draft board and were willing to fork over the dough for Coffey.
  14. This is a "foolish" statement. You shouldn't rank players on how foolish you may look if you turn out to be wrong. I remember years ago reading about Richard Stahl, Darnell McDonald and the pantheon of Orioles draft picks that busted along the way. IMO, you look MORE foolish ranking players higher and being wrong because you raise expectations only to see them fall flat. It's much safer to project them lower and have them exceed expectations. I really support Stotle's argument against Coffey and comp to Bundy. Both players have similar skill sets with Coffey being LH and Bundy RH. Coffey has an arm injury, which is more serious than Bundy's leg injury. Bundy has a year of spotted success on the pro level while in Tony's write-up we may not even see what Coffey can do until 2011. Given this information, Bundy wasn't nearly as highly pumped as Coffey is being here. IIRC, Bundy has a strong curve, I don't know what it's rated, to go along with his fastball, while Coffey is here mostly for his power arm and some feel for a change. I really hope that Coffey lives up to the hype that has been created by placing him this high on the rankings all things considering. I loved the pick, I loved that Jordan ponied up the money to sign him and bring him into the system. It is just really concerning that our No. 9 prospect may not be able to pitch a complete season for two years.
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