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  1. not entirely sure why people are beefing here. You might have had a case for the top 2 Vandy guys Leiter and Rocker... but anything below that was gonna be a stretch. If you're playing the slot game... which seems to be the norm nowadays, why are you moaning over guys who are projects? If you're looking for hope from mid round picks...
  2. so let's get this straight then... it's cheating when you let the batter know what pitch is coming, and its cheating when the pitch is doctored.... why not just let it all go?
  3. The reason for optimism is simple... this is the ONLY way we are working now. No big spending in the FA market, and the investment in developing as much lower level talent as possible. History has taught us one thing... that we're in it for the long haul, that there are no get rich quick schemes, and that while it'll probably take a lot longer than any of us imagined... we can live in hope while we are pontificating the vales of those that are in the system. You really can't ask for any more than that.
  4. As I said in a previous thread. I think traditional starters are doomed. As Fangraphs notes the average innings per start has been getting lower and lower over the past several years. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/starting-pitcher-workloads-have-been-significantly-reduced-in-2020/ The nature of the game I believe is based on pitch counts now. Sure it's great to have guys who can throw 100 pitches over 7 or 8 innings, but I think there aren't that many guys who can do that any more. We're gonna move to 3 innings per pitcher and hopefully the effective guys won't get through the o
  5. Just imagine... if he hits 50 points higher he could be in the reckoning for "comeback player of the year" That would mean he'd be hitting above the mendoza line at around .215 Something to shoot for.
  6. 2 Words... Trey Mancini. Our season is a success the minute he takes the field.
  7. and that idea has given us Chris Davis... sorry... but home runs are great... but if I can get disciplined guys who can drive a pitch, get on base more and hit the occasional home run... I'll go with that 9 times out of 10.
  8. The idea actually came from the non designated starter idea that has popped up in recent times. I'd rather have 5 or 6 guys who can pitch 3 innings than a guy who can only come in against left handed hitters.
  9. I disagree... I think for the game to improve we need less specialist pitchers, more hitters who can hit to the opposite field (defeats the shift), and more chances to get guys chances to improve in all aspects of the game. The game is so.... meh nowadays.
  10. The reality is that a game where a team gets blown out really does 2 things: 1) Fans leave the park or if watching on TV change the channel. 2) By the 7th inning what are you achieving in a blowout? In basketball or football (pro) tv stations will change to a more competitive game.
  11. Why cant we have better pitchers overall? Shouldn't that be the goal?
  12. This is the point. The more pitchers you have, the less hitters you have. You are more inclined to allow a struggling hitter to exist without having any real competition for the position. If you have a starter that can go 5 or 6, and can divvy up the rest between 2 guys, you have a better game overall.
  13. I don't think guys should be rewarded for hitting foul balls. I remember Keith Hernandez saying one time that you only get one real good chance per ab. Not that I necessarily agree with that idea... but with variable strike zones, I'd like to see pitchers get an out and keep their PCs down. Mercy rules are dumb... but getting down 5+ runs is also dumb..
  14. re-define relievers... We have, for far too long had to keep specialists, setup men, 7th inning guys... it's truly madness... and it all takes time away from the game. If you have pitchers who can't deal with 3 innings work...
  15. A couple of suggestions. 1) Three pitchers a game (unless one gets injured during the game). 2) Mercy rule - a team up by 5 or more after 7... ballgame. 3) Allow sign stealing. (It happens anyway so why not just make it a part of the game?) 4) 5 foul balls = out (no matter if the fouls happen on strike 1 or strike 3).
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