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  1. That's one thing I wanted to see. The bat will take time but I want to see him feeling more comfortable at third. Good to hear.
  2. Do you think Andy is trying for Brignac? I see a few arms that look decent but the only SS I know a bit about besides Bartlett are Brignac and Beckham.
  3. Now that was a nice inning! Settle down now Millwood, settle down now!
  4. It is about time. Congrats to Millwood!!!!
  5. I'm not saying he hasn't, I like the guy. If it wasn't for injury he should have been on this team for awhile. Hopefully after a trade he finds more time.
  6. Good thing for him to show. He needs to show why he deserves to be on this team.
  7. Come on Berken, Come on O's. Let's wrap this tighter than your parent's did!
  8. Would be nice if the game could start in the second inning. Come on O's, get those two back and get mean!
  9. Do you think the team can find a life-size cut-out of Angelos with a stick on suit covering up a bikini and pasties?
  10. A nice 1, 2, Burp, 3 inning for Guthrie! Let's freakin attack this guy early!
  11. For the Orioles: Corey Patterson LF Ty Wigginton 2B Nick Markakis RF Miguel Tejada 3B Luke Scott 1B Adam Jones CF Craig Tatum C Cesar Izturis SS David Hernandez RHP For the Nationals: Willie Harris RF Cristian Guzman 2B Ryan Zimmerman 3B Adam Dunn 1B Josh Willingham LF Ivan Rodriguez C Roger Bernadina CF Ian Desmond SS Scott Olsen LHP Per Roch Jones has given the Bird's a 2-0 lead with his 4th homer!
  12. Time for a clutch hit Tejada! Come on!
  13. Just had some stuff to take care of. Yes, Berken is looking very good. I think he is settled into where he should be. He has been very effective.
  14. Watching on Gameday. Got a beer, and just had six teeth pulled. Come on O's, let's do this thing!!!
  15. For the Orioles: Corey Patterson LF Ty Wigginton 2B Nick Markakis RF Miguel Tejada 3B Luke Scott 1B Matt Wieters C Adam Jones CF Lou Montanez DH Cesar Izturis SS Brian Matusz LHP For the Rangers: Elvis Andrus SS Michael Young 3B Ian Kinsler 2B Vladimir Guerrero DH Josh Hamilton CF Nelson Cruz RF Joaquin Arias 1B David Murphy LF Matt Treanor C Scott Feldman RHP Per Roch
  16. Woops...forgot. Trade Markakis. Demote Jones. Wieters is nothing more than a back-up. Agon and Hanley. Agon and Hanley!!!!!
  17. Beautiful inning by Uehara. Come on guy's, get us the lead!!!
  18. Be careful, you might pull a hamy. Then where will we be.:laughlol: To be serious though, if I can after a few Bush's. Aubrey is 1-3 with a homer. I give Atkins a week. That really sucks, because I believe he can turn it around. I really pull for the guy, but after awhile you just gotta cut your losses. The reason I mention Aubrey is because I think he is the next up before Reimold.
  19. Thank you. I would say the command is there too, but I don't always buy the Gameday spread.
  20. Does it appear Guthrie is getting better movement tonight after the 1st?
  21. Gotta love refreshing the page to find a Luuuuuuuuuke when you did not look at Gameday first. Get some!
  22. Now that was a perfect ending to some trouble. Get a few more runs up there! I am very happy with the amount of grounders so far. Very Nice!
  23. Came back to get the two big bats out. Good job. Let's get that one back!
  24. I was just about to start one. Pretty freakin sad. Come on O's!
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