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  1. Dan Connolly @danconnolly2016 Orioles, Angels attempting to hash out Cobb deal. Contractual situation is complicated, would need MLB approval. Source says Os will be getting at least one minor leaguer in return and Os will be paying more than half of Cobb’s $15M salary. Part will be present day, part deferral
  2. I can't imagine we get anything back other then the savings of shedding our second highest salary on payroll and getting us closer to the #1.
  3. Maybe the reason is more business minded then dire. These are one year deals. The team knows revenue at the Yard will be down and the product they are putting own on a major league level will be low quality. So for this year they defer until revenues rebound. The Davis deal is the 'big lump" that many other rebuilding franchises didn't have to carry- to this amount. I am hopeful this is more business minded creative thinking then a sign things are so rough.
  4. It's been a hot start for Rut in their first 8 games. Avg. .400 with 4 HRs, SLG .920 OBP .595.
  5. Do you think the Executive Office would consider this a success if we end up picking first again? Surely they have dicussed the likelihood, which seems quite plausible. Anyone believe that is the strategy, focus on development and intently strategize for the top pick?
  6. Time will tell. One of the benefits of all the technology is the ability to determine variances in real time. If the data shows a velo drop outside of his normal ranges it allows the staff to explore why. Athletes are used to working through discomfort, soreness, inflammation, minor injuries, etc. So with these insights the coaches can step in and get things on track and prevent further risks.
  7. https://www.mlb.com/news/adley-rutschman-compared-to-top-100-prospects/c-303363898?tid=151437456 "But the college season is just around the corner with Rutschman's first game with Oregon State coming on Feb. 15. And he was No. 1 on that list and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, should be in the conversation to go No. 1 overall to the Orioles." On this current list, I could see Rutschman slotting in somewhere in that Mize-to-Bart range, so let's put him at No. 17 and move Mize to 18. As for next year, if he replicates his monster sophomore season again as a junior, I could see h
  8. Seems like the idea may be catching on around the league. Why not give it a try?
  9. Bobby Dickerson- Need a developmental based coach for the next few years
  10. Kyle Boddy‏Verified account @drivelinebases FollowingFollowing @drivelinebases More Kyle Boddy Retweeted Atlanta Braves Gonna see a lot more of this now that he's free. Kyle Boddy added, Atlanta BravesVerified account @Braves Welcome home, @KevinGausman! #ChopOn 10:54 PM - 10 Aug 2018
  11. If anyone is not going to go I would purchase the tickets from you. My son is 10 and has never been to opening day so we would need just 2. Please send me a pm.
  12. Have some mixed feelings over this. It got to the point where Buck was commenting to the media and I felt like if he didn't want to be here then move on. A bit excited to see something new like Cespesdes. But I'm sure as soon as Davis trots around the diamond all will be forgotten.
  13. I can appreciate the perspective from the traditionalist, purist, and elitist. They make similar arguments to Baltimore fans yelling O during the anthem. But I took my youth baseball team to a game and the wave broke out. They loved it and it made their night even better. I understand we live in a society where everything is offensive. Songs, waves, chants, can all be ignored if you don't enjoy them. Its a game played for entertainment.
  14. It really wasn't a great experience overall. While I had several good moments, the lines and crowds really diminished the experience. I think its great they draw such a large crowd. They will need to offer more events, activities, etc to fight the lines and crowds.
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