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  1. Yeah the Pirates had a brief renaissance that ended up being nothing. It's weird given they beat us twice in the WS but the Pirates are actually the closest I have to a NL team- long story but they haven't won a playoff series since they beat us in '79 I want to say. Because remember when they lost to the Reds in the 90 ALCS and later the Braves in the 91/92, that was before the Wild Card.
  2. '97 was the year. I was ten. Wire to wire. It also was the year Cal moved to 3rd for good. I remember his offense numbers were down, he hit a home run in that ALCS and I went crazy since I was a huge Cal fan. 1996 with Maier hurt because the Yankees and all that but '97 really stung the most because that series in Turner in May really felt like it could have been a World Series preview. I was so looking forward to seeing my favorites: Cal, Brady, Robbie, Raffy, and all face Atlanta's big 3 on the big stage. Turned out we got Cleveland-Florida which was a great World Series in itself but man what if. Sandy Alomar always seemed to have our number as I recall. He was the one that broke up Mussina's perfecto. Closest I ever got to watching one was that one.
  3. I'm not saying that tehy didn't make mistakes Corn but a single person that was responsible for the 2012-16 run. Yeah the Hardy extension was a mistake but trading for him originally was not. I was just saying that I think MacPhail by trading for Hardy deserves credit because the two guys we traded him for were relievers. Hardy gave us some good years. I'll be the first to agree with you that the extension was a mistake. There were a lot of mistakes made then which is why we are where we are.
  4. That makes a lot of sense considering that Elias really values shortstops and JJ is someone who experienced the playoffs with the O's and isn't too far from the guys in age. It's weird talking about Hardy in the past tense like this though. I liked JJ. I give Buck and Duquette their due but Andy MacPhail made some shrewd trades Brett Jacobson and Jim Hoey for Hardy and Brendan Harris was one of those. Plus you had to like JJ the man himself. Great move on the FO's part to bring back some old names that the guys who would know.
  5. Also a friend of my dad’s grandfather haha but yes Honus really was a special talent.
  6. Yeah Jeter belongs but the ignoring of his subpar defense at a key position bugs me. People don’t seem to get that you can be overrated and be a HoFer, Jeter is that. I would have voted for him but he’s not the greatest shortstop ever.
  7. I laughed. Jeter belongs but still.
  8. Can’t hurt to get him some sessions with some guys he’ll probably be in battery with at some point in the future. Even in LL, I definitely had catchers I liked working with more than others.
  9. That’s true. Definitely changes the equation.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that Bochy wasn't interested in managing this season. Bochy definitely has the best resume of anyone out there though. I never thought of him as anything particularly great in San Diego but the 3 championships in SF I think say something to him as a strategist in the postseason but I don't know his philosophy.
  11. Oh I know. I'm not saying he wasn't to blame for what happened. It's that I would feel bad for Buck if that was his last year in the show. I mean yeah I totally hear ya about two years ago. Going from being in the ALCS and four years later you're not even winning 50 games. It was ugly and it's why we are rebuilding now.
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