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  1. I can’t really fault too much since I know if the O’s win the pennant the same will happen. I’m feeling a mix of happiness for them, envy, & a little petty.
  2. It’s not about giving everyone a trophy. It’s merchandizing.
  3. Okay this is fun: Position Players C: Chris Hoiles: Long live the 1996 Ultimate Grand Slam. 1B: Rafael Palmeiro: Eddie was traded when I was one so I didn't really get to experience him and my username is a reference to how excited I was when we had Ripken-Alomar-Palmeiro as what I thought would be our Tinker-Evers-Chance in the 1995 offseason. 2B) Roberto Alomar: As I said, I was thrilled when we signed him from the Blue Jays in the 1995 offseason. 3B) Manny Machado: So fun to watch on defense. If only he had been healthy for the 2014 playoffs. SS) Cal Ripken: He was my first favorite player as a kid. LF: Brady Anderson: Named my childhood dog after him the year he hit 50! CF: Adam Jones: The trade for him started the nice run we had from 2012-2016. RF: Nick Markakis: Just a steady guy and easy guy to root for. DH: Harold Baines: Doesn't belong in the HoF IMO but he was always a consistent hitter and I liked that he was from St. Michaels, Maryland near where we would cross the Bay Bridge. Bench Melvin Mora: Stood out on many otherwise forgettable teams. Crazy to think his quins are all grown up now and graduating high school like my youngest brother is. Jonathan Schoop: Just loved his infectious smile and joy. Glad he's rebounding nicely with Minnesota this year and hopefully into a nice contract. B.J Surhoff: Just did a little bit of everything and he too was part of the 1995 Offseason. Matt Wieters: Saw his first home run at OPACY with my brothers and Dad. Pitchers SP1: Mike Mussina: I was heartbroken and angry when he left for NYY but there was no Orioles pitcher I liked watching more. SP2: Erik Bedard: Like Mora, he stood out on some bad teams and he was the piece that help start the 2012-16 revival. SP3: Chris Tillman: I always had a soft spot for Tillman since he was the first Oriole to be younger than me and I was glad that he overcame some initial hiccups to be a servicable starter for a few years. SP4: Scott Erickson: He wasn't as good as I remembered him but he was a big part of my childhood. SP5: Wei Yin Chen: Our first major international signing: CL: Zach Britton: That sinker and no Orioles closer was better in his prime. SU: Jim Johnson: I always liked Jim since I got to see his debut when he was a starter. He got rocked hard but it was a fun game to watch. RP: Arthur Rhodes: Not a star but always a good arm out of the pen RP: Alan Mills: I'll always remember the Strawberry punch and it's nice that he is still with the organization. RP: Darren O'Day: I was a submarine pitcher in LL and I loved chanting O'Day, O'Day, O'Day at games. RP: Andrew Miller: Brach-Miller-Britton were almost a game over bullpen in the late summer and early fall of 2014. A pity that team didn't win the Pennant. Probably my favorite Orioles team ever. Manager: Buck Showalter: I give the edge to Buck over Davey since he was here longer and he gave me winning Orioles baseball as an adult. The Davey two years were great but they were short and the team was filled with guys closer to my parents age than my age. Plus since I watched the pressers with Buck, I got to know Buck more than I did Davey I felt. GM: Pat Gillick: Helped build the mid 90's teams that I breathed and died with. It was only a couple years but what a couple years those were for a 9 and 10 year old.
  4. I would guess Mancini but I have no idea what the numbers are going ot look like in July.
  5. Yeah I do too. I believe he's since become a naturalized citizen and I imagine lives in the Seattle area but that has to sting.
  6. Unfortunately I think Felix might be at the end of his line which is too bad because he was such a great pitcher in his prime.
  7. Great topic Moose. I just read Almost Perfect. https://www.amazon.com/Almost-Perfect-Heartbreaking-Pursuit-Pitchings/dp/1493019503/ref=nodl_ its about all the perfect games that were ended with one out to go. Coincidentally other Moose makes an appearance. I really enjoyed it since it’s a good look at pitching which for some reason always interested me more then hitting for reading but also how no two baseball games are the same. I’m currently reading a Honus Wagner biography after discovering my Great Grandfather played amateur baseball in Pittsburgh in the same time Honus did and I remember my Nana talking about her Dad being friends with him. I’m thinking about the Jane Leavy biography of Babe Ruth next since I really enjoyed her Koufax and Mantle bios or maybe someone like Aaron.
  8. I’ll need to see more and I trust Tony too. He’s watched and analyzed more baseball than I have:
  9. Yeah a couple of examples of bad luck could be just that. I never saw him play for Milwaukee so I don’t know if he had plays like this for them frequently but agree with your take. He could be a decent player for us. I wouldn’t have him in the long term plans but definitely as someone who can contribute in the meantime and get a good return on at some point.
  10. How Henderson got nearly twice that in 1982. I wish teams would steal more. I know the analytics folks seem to frown on it due to risk accessment but I always thought it added a fun element to the game. Villar has holes in his game like all these guys but he seems to have less than not. If he’s another Melvin Mora, that’s great since Mora definitely was better for us than he wasn’t.
  11. Sucre sounds like the kind of guy who becomes a good coach. I’m sure he’d rather be with a contender but he wants to help these young and unproven arms get better.
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