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  1. That was not Brian's fault...he gave them a playable ball. That is on Buck for loading the bases and on Wayne Kirby for having the OF in shallow. Not Brian's fault at all.
  2. TrentBizzle

    Jason Heyward

    Wieters for Heyward and someone else...pretty sure Atlanta is going to be after Wieters anyway...might be a good use of resources in the case that Nick doesn't resign...although I really think the O's will keep Nick somehow.
  3. Well I guess I'll see you at Camden when Caleb is starting. Maybe then you'll believe he's a catching prospect.
  4. Joseph's bad numbers throwing runners out this year can be attributed to two major issues. First and foremost....The pitching staff in Bowie all have slow release times. In most cases the baserunner can make the run in just over 3 seconds. The time taken for the pitcher to complete his motion and for the ball to be caught by the catcher needs to be about 1.3 seconds in order for the catcher to have a shot at throwing the runner out....That gives the catcher around 2 seconds to make the throw and for the 2nd baseman to make the tag. Anything over 1.3 seconds would not allow the catcher to even get close to making the play. The problem in Bowie is that most pitchers either have too lengthy of a motion (over 1.3 seconds) or they throw stuff that moves a lot (Britton). If you watch Britton pitch he tends to have a lot of movement on his sliders. The catcher has to be on top of in order to make a play, but in many cases the ball will get away or will be unplayable. The second reason comes when you have a middle infield that is for all basic purpose mediocre. Adams and Florimon have been awful this year. I was at a game when Adams missed the tag two or three times even after Joseph got it to him with perfect placement. That's just another factor that helps cause Joseph's bad numbers. I'm suggesting that you look at those aspects before you judge Caleb for his numbers when throwing runners out. His numbers last year were bad as well because he had the same pitching staff to work with...minus Matusz of course. The numbers don't tell the whole story.
  5. My impression of Brian Matusz: Great first outing. There were a couple of things he did that I noticed. First of all, he threw a strike for his first pitch in his debut. It's hard enough to throw a strike in general, but much more in your debut. I know that may not be a big thing to most of you, but that may have been one of my highlights from watching this game. Secondly I thought his strikeout against Miguel Cabrera showed how mature of a pitcher he is already. He didn't let the nerves get to him when a major slugger was hitting. Lastly...he was in jams each of the last three innings, yet he never showed any signs of being nervous or antsy. With 1 out and runners on 2nd and 3rd he was able to calmly focus in and knock the last two outs himself. I think that would be the biggest thing about this game for him. I also don't want to neglect the fact that the rest of the O's were on their game. Izturis made two HUGE plays to save runs and more importantly save Brian's butt. Matusz pitched wonderfully, but some credit has to go to the rest of the team. Final statement: My Matusz jersey should be on my doorstep in 7-10 days.
  6. 3 for 5, 4 RBI tonight. Hitting .343 I don't think it's too ambitious at all to say he should be in Bowie. I don't think there is any part of his game that is holding him back. If anything he can get better work in at Bowie. His defense will only improve from seeing improved pitching. He's 23 years old...let's see if he can handle the move. If he can keep up there really isn't anything that should hold him back. There are NO other real catchers in the O's minors. I say send him up now.
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