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  1. I would like to see what is being offered for Jones if a trade could be made. Heyward and Jones in Atlanta would be something to watch. And I agree with Miller making the 25 man with Jones. When I first heard of this pickup I was thinking Miller to replace Luke Scott anyway.
  2. What was Mark Reynolds career K percentage for plate appearances? Anyone know?
  3. Another power stick for the minors to go along with Brandon Waring.
  4. Looks like more of the same from the Orioles. Nothing to get excited about.
  5. I did not like Hoes at 3rd last season and he seemed to be lost when playing there. However if they are not going to use Waring at 3rd I would like to see him at 3rd with Machado, Schoop and Towsend rounding out the infield.
  6. Mahoney has to overcome his constant health issues. Reminds me a lot of Nolan Reimold early in his minor league career. Always having nagging injuries.
  7. I will just say I wish Mr. Jordan well if he is picked up by the Phillies. There is no mistake I've been a harsh critic of him but I wish him no malice. Sometimes a change is good for both parties. To say I am looking forward to a big shakeup in player development is an understatement.
  8. I wish I knew more about how our coaches and player development folks are going about "fixing" our pitchers problems. Looks like it just isn't happening.
  9. I feel he is the front runner going into 2012. If there is a deal out there which he would be a part of we make the trade. If not he has done enough to start in left. His numbers project pretty good over a full season. By playing a full season his value will be higher in trade talks.
  10. The Oriole management should be ashamed of themselves to continue to allow Gregg to close. This is ridiculous. Give someone else a chance to close and if you need to keep your money investment in Gregg make him a situational guy in the middle innings or stretch him out to long relief for a season. We are sick of this Buck and Peter.
  11. This franchise will never return to respectablility if we continue to keep guys on the roster that can not perform. Not sure what sample of failure Buck needs to see to make him understand Gregg is a nibbler and can not close games effectively. Wake up Buck. Please.
  12. I have learned something about Buck Showalter. He is a very, very, very stubborn man.
  13. Buck working the pen like a maestro.
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