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  1. Classy... http://www.bluejaysmessageboard.com/threads/5941-Around-Baseball-2016/page233
  2. Pedro did same thing in his 1st spring training game. 2 bad bunt attempts against the shift that turned into strikes and into an 0-2 hole.
  3. One would think he would take his ire out on the Cubs for giving him a qualifying offer and putting him in that situation. Seems pretty narcissistic to blame a club for trying to sign him and not empathize what they have to give up to sign him. Pretty small mind to think that a contract with a 1 year opt-out would be fair to a team giving up a draft pick.
  4. Runner on second with nobody out and can't get him in? I hate this team!
  5. The X-Man COMETH!!!!
  6. Good move going with Gregg in the 9th. Be a great setup man for JJ's save.
  7. Looking back at the pitch sequence ... the ump made an absolutely horrendous call for the 1st strike. Even the scoreboard operator had it as a ball. It was curve that was so far out of the strike zone that it almost bounced into the plate. You could see the ump make a weak strike motion. I guarantee that if Lugo heard strike, he would've argued the strike as soon as it was called as it was comically bad. Instead he assumed it was a ball just as it appeared on the scoreboard.
  8. That is freakin' hilarious. Throwing a temper tantrum while the ball is still in play leads to an inside the parker.
  9. This is complete BS. Atkins completely setup Izzy for the 2-run single by not grounding into a double play.
  10. I dunno about that.I would put the score Orioles: 1 (BTW, No thanks to Wiggy K, bailed out by Tejada) Wiggington: 2 (horrible tag attempt on SB, throw beat him easily, tag did not + bad, bad error)
  11. And Miggy not even a choice for POG. What a sham.
  12. Keep Albers, Cut Atkins!
  13. Well, you aren't ever going to get them to admit a mistake or change thejir mind anyway. The argument is always in hope of future calls. I would rant and rave about how just the night before Pedroia got the benefit of the doubt when he was clearly off the bag. Inquire why there is such a double standard ... and personally, I would make the point forcefully.
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