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  1. o Lindy McDaniel died. McDaniel was one month short of his 85th birthday. The cause of death was the COVID virus. I remember McDaniel when he pitched for the Yankees in the early 70's. He pitched for 21 Major League seasons, from 1955 through 1975. The versatile McDaniel won 141 games, was credited with 174 Saves, led the National League in Saves 3 times (1959, 1960, and 1963), and led the National League in Winning Percentage in 1960 (.750.) In 1970 at the age of 34 he had 29 Saves, a 2.01 ERA, and an 0.994 WHIP for the 2nd-Place Yankees (93-69.) o
  2. o The St. Louis Cardinals franchise has been around since 1882. That's 139 seasons. In all of that time (1882-present), who holds the all-time Cardinals franchise record for most consecutive strikeouts in a game? Is it Bob Gibson ??? Grover Cleveland Alexander ??? Jesse Haines ??? Dizzy Dean ??? No. While those superstars shined brightly for many years and many games for the Redbirds (especially Gibson and Haines), none of them holds the franchise record (1882-present) for the most consecutive strikeouts in a game. If not one of them, then who ??? Perhaps Bob Forsch, Steve Carlton, Mort Cooper, or John Tudor ??? Nix again. Believe it or not, it is none other than JOHN SMOLTZ. In 2009, in the twilight of his career and well past his prime, future Hall-of-Famer Smoltz struck out 7 consecutive batters on August 23rd against the Padres ........ IN HIS VERY FIRST GAME AS A CARDINAL. And mind you, this WAS NOT vintage John Smoltz. This was a 42 year-old pitcher who was hanging on at the end of his storied career, probably for no other reason than wanting to get every inch of love out of the game that he had been playing for the better part of his life. In fact, previous to the Cardinals signing him as a free agent that August, Smoltz has been absolutely dreadful pitching for the Red Sox (which is why they released him in the first place), going 2-5 with an 8.33 ERA. Smoltz pitched 6 more games for the Cardinals, and retired at the end of the season. Strange, but true. o
  3. o When I was in 8th grade in January of 1979, I remember the big story around school was that 2 Brewster High School girls (Sue Mileto and Karen Koenig) were killed by a drunk driver named Kevin Holiday in the early morning hours of January 1st. They were walking home from a New Year's Eve/Day party, and he was driving his car on the road. The laws for DWI in those days were considerably more lenient than they are today. Holliday wound up spending 2 years in jail for the fatal offense. I recently looked up the incident in an old local newspaper from that time, and sure enough, only a few months before that tragedy occurred I saw that a young man had been arrested for DWI. The driver's name who had been arrested for that previous DWI was ...... Kevin Holliday. This was just one example of it not being "if" but "when" somebody with this particular pattern of behavior would eventually wind up killing somebody. o
  4. o The most interesting contingent of Oriole fans to me are the ones who grew up in northwestern New York State, and became fans of the Orange-and-Black because of the team's affiliation with the AAA-Rochester Red Wings between 1961 and 2002. o
  5. o I remember when Moyer pitched a complete-game shutout against the Mets, in June of 1988. The next day, the back page of the NY Daily News read "MOYER DESTROYER." o
  6. o He was very lucky ...... when the police found him at the traffic light, the car was still in drive and his foot was still on the brake when he fell asleep. If his foot had not stayed on the break while he was sleeping, we might not be having this conversation. o
  7. o When the Padres acquired Clevinger in late August, they had plans for him that went beyond just the 2020 Pennant race ...... hence the new contract which they awarded him, in spite of the that fact that he will miss the entire 2021 season. Padres Sign Mike Clevinger, then Announce that He'll Miss the 2020 Season after Tommy John Surgery (Kevin Acee and Jeff Sanders) https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/story/2020-11-16/padres-mike-clevinger-contract-tommy-john-2021-season o
  8. OFFNY

    2020 Chicago White Sox

    o Jose Abreu is Named the AL MVP: Just the 4th White Sox Player Ever to win the Honor (By Lamond Pope) https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/white-sox/ct-chicago-white-sox-jose-abreu-al-mvp-20201112-rkqqc2t7arazzoys47ukhqhx5u-story.html Nellie Fox: lllllllll. 1959 Dick Allen: llllllllll 1972 Frank Thomas: lllll 1993, 1994 Jose Abreu: lllllllllll. 2020 o
  9. o I thought that it was a good post. It made me laugh. o
  10. o Whatever decision that the White Sox make in regard to LaRussa's managerial position, you can always point to this post as being prophetic. ) o
  11. o 3 DAYS LATER (November 6th) Alex Cora to Return to Red Sox as Manager, 10 Months after Parting Ways in Wake of Sign-Stealing Scandal (By Alex Speier) https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/11/06/sports/red-sox-alex-cora-manager/ o
  12. OFFNY

    2020 Boston Red Sox

    o Alex Cora to Return to Red Sox as Manager, 10 Months after Parting Ways in Wake of Sign-Stealing Scandal (By Alex Speier) https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/11/06/sports/red-sox-alex-cora-manager/ o
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