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  1. Should the Ravens trade for Bosa from our TE and RB depth? Crockett Gillmore and Buck Allen and a 3rd Round pick for Bosa?
  2. If we could get him with Mancini as the centerpiece, I think that would be a really smart move. I'd much rather have him and let him develop than get a guy like Ubaldo again in the FA market.
  3. I think a lot of us are excited about Bundy being in the rotation. We have been for a long time. But, we have also tempered our expectations with just hoping he makes it out onto the mound alive and healthy at this point.
  4. <p><p><p>No worries, man. I don't come on here as often as I'd like. I'm in grad school and have very little time. So, some of the things I might say could be other places. So, no hard feelings. Thanks for the apology, though. I hope you had a happy thanksgiving!</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Baldimore, hon!</p></p></p>

  5. DD is all but gone to Toronto. Who is our GM this offseason and how will their philosophy affect how our team approaches FA?
  6. Nope, you're not crazy. I very much agree with this sentiment. I'm firmly in the "trade away our FA (Chen, Wieters, Davis, and O'Day) for the best prospects you can get" camp. But, I understand the trade away some impact prospects for some IMPACT players (non-rental) camp also. I do prefer the stand pat camp over the trade impact prospects for rental camp, which feels like what the front office seems to want to do (of course, this is baseless as of now, just a gut-feeling I have). On a side note, anyone else wish MacPhail were our GM for the next 24 hours? I think he'd sell and get some real talent in return and I'm not ecstatic over the possibility that we'll get raked over the coals for Ben Revere.
  7. http://www.rantsports.com/mlb/2015/07/16/5-hypothetical-trades-the-baltimore-orioles-could-make-at-the-deadline/ I like the Tommy Hunter and Mike Wright for Gerardo Parra deal. I don't really like any of the Gausman trade ideas. That's a buy, but not a huge one. Still one that could help us without hurting our farm system TOO much.
  8. Bud Norris for Josh Hader anyone? Anyone? Astros could use a reliever. O'Day for a similar price. Wieters and Davis should bring back even more.
  9. I agree that the defense is a big concern, which is why David Lough should be starting in the outfield everyday. Let's also be real that our #1 catcher, and #'s 1,2, and 3 defensive (and offensive?) MI are all injured. So, that's not going to help matters much. There aren't many teams that could do that and still have quality middle infield defense. The fact that we could still be good is a testament to the depth of this team, at least. The starting pitching has been concerning, especially Tillman and Norris. I expect them both to turn it around, though. And hopefully, Ubaldo can keep it up. He and Gonzalez seem to be the lone bright spots of the staff. Our staff, with Ubaldo pitching lights out, is actually still really good.
  10. <p><p><p>hey baldimorehon,</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>sorry to comment on your poll. i didn't mean it personally. a lot of people have done similar things, so it's not just you. someone posted a poll thread about who the opening day secondbaseman would be but asked the poll question "who will have the best season" of schoop, cabrera and everth. it's great to see poll results and find out what the oh crew is thinking. sometimes, though, i think people can be confused when they respond. and that skews the poll results -- which sort of invalidates it all.</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>hope you'll accept my apology. All the best!</p></p></p>


  11. Is it too early to predict wins? I mean, that is the very essence of the question, I suppose. And asking for a prediction at the beginning of the year seems to be the right time to me. Later this year, it would be, Did "Out opportunity" continue to/stop working?
  12. Sorry, title of the thread is "Is this the year it will come unraveled" and the title of the poll is "will 'out opportunity' work?" Two different, but related questions-and they are opposite in how you would likely answer. I apologize for the confusion. I hope that clears it up. ...and yes, playoff berth. HAHA. Sorry!
  13. Notice, I didn't say I thought everything was unraveling. I voted for in between. I was just curious how the board felt. Like I said, I wasn't reacting to this game. It was something I meant to post before the year started, but I'm super busy with school and didn't have time to post it prior. This board is harsh for no reason, sometimes. I listed several good things about the approach that Dan takes and several bad things. I was pretty objective, I feel. I do agree that losing Cruz was a big loss, especially if Davis doesn't hit the way we hope. But, I don't think the loss of Markakis will be that bad. (Not bashing Markakis here, either...I loved him...but, I just think his actual performance on the field is more easily replaceable.)
  14. I am not overreacting to today's loss, let me be clear. I am just curious if people believe that this is the year that our "out opportunity" approach is ineffective. The bad part of the philosophy is that you get a lot of people who have talent but haven't quite put it all together. The upside is that there's a chance that they put it all together, and we collect a lot of them, so there is a decent chance that one of the players we select actually does put it all together. The players are also generally hungry for playing time and compete every day to make it and stay here. A bad part is that generally the players aren't quite as talented. So, what say you? Is this the year we go and win it all? Or is this the year where this philosophy truly fails us? Or maybe somewhere in between...
  15. If Gurley is available at pick #26, there is no doubt in my mind that we pick him regardless of who else is there. He's like Jamal Lewis in his ability, with a little more elusiveness and a little less straight line speed. Plus, he almost NEVER fumbles. Which is a very underrated aspect of a player. If Gurley isn't there, I still like Rollins, Peters, DGB, or Kevin Johnson wouldn't be so bad, either. I wouldn't be too shocked if we went with Breshad Perriman, either. He's pretty good. And has similar size to some of the other big-bodied WRs that will probably be taken in the first round. He's just coming out of a smaller school. If our first three rounds are: Perriman/DGB, Rollins, and Heuerman, I'd be really happy.
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