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  1. is it in our nature to be hopeful? Have the Angelos brothers/family ever given us reason to believe hat they are not creatures of habit? I want to be hopeful... but the cynical one inside my head keeps telling me... talk is cheap.
  2. There's no way to go but up. If these guys are half as good as we hope, it should be a really fun ride. Now to put butts in seats.
  3. The reality here is that someone has to tell him that if he's not helping, he's hindering. He's put us in a NO-WIN position if he doesn't allow himself to be optioned out, our bought out. There is no way you can tell any other player that what he does is acceptable, in any shape or fashion. The idea that he's allowed to suck is not a precedent ANY manager or GM can set regardless of the contract. The Players Association can go to hell. They can't defend his output, and neither can he. If he can't take the pressure of trying to fix what's obviously broken, and that CAN'T be done at the ML level, then he has no right to take the spot of someone that might hit 100 points better. I've always been a "CRUSH" fan... but this version... "CRASH" needs to look in the damn mirror.
  4. I had no connection.... and still really don't have any connection with Baltimore. I was a kid living in Canada, and went to my first game at Tiger Stadium. It was in 1976 and we beat Fidrych. He was awesome.... but we won.... I can't even remember the score. Tiger Stadium was this monolithic place, and Detroit seemed so... big. Fidrych was a god to the tiger fans.... I'll never forget it. I've been an O ever since.
  5. Won't argue... Buck was the best since Earl. That says something. Thanks Buck... hope to see you on Baseball Tonight next season.
  6. That was sarcasm... maybe I should have put a bunch of emoji's after it so you'd figure it out?
  7. Classic.... if it's the owner's fault... then why even have a GM? What was Dan doing if Angelos was making all the tough decisions? Oh yeah... someone has to be the face. Sucks to be an over-paid Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.
  8. wow... you're happy with the team he's built now? From "contender" to...what would this be exactly I get it. You want a participation medal. A thanks for playing medal. Like little league. You want to give him a shot because... we made a wild-card game 2 years ago? And we built on that success by... where did we finish last year? Who was to blame for that? Chris Davis? Who re-signed Davis again (if it's Angelos... then what the hell was Dan doing?)? That albatross... the one who won't fly? Yeah.... you're right. I've got a short memory. I remember what this season has been like... actually since the al-star break 2017... do you remember last August? Last September?? How's your short term memory? and why exactly we are in this position... you know... this supposed "contender" status? Great GM work? He made the important moves.... please.... explain it to me. Our beloved GM was in such demand when we hired him too. We outbid how many other teams to get him? Sorry dude but this is very much about ... what have you done for me lately? The past 15 months has been a nightmare. Managers have been fired for less. GM's would have been fired for less. First to worst. Just remember that. Oh you brought up 98-11? Guess what we're looking at square in the face? If you think there's a magic beanstalk leading us to the goose that laid the golden egg, I suggest you take a good look around...
  9. the point of building a contender is to win things isn't it? To show how good you are as a GM/M/organization? how good were we? Or was it all some faded fantasy? 1983.... and counting. If you think it doesn't matter... ask the Cubs or Red Sox....or the MFY.
  10. Checks the trophy cabinet for playoff medals... oh that's right.... they don't give out medals for that. sigh.
  11. I'm not the least bit convinced. He may want the job, but the results of his tenure with the O's are not positive. Far too many square pegs in round holes, and on top of it, we have not improved at any point in any part of the organization. Some will say he didn't actually become a GM until it was too late, that he was handcuffed by an ownership that demanded things be done their way. If ownership stands up and accepts responsibility for this, which they won't do, I would almost feel sorry for him. His inability to get the important deals done at the right time are his damning legacy. Either he couldn't make the deals because of ownership, which undermined him in the position completely and he should walk simply to save face, or he was incompetent and waited far too long to get the major deals done which clearly means his judgment must be questioned. Either way.... he needs to accept his role in this failure. I don't see that changing. I don't see Dan as a guy who can break the dysfunction that has put this entire system in the hole. There is no compromise here. If we don't/can't produce major league ready talent, we're going to be fishing in the wrong end of the talent pool. Sorry... but this organization needs a fresh start... top to bottom, and I don't see any of th current cast of characters as pieces of a new foundation from which to build upon.
  12. A couple of points here. 1) We have no idea if this team has bottomed out yet. If this year is considered to be that point, Next season will be a revelation. 2) Contention implies that there is a plan to get to that point. It's highly improbable and unrealistic to do that. 3) Rebuild can't begin until legacy issues have been dealt with. That includes management as well as those players we are burdened with (Chris Davis) that keep us tied to this version of history. In a perfect world Angelos finds a way to eat the majority of Davis' contract and we part ways amicably. Not going to happen. 4) There are no building blocks, only assets. Assets that can and should be utilized to get us better prospects and better depth organizationally. I see many people thinking that the current crop will be our future. Don't hold your breath. If we get new management, our priorities may shift dramatically. 5) Last point, If we are building through youth and our minors system, it's going to take that much longer. Obviously we don't have a great farm, and in order for the major league team to benefit, the minors have to be profitable.. This organization needs complete overhaul. Our issues are compounded by being in the same division as the MFY and the Sawx. This is going to take a lot longer than anyone can possibly imagine.
  13. Nah... fans... If the O's management actually cared about stats.... they'd care about OB%... and no one will ever admit th O's ever cared about that under Buck.
  14. Buck hasn't ever recovered from that decision in Toronto. Neither has THIS tam. This season was completely predictable based on last season. Last season, people will claim that we were in it until September (or whenever). That's a crock. Too many stats junkies, not enough reality seekers. Sometimes you gotta find ways to win. Sometimes it means admitting that mistakes were made and that they need to be corrected. Buck is gonna deal the hand he's dealt. Praying for long ball baseball does nothing if you're not hitting the long-ball. Where was the backup plan? Far too many games when we didn't do the little things. Walk...Hit and run, sacrifice, steal a damn base. What are you waiting for? Chris to turn into the Hulk? Trumbo to have another career year? Adam o take a walk, or not swing at that slider away on 2 strikes? Far too many things Buck could have tried and didn't...and let's not discuss why our pitching hasn't improved. When was Gausman, Tillman or Bundy ever going to really emerge as a solid starter? Buck's been waiting on the card that changes his two-pair into a full house. Sorry fans... tricks are for kids. Thanks... but I'll pass on 2019.
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