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  1. o (GAME SIX) *********** WASHINGTON NATIONALS Trea Vance "T.V." Turner - SS Adam Corey "A.C." Eaton - RF Anthony Rendon - 3B Juan Jose Soto Pacheco - LF Howard Joseph Kendrick III - DH Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Ryan Zimmerman - 1B Victor Enrique Robles Brito - CF Yan Gomes - C Stephen James Straburg - RHP )) (18-6, 3.32 ERA) ) * * )) Led the National League in Wins (18) and Innings Pitched (209) HOUSTON ASTROS George Chelston Springer III - CF Jose Altuve - 2B Michael Charles Brantley, Jr. - LF Alexander Davis "A.D." Bregman - 3B Yuliesky Gurriel Castillo - 1B Yordan Alvarez - DH Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer - SS Robinson David Chirinos Gonzalez - C William Joshua Reddick - RF Justin Brooks "J.B." Verlander - RHP )) (21-6, 2.58 ERA) ) * * )) Led the Major Leagues in Wins (21), WHIP (0.803), Innings Pitched (223), Hits Ceded Per 9 Innings (5.529), and Games Started (34), and Led the National League in WHIP (7.143) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  2. o If the replay rulings are decided by a group of Oriole fans instead of by a committee in New York City, I think that we have a chance at seeing a 90-plus win team. o
  3. o From when you were in 1st grade ........ the 1994 Orioles. o
  4. o There is a 5th dimension ........ beyond that which is known to man ........ o
  5. o I remember the 4-game series against the Yankees ........ the place was roaring orange. o
  6. o I am not one of the 2 people who down-voted your post, so you have no idea what you are talking about. I directly quoted and responded to you, there is no lack of courage from me in regard to you. o
  7. o They're not anonymous to you. You're choosing to not be a plus member, and then making false claims/assertions about the voting system. o
  8. o It's not my job to relay information for you. You said that their votes were anonymous, and I explained to you that they weren't. All plus members can see all of the up-votes and down-votes for themselves and for everybody else, and there is nothing stopping you from doing so for yourself. o
  9. o ESPN's 'College GameDay' Coming to Memphis State Football Game for First Time vs SMU (By Evan Barnes) https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/2019/10/28/espn-college-gameday-memphis-football-smu/4066244002/ o
  10. o It's not anonymous. I can see who the 2 members that down-voted your post are, as can any and all plus members. o
  11. o I don't believe in jinxes, whammies, and curses, any more than I believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus. The the outcome of Game 6 and/or Game 7 will have nothing to do with the fact that this thread was started. That said, I believe that this thread is extremely premature ........ the Astros are the better team, but not by leaps and bounds. Verlander is a better overall pitcher than is Strasburg, but not by an overwhelmingly large margin. The Astros have the advantage of playing on their home-field, but they are quite capable of losing home playoff games (as we saw in the first 2 games of this very series.) If I absolutely had to bet money on who would win the 2019 World Series with the Astros being ahead 3 games to 2 and heading home for the remainder of the series, I would bet that the Astros would win ........ but I wouldn't be shocked if the Nationals found a way to pull the upset, or at the very least forced a Game 7 before ceding the series to the Astros. o
  12. o I didn't insinuate that it did, as I pointed out the fact that the previous batter could have been easily called out on strikes which would have ended the inning in the first place. The article suggests/asserts that a crucial bad call could make a significant impact on a game, which we all know happens frequently throughout the course of each and every season ........ in fact, that is the crux of your OP (and your corresponding thread title.) o
  13. o Previous to the call in question (the 3-2 punch-out of Victor Robles), Ryan Zimmerman had a 3-2 pitch that was probably a strike that was called a ball, and he drew a walk (instead of ending the inning) ........ so one could argue that the inning should have been over in the first place before the very bad call to Robles. Either way, the whole electronic umpire debate is (if nothing else) interesting. How One Blown Strike Call in Game 5 Illustrates MLB's need for Robot Umps (By Jeff Passan) https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27947161/how-one-blown-strike-call-game-5-illustrates-mlb-need-robot-umps o
  14. o Agreed. Unless there is a masochistic GM out there somewhere, the thread title of "Chris Davis Salary Dump Matches" is an oxymoron. o
  15. OFFNY

    Auburn Revived

    o I agree, it's highly unlikely that Auburn would have won the game without that extremely questionable rule. They probably would have gotten the ball back deep in their own territory with only 25 seconds left to play and no timeouts. It's still very annoying to see it (that rule) play out that way, as it did in the 2003 season Fiesta Bowl between Kansas State and Ohio State. o
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