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  1. o This sentiment/point is somewhat reminiscent of the whole situation with the late Bill Buckner and Game 6 of the 1986 World Series ........ Buckner (like Chris Ray 21 years later), should have been celebrating the win with his teammates long before the final nail in the coffin was hammered in. Historically, the infamous Bill Buckner play is one of the most overblown and misinterpreted issues of all-time ........ to this day, there are people who still believe that the Red Sox were winning the game when Buckner made that error, and that the Mets scored 2 runs on said play. The reality is that the Red Sox had already blown a seemingly insurmountable lead (2 outs, a 2-run lead, and nobody on base) in such a horrific fashion ........ 3 consecutive singles ceded by their best reliever (Calvin Schiraldi), and then the wild pitch by their 2nd-best reliever (Bob Stanley) WHICH GAVE THE METS THE TYING RUN, subsequently taking all of the pressure off of them. Even if Dave Stapleton were on the field and had made that play, it would not have saved the game for the Red Sox ........ THE GAME WAS ALREADY TIED, and the Red Sox, at that point, had emotionally just had their lungs ripped out. Would the Red Sox still have had a chance to win that game had Stapleton been on the field, made the play, and the game went to the 11th inning ??? Technically, yes. But if I were a bookie laying odds on that game at that precise moment (right after Stapleton made the play and extended the game into an 11th inning), I would be laying the odds heavily in favor of the Mets. Buckner's error (and/or McNamara's failure to have inserted Dave Stapleton as a defensive replacement for Buckner) was just the final nail in the coffin of what was a disastrous collapse by the Red Sox as a team overall in that game. o
  2. o When I was visiting my cousins in West Springfield, VA in 1977, they used to get the Washington Star newspaper. There was a picture of some game action when the Orioles were playing the Angels in early August, and the caption stated that Andy Etchebarren was the catcher for the Angels. When I saw that picture and the caption, I thought to myself, "Hey, that's our guy. It's good to see that he is still in playing in the Majors." o
  3. o My most vivid memory of Chris Ray was when I was at OPACY for Opening Day, in 2009. It was Ray's first game/time back on the team since he had Tommy John surgery in August of 2007, and he, along with the other 24 Orioles on the roster, came running down the orange carpet on the field during the introduction ceremonies ........ we all cheered wildly for him when he was announced, and he came running/trotting out. The game itself was even more memorable, as Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia were playing in their first game with their new team. Early in the game, we were up big. But then the Yanks came back to within one run at 6-5, with 2 of their runs coming off of Ray. In the bottom of the 8th inning, we had a runner on first base, and up stepped Cesar Izturis. Izzy sent a ball to deep left-field. The person behind me yelled, "Get out ...... PLEASE, get out !!!" About a second and-a-half later, OPACY erupted when the ball just barely cleared the wall. Our precarious 6-5 lead was suddenly a comfortable 8-5 margin, the Yankees pitcher (Phil Coke) was taken out, the Yank relievers continued to get pounded, and we had our big Opening Day win against Sabathia, Teixeira, and the Yankees ......... possibly the biggest win of that entire 2009 season for us. ) o
  4. OFFNY

    2019 Minnesota Twins

    o Twins starting pitcher Randy Dobnak is from Pennsylvania . (GAME TWO, ALDS) ******************* MINNESOTA T WINS Maximilian Kepler-Rozycki - CF Jorge Luis Pacheco Polanco - SS Nelson Ramon Cruz Martinez - DH Eddie Rosario - RF Mitchell Garver - C Luis Arraez - 2B Miguel Angel Jean Sano - 3B Marwin Gonzalez - 1B Andrew Jacob "A.J." Cave - LF Randy Dobnak - RHP )) (2-1, 1.59 ERA) NEW YORK YANKEES David John "D.J." LeMahieu - 1B Aaron James "A.J." Judge - RF Brett Gardner - CF Edwin Encarnacion - DH Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton - LF Gleyber David Torres Castro - 2B Gary Sanchez - C Mariekson Gregorius - SS Giovanny Urshela - 3B 田中 将大 - RHP )) (11-9, 4.45 ERA) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups?q=%2Flineups o
  5. OFFNY

    2019 New York Yankees

    o (vs. TWINS, 10/04 ) )))))) [ALDS, Game One] Gary Sanchez just did an anti-Derek Jeter ........ when the ball hit the knob of the bat, he pointed at the bat, signaling that was was not hit by the pitch. o
  6. OFFNY

    2019 Minnesota Twins

    o Gary Sanchez just did an anti-Derek Jeter ........ when the ball hit the knob of the bat, he pointed at the bat, signaling that was was not hit by the pitch. o
  7. OFFNY

    2019 Minnesota Twins

    o In 2018, the respective starting pitchers for each team (Jose Berrios and James Paxton) led the American League in Complete Games (2) and CG-Shutouts (1) ........ this season, neither completed a game. Paxton was pitching for the Mariners at that time (2018), while Berrios has remained with the men from eastern Minnesota. (GAME ONE, ALDS) ******************* MINNESOTA T WINS Mitchell Garver - C Jorge Luis Pacheco Polanco - SS Nelson Ramon Cruz Martinez - DH Eddie Rosario - RF Miguel Angel Jean Sano - 3B Maximilian Kepler-Rozycki - CF Marwin Gonzalez - LF Christopher John "C.J." Cron, Jr. - 1B Luis Arraez - 2B Jose Orlando Berrios - RHP )) (14-8, 3.68 ERA) NEW YORK YANKEES David John "D.J." LeMahieu - 1B Aaron James "A.J." Judge - RF Brett Gardner - CF Edwin Encarnacion - DH Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton - LF Gleyber David Torres Castro - 2B Gary Sanchez - C Mariekson Gregorius - SS Giovanny Urshela - 3B James Alston Paxton - LHP )) (15-6, 3.82 ERA) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups?q=%2Flineups o
  8. o (GAME ONE, ALDS) ******************* TAMPA BAY DEVIL R AYS Austin Meadows - RF Tommy James "T.J." Pham - LF 최지만 - 1B Yandy Diaz Fernandez - DH Brandon Lowe - 2B Travis d'Arnaud - C Joseph Patrick "J.P." Wendle - 3B Kevin James "K.J." Kiermaier - CF Willy Rafael Luna Adames - SS Tyler Allen Glasnow - RHP )) (6-1, 1.78 ERA) HOUSTON ASTROS George Chelston Springer III - CF Jose Altuve - 2B Michael Charles Brantley, Jr. - LF Alexander Davis "A.D." Bregman - 3B Yordan Alvarez - DH Yuliesky Gurriel Castillo - 1B Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer - SS Robinson David Chirinos Gonzalez - C William Joshua Reddick - RF Justin Brooks "J.B." Verlander - RHP )) (21-6, 2.58 ERA) ) * * )) Led the Major Leagues in Wins (21), WHIP (0.803), Innings Pitched (223), Hits Ceded Per 9 Innings (5.529), and Games Started (34), and Led the National League in WHIP (7.143) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups?q=%2Flineups o
  9. o (OCTOBER 2nd) The starting lineups and starting pitchers are posted in the D-Rays' annual thread. o
  10. OFFNY

    2019 Tampa Bay D-Rays

    o (WILD-CARD PLAYOFF GAME) ************************ Sean Manaea has been lights-out since returning from shoulder surgery last month, pitching to the tune of a 1.21 ERA and an 0.775 WHIP. Charlie Morton IV has been the anti-Orioles pitcher this season, leading the Major Leagues in Home Runs Ceded Per 9 Innings (0.694.) TAMPA BAY DEVIL R AYS Yandy Diaz Fernandez - 1B Thomas James "T.J." Pham - DH Austin Meadows - LF Travis d'Arnaud - C Matthew Duffy - 3B Avisail Antonio Garcia Yaguarin - RF Willy Rafael Luna Adames - SS Kevin James "K.J." Kiermaier - CF Michael Brosseau - 2B Charles Alfred Morton IV - RHP )) (16-6, 3.05 ERA) ) * * )) Leads the Major Leagues Leagues in Home Runs Ceded Per 9 Innings (0.694) OAKLAND A THLETICS Marcus Semien - SS Ramon Laureano - RF Matthew Chapman - 3B Matthew Olson - 1B Mark Canha - CF Jurickson Profar - 2B Khristopher Davis - DH Robert Grossman - LF Sean Murphy - C Sean Anthony Manaea - LHP )) (4-0, 1.21 ERA) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups?q=%2Flineups o
  11. o (End of the Season) The Athletics went 60-29 from June 17th onward ........ that's a .674 Winning Percentage for more than half of the season. ) o
  12. o Thanks for being a stickler. I didn't think that a reminder on the main board for the start of the post-season that didn't include the Orioles was an inconvenience. o
  13. o (OCTOBER 1st) The starting lineups and starting pitchers are posted in the Brewers' annual thread. o
  14. OFFNY

    2019 Milwaukee Brewers

    o (WILD-CARD PLAYOFF GAME) ************************ MILWAUKEE BREWERS Trenton Marcus Grisham (Born Trenton Marcus Clark) - RF Yasmani Grandal - C Michael Moustakas - 3B Keston Wee Hing Natsuo Hiura - 2B Ryan Joseph "R.J." Braun - LF Eric Thames - 1B Lorenzo Cain - CF Orlando Arcia - SS Brandon Kyle Woodruff - RHP )) (11-3, 3.62 ERA) WASHINGTON NATIONALS Trea Vance "T.V." Turner - SS Adam Cory "A.C." Eaton - RF Anthony Rendon - 3B Juan Jose Soto Pacheco - LF Howie Joseph "Ho-Jo" Kendrick III - 1B Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Kurt Suzuki - C Victor Enrique Robles Brito - CF Maxwell M. Scherzer - RHP )) (11-7, 2.92 ERA) ) * * )) Leads the Major Leagues League in FIP (2.45) and Strikeouts-to-Walks Ratio (7.364), and Leads the National League in Strikeouts-Per-9 Innings Ratio (12.691) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups?q=%2Flineups o
  15. OFFNY

    Postseason picks

    o Also, here are the total starts for the 2019 season for the Cardinals' Top-4 in their rotation ........ Jack Flaherty llllllllllllll. 33 lllll. Starts Dakota Hudson llllllllllllllll 33 llllll Starts Miles Mikolas llllllllllllllll 32 llllll Starts Adam Wainwright lllllllllll 31 lllll. Starts That sounds pretty healthy, and pretty consistent. o
  16. OFFNY

    Postseason picks

    o Prior to his last 2 start of the season (which were bad), Adam Wainwright's numbers were somewhat reminiscent of Orel Hershiser's numbers down the stretch in 1988 ........ in 4 starts between September 2nd and September 18th, Wainwright ceded 1 Earned Run over 27 Innings Pitched ........ that's good for an 0.33 ERA and an 0.926 WHIP, 5 Walks, and 14 Strikeouts. Even including those last 2 bad starts, he had 7 Walks and 23 Strikeouts over 36.33 Innings Pitched. And considering that Wainwright was the Redbirds' 4th best starting pitcher throughout most of the season prior to that late run, that's kind of scary ........ the men from eastern Missouri are my sleeper pick for the National League Pennant, and possibly the World Series title as well. o
  17. o Similar to Al Gionfriddo robbing Joe DiMaggio in the 1947 World Series, Evans robbed Joe Morgan in the 1975 World Series with a one-handed, jumping catch. And like Sandy Amoros in the 1955 World Series, Evans augmented his catch by completing a double play. o
  18. o (FINAL NUMBERS, 2019 SEASON) 13 lll HR 53 lll RBI 16 lll 2B 13 lll 3B 15 lll SB / 1 lCS l(83%) .241 lll BA .297 lll OBP .412 lll SLG .708 lll OPS o
  19. o Or, simply tell yourself what I often tell myself ......... "next time, just shut up and watch the game." o
  20. o I just promoted you from Advanced-Rookie League Aberdeen to Regular-A Delmarva ........ congratulations. o
  21. o Great catch by Wilkerson, great call by Thorne, and great sound-effects from the stunned Red Sox fans reacting to one of their guys being robbed of a Home Run ........ that's a lot of goodness all wrapped into one play for Oriole fans. o
  22. o Thanks for all of the recaps this season. o
  23. o Or if "Worse Than Last Year's Team" and "The Worst Team of All-Time" don't pan out, try something else ......... one is less likely to be wrong if the declaration/hypothesis is made after all of the games have been played. o
  24. o This year's finished team at 54-108 (.333.) Last year's finished team at 47=115 (.290.) o
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