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  1. I really like Rio. He reminds me of Eric Chavez, probably because he plays 3B and slightly resembles him... either way, I like what I see out of the kid.
  2. Frustrating times, man... we're all entitled to these kinda days.
  3. Either go all in with full games or end the season. This season of sports just feels like a bunch of exhibition games, it just doesn’t have the same feel.. what a depressing year this has all been. If only there was normalcy in sight, who knows when that will happen again.
  4. Well that was a fun season.. maybe 2021 season will be able to start by June next year.
  5. Series win baby! I’ll take it!
  6. Great AB for Santander. Need to hold on to this lead now.
  7. 2-0. Let’s go! Ruiz has a real smooth swing.
  8. I believe this to be true for the most part too. Know who doesn’t want this country to unite? The news/media. What would they have to report on then? They love the division and people eat it right up from their choice of news station because it gives people emotional reaction, it is at times addicting. Then the hate and anger builds from there.. Stop letting news/media outlets create the person you are, think for yourself. Be kind to people(any color, religion)and help one another, so easy to say but that’s where it starts.
  9. I’ll be fine with kneeling when that action actually causes change. It’s such a easy, “look at me, I’m brave/I care” thing to do. Comes off as phony to me. Go put in work in the community, go spend TIME with communities.. I’ll applaud that each and every day.
  10. I long for the days without social media, it does so much more bad than good for the country/world. During a presidential election year, things get feisty but when you throw social media in the mix, it makes it all the worse.. its been dividing the country since its birth. I was/am considering just sitting out this year for all sports just cause it doesn’t feel legit and it’s nice to just get away from any reminders of the crazy world we live in. All that said, I check in on the board through out the day just to see what’s going on. I would absolutely miss it.
  11. We’re going to surprise some teams.. you heard it here first... 31 wins.
  12. I’m just hoping and praying each day that the season stays on. Every game is going to be VERY meaningful, I can’t wait for Os baseball! I’ll miss being at the ball park but I’ll settle for live games at this point.
  13. Without sports on I watched very little to no TV daily. Like you, I’ve been spending a lot of my time on the patio and deck with the wife just relaxing and enjoying the out doors. I’ve also been fly fishing a ton, which I usually do but I am even more so now, knowing I won’t miss a game. Even when sports comes back, I don’t think it’ll ever consume my time as much as it used to. I guess the absence of it has been a nice change, surprisingly. I miss it but the longer I go without it, the less I miss it.
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