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  1. I’m excited about him. He’s young so a lot of his habits will be taught by the new regime although the old one drafted him.
  2. Palmoripken


    I do get that but I just have watched enough games where we did the split team with their team not to be impressed by Carpenter and Santangelo as announcers.
  3. Palmoripken


    Exactly. It's obvious that Palmer loves the Orioles but he's not afraid to criticize.
  4. Palmoripken


    Carpenter and Santangelo make it hard for me. I get not everyone has a guy with Palmer’s years of experience and insight but those two always gave me a Hawk Harrelson like vibe.
  5. It's the whole abandoning the O's once the Nats get good. If we ever enter a period where the fortunes are reversed like we saw in the 60's where the O's were contenders and the Senators awful, I wonder what we'll see from people like that. The Walter Johnson Grandfather bit amuses me though since I despite '71 and '79 have a soft spot for the Pirates since my Great Grandfather apparently knew Wagner as a personal friend up in Pittsburgh but I didn't fall in love with baseball at Three Rivers Stadium. I did at OPACY.
  6. My family are Western Pa transplants. By the time my Dad was born in early 50's, his older brothers and sisters had lived in three major cities. Two had big league clubs- St. Louis and Detroit. From what my Dad tells me, my grandfather never really took them to too many games. He went to a couple games at Griffith Stadium but Dad was more of a basketball fan specifically Bob Cousy but not necessarily the Celtics and in baseball of Willie Mays but not necessarily the Giants and he definitely always disliked the Yankees. So here I am born in the mid to late 80's, there has not been a baseball team in DC in 16 years and no sign of it coming back because it to me seemed anyhow that DC and Virginia had adopted the Orioles and baseball wouldn't be returning to DC since teams had left twice. You have a guy like Ripken who during my early years became an American icon and you have my Dad telling me about how he always hated the Yankees. The Orioles were a natural choice to too for since OPACY was the place to see a game. I dunno. I just think the former O's fans who embrace the Nats and now crap on the O's forget that the O's did provide memories and while I understand they dislike what Angelos did to prevent baseball in DC, it really IMO wasn't different from Clark Griffith fighting the O's moving from St. Louis.
  7. I actually don't hate NL ball. It's just not what I grew up on. But yeah you watch a team over the years. You fall in with its traditions i.e. Thank God I'm a Country Boy or O! during the National Anthem but you also fall in love with a stadium. Camden Yards is a ballpark and while I don't think Nats stadium is a bad stadium, it doesn't give me the sense of wonder I got when I first started regularly attending games as an early grade school kid. Perhaps it would have been different if Nats Stadium opened when I was six but my MLB wanderlust more than anyplace happened at Camden Yards. It's not just about laundry. It's about the community of fandom and I had no desire to just switch. I don't begrudge those who did but I do have a problem with those who think it's absurd that "I don't root for my home team." I'm a Virginian not a Washingtonian. I chose my teams as a kid based off my sense of wonder and what the people I trusted to takl to on sports had to say so I liked that tall shortstop who had that cool streak going and revolutionized the SS positoin and I've been here ever since.
  8. Palmoripken


    It really briefly looked like Brian Matsuz could be a key piece. I was genuinely excited for the trio of him, Arrietta, and Britton. But there were flops before. Daniel Cabrera never did put it together. If we see another powerful Orioles team again that lasts a long time, they will have strong starting pitching. That's what has carried so many teams to long term success rather than being flashes in the pan.
  9. My Uncle and older cousin rib me for staying with the O's. I told them to look at it from my perspective. The O's were all I ever have known. And I'm expected to adopt the Expos just because they moved ot RFK. In 2005, we had just signed Miguel Tejada after Miggy won the MVP, Palmeiro a then fan favorite was back in town, etc. I don't honestly resent the Nats at all. I resent the idea that it was wrong of me to stick with the team I grew up with simply because there was a new kid in town. The Nats have legitimately formed their own identity in the years since but in those early years, they still were the old Expos and for that reason I can definitely understand a native Marylander who was a Senators fan until the Senators left down because they would have seen the '54 Orioles as the old Browns and the old Browns while they had some color to them- Eddie Gaedel, Satchel Paige, and of course Bill Veeck weren't who they had been listening to on the radio. I did recently read a biography of Veeck. Apparently he wanted to buy the O's at one point and lived on the Eastern Shore which is how he figured out who Harold Baines was.
  10. Palmoripken


    I wonder how different baseball would be Drungo if the O's had stayed in Baltimore and Babe Ruth ended up being a hometown hero in the bigs for his hometown team. That era fascinates me since I recently discovered my Dad's grandfather was an amateur player in those days and he lived not too far from what became Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. I think the Pirates' stadium prior to Forbes Field was near him too as opposed to Forbes which was more uptown from where he and his family lived.
  11. Palmoripken


    That's awesome and it is a lovely photo. It's crazy to think how up and down sports can be. In '66, the O's were the surprise underdog and shocked the world beating Koufax and Drysdale. Then a few years later the heavy favorite and lost against the Mets.
  12. Palmoripken


    If we have a memorable moment, it's what was done against us. The late 90's Yankee dynasty IMO began the night of the Maier-Tarasco moment.. We won the first game IIRC and would have been up 2-0 going back ot Baltimore. Would we have won the series from there? I don't know but being up 2-0 going home is almost always a plus. What made 2014 kind of sting is how the nation adopted the Royals as their lovable underdog and totally ignored that we actually had a bigger drought than KC. And then gettign swept by a team who honestly was not the better team overall but got hot at the right moment. I'm not knocking their legitimacy. We lost fair and square but I'll always believe that we were the better team over KC in 2014 and they got hot at the perfect time.
  13. Palmoripken


    The way they turned it around after the terrible start they had which had many of their fans calling for Davey Martinez's head. I'm jealous of that since ti was the reverse of our Cinderella Pumpkin 2005 season where I believe we were in first place on the first day of summer and then began to implode and then went another seven years sub 500.
  14. Palmoripken


    2012 just came out of nowhere. New GM and we won a lot of exciting games. Plus it was fun to watch a lot of guys like Miguel Gonzalez and Nate McLouth surprise. And then you had Manny come up at the end of the season. 25 year old me felt like a kid again when I went to Game 1 of the ALDS. We lost but I loved every minute of it.
  15. Palmoripken


    I was honestly shocked that Buck and Smoltz never mentioned that. Yeah the Soto catch was a key moment in this game of inches but Scherzer his first go around in the line up wasn't locating his pitches well and the Astros were hitting him hard. Hinch got too cute there IMO and I felt it could later turn against them and it did.
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