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  1. We weren't far off.. still, we had a chance.
  2. If we could somehow sweep the Sox, the rest could happen... never know.
  3. One game at a time... lets get a win tonight and go from there. It ain't over.
  4. This team really is a lot of fun to watch. A bunch of young guys just having fun. Some of the ABs in last night's game were fantastic. I know Hays is struggling if you look at his numbers but I feel like he's on the verge of breaking out. Love Alberto's approach and Nunez is a tough out for any pitcher. I'm just enjoying these games and winning is a little extra treat.
  5. I have a couple friends who are Phillies fans and yes, you buy those pictures. It cost $40 to get a cut out made and placed in the stadium somewhere.
  6. I really like Rio. He reminds me of Eric Chavez, probably because he plays 3B and slightly resembles him... either way, I like what I see out of the kid.
  7. Frustrating times, man... we're all entitled to these kinda days.
  8. Either go all in with full games or end the season. This season of sports just feels like a bunch of exhibition games, it just doesn’t have the same feel.. what a depressing year this has all been. If only there was normalcy in sight, who knows when that will happen again.
  9. Well that was a fun season.. maybe 2021 season will be able to start by June next year.
  10. Series win baby! I’ll take it!
  11. Great AB for Santander. Need to hold on to this lead now.
  12. 2-0. Let’s go! Ruiz has a real smooth swing.
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