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  1. I keep scrubbing, and scrubbing, but I can't get clean. That post was magic. Dirty, dirty magic.
  2. When you build a track record with your franchise, people give you the benefit of the doubt. A-Mac didn't have that.
  3. The Epic

    No more WAR!

    A lot of people (and maybe this includes me) don't necessarily use WAR as the be-all-end-all, but as a support for the obvious. I don't think that people say that Player X trumps Player Y because their WAR is 0.3 better. But if they are -so- much better (like with Cabrera/Trout), then maybe we're missing something here.
  4. Well, for one, he completely missed the weekday news cycle (which I'm not sure he planned, but whatever), so you're right. On the other hand, I'm just glad it's behind them. If more drama comes up next week, fine...just let it wait until then.
  5. I broke out my old Ray Lewis jersey for the first time in three years for the Colts game. I have a Suggs jersey that I usually wear. I've worn it every game since. Obviously, they're undefeated. So yeah.
  6. Yes, I read the article, and yes, I still think the timing is suspicious. Note that I don't CARE (as the media/journalists have no obligation to Ray Lewis), but I don't trust that things are all "oh what a coincidence", even with what the guy said on N&D. Call me cynical. Whatever. :-P Two things: 1) If the story was about Patrick Willis, for example, would it be treated the same way? I say yes. 2) If the story broke a month ago (pending suspension notwithstanding), the focus would likely be on Bama, with Lewis being secondary, correct? I say yes. What does this mean? Uhh...probably nothing, but I felt that it should be said.
  7. Two things: 1) I think that Nick Markakis is a bad example, because it's not to that extent. I'll say Cal Ripken. I know he's retired, but if someone suddenly came out during Cal's HOF week and said that Cal took PFD's, we'd cry "foul" from the mountaintops. 2) The story broke when it did because it's the biggest football media day of the year. It's the news equivalent of Kate Upton. The media's obligation isn't to Baltimore; it's to their bosses, who pay their salaries. To release it on Tuesday was a great marketing move.
  8. Could someone PM me as to what the surprise was? Now I'm curious!
  9. Until a couple of angry kids overtake the teacher? Or a teacher gets really, really pissed off? There's just too many bad things that could happen there, especially when the kids KNOW that the teacher has a gun.
  10. Is Danny Tartabull available? Does he still speak in the third person?
  11. The loss sucked, but we are, for almost all intents and purposes, in. There is no situation (other than a Steelers-Bengals tie) where the Ravens cannot make the playoffs.
  12. UNC is never leaving the ACC without Duke. Ever. The students would revolt.
  13. Out of curiosity, does anyone know when fallen branches and whatnot get picked up? I tried to look it up, and couldn't find it anywhere.
  14. If we win the AL East, we go to Detroit. We cannot take the 1 seed in any form.
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