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  1. Like I said, the Derby is definitely a little better now without Chris Berman... lol.
  2. The derby still misses Chris Berman.
  3. I haven’t been on here as much over the last year and half or so but no idea how I’ve missed this… I am so sorry to see this. While I have never met Weams, I know he is a great guy just by all the things I’ve read about him and my interactions with him on this board over the years. I’ve been on here probably for like 13 years or so(when I was still in my teen years.) I’ve always respected and loved to see his opinions on all thing Orioles. I promise that you and your family will be in my prayers and thoughts.
  4. I don't have a problem with it either, to be honest. To each their own. I guess I'm not seeing how people can trust experts on everything up until this point but then not trust when they say social distance isn't necessary anymore.
  5. The people that are still wanting to remain socially distanced, I'd think they would; 1. Get the vaccine. 2. If that isn't enough, probably sit this season out until they feel more comfortable being around people because they are going to eventually get within 6ft of someone accidentally. 3. Why did you get the vaccine then?
  6. Yeah, I can't imagine it is going to enforced. Heck, I can go into a Starbucks in PA without a mask now. They have signs that say optional.
  7. At some point, it needs to be that vaccines are available... get one or don't. Wear a mask or don't, it's up to the individual. People that have the vaccine, you're protected so don't worry about the people that don't have it. It's their life. People that didn't get the vaccine, don't worry about the people that got the vaccine. It's their life. People that aren't wearing masks, don't worry about the people wearing masks.. it's their choice. People wearing masks, don't worry about people not wearing masks.. it's their choice. Enjoy the game!
  8. No bags or outside food or drinks is comical. What exactly does that have to do with anything other than the organization trying to make more money through concessions. That's a bad look.
  9. Hell of a job, Means! What a gem of a game.
  10. Good inning. Good to hear Palmer, missing Gary
  11. I hope so. They just don't have the same feel for the game when they aren't in the ball park.
  12. Well this isn't the smoothest start to the season.. on a positive note, I am off Friday so I'll be able to watch.
  13. Pretty awesome news. I’m hopeful to attend at least one game by the end of the season. It’ll be interesting to see what the fan attendance will be. Some will be hesitant, I’m sure but on the other hand, I think people are really eager to get out in social environments again. Either way, it gives a little sense of normalcy. Let’s go Os!
  14. That's an awesome breakdown! Very interesting and well done by our future catcher. There is a lot of deception and technique in the catching position.
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