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  1. Let us all know when you make your first quarter off that.
  2. MLB.com can’t wait to tell the story of “Andrew Means”. https://www.mlb.com/news/2019-all-star-game-rosters
  3. Ubaldo, D-Cab, Jake Arrieta. Watching each of them pitch hereis about the most frustrating thing possible. So much raw talent and they just can't/couldn't put it together in an Orioles uni.
  4. 6yrs ago, the Angels took a 230lb OF with the 25th overall pick... I think it worked out ok for them.
  5. Yeahhh...watching coverage on the news, I'm glad that I didn't go. I love how it's called 'peaceful' despite intimidating 10,000s of men, women, and children just trying to see a baseball game.
  6. Anyone going to the game tonight? Does anyone think it'll be disruptive getting there? I don't have tickets now, but was planning to go and buy tickets at the gate. However, with protesters vowing to shut down the city, I don't wanna put myself in a situation where I'm potentially dealing with extreme traffic and being harassed just to get to a game. I can watch at home or a bar tonight and go a different day.
  7. There's so much stupid with this post I don't know where to start; I'll ignore it and expand... CD didn't even figure into my plans for next year. I figured you have Pearce play first. Altuve is going into the 2nd year of a 4yr/$12M deal that has 2 options after that. You can get a 24y.o. emerging stud leadoff hitter which this team desperately needs for cheap. He has a skillset we need that Schoop will never offer. And I'm not sure how you think this move precludes us from signing Cruz or Nick either (who quite frankly, we can get a comparable player like Melky instead of anyway). Genius.
  8. Reading the scouting report on Heaney took me back to 2008... I feel like a lot in there was practically copy and pasted directly from Brian Matusz's scouting report. Not saying that he will end up being no better than Matusz, but their reports are eerily similar and it reminded me that prospects are just that...prospects. If we trade CD for Heaney, I wonder how close Heaney + Schoop could come to landing Altuve. :scratchchinhmm:
  9. Assuming he can handle the position, I'd like to see Wieters on 1B. Maybe that prevents his bat from declining as the season wears on as well. Clevenger can swing the bat and isn't a liability behind home plate. Option Weeks or Lombo and call up another catcher.
  10. Spending Money When The Time Is Right. Another classic by, you guessed it, Peter Angelos.
  11. Actually, my argument would be that he should be higher. From what I've heard and read about him, I think he has more upside and chance of hitting his upside than anyone on the list not named Bundy or Gausman.
  12. Dickey hung his ball out there and Crush hit him where it hurt!
  13. Dickey, Wang, and Johnson better get ready. Orioles are trying to grab a rubber today before flying to Toronto, taking a day to rest up, and then working them over.
  14. I'm not looking past the game today, but looking at the schedule, I found it funny that we're facing Dickey, Wang, and Johnson. What is up with this Toronto staff?! :laughlol:
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