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  1. Wow, those teams must not be top 25! November means so much.
  2. Nahh, you're putting way too much weight on nothing. This team looks far deeper and more dominant than any Maryland team I can remember since prime Gary era. Every game they have started off slow, but after that slow start they were clearly dominant and destroyed everyone they've played. I think you're putting way too much weight on the outcomes of these games overall - look at UNC and Virginia. They're beating their trash opponents by less than 10 points in most games and guess what? It doesn't mean anything at this point. Good, deep teams will get better. You're extremely entrenched in your Turge hate and can't see just how good this team will be.
  3. This thread, like the last one about Fairfield, did not age well. Can the Turge haters at least wait til later in the game to make these threads? Appreciate it.
  4. I love the people who want baseball to be a boring game with zero celebration or personality. I love seeing enthusiasm from someone on this team of zombies.
  5. Rough start, but encouraging that he still had 6 K's in 3.2 even when he didn't have his best stuff.
  6. Yeah you would. If you were one of those players, you'd understand how the business works instead of making armchair calls from your house.
  7. Harvey in August so far: 6 IP, 2H, 1BB, 11K's, 0ER Pretty good looking numbers in relief. Struck out the side in his last 2 one inning appearances.
  8. Interesting, he's had a horrible August so far, hopefully he can bounce back and show some pop in AAA.
  9. So you're saying he's a major league player ?!
  10. I cursed him. Sorry guys.
  11. 5IP, 1H, 0BB, 4K's and 62 pitches so far today. Guy is dealing.
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