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  1. I'd guess the later. He works for a cable company. But he is right about one thing: cable companies make their money from broadband subscriptions, not TV. I was paying $170/mo after taxes and fees for internet, phone, and cable w/ HBO and 2x HD DVRs. After cutting all of the fat, trimming down to an internet only plan saved me about $75. I still pay $97 for 100mbps! And we can dispute whether VPN or sharing login credentials is illegal all we want but the fact is, nobody cares. Do you know of one person who's been tracked down by a cable company for signing in under their parent's name? There is literally no way the cable companies would ever invest the amount of time and energy it would take to stop that kind of thing. It's not like they can just block logins from an outside IP address, because they tout the ability to "watch from anywhere". Cable television is a relic. The only thing keeping it alive really, are live sports and premium subscriptions (like HBO and Showtime). They know this. And you can bet your ass Peter Angelos knows this. But what he doesn't know is that he's alienating fans -- and that's just bad for business.
  2. I use IPVanish for my VPN. Wondering if there's any way to run MLB app on my Samsung Smart TV through IPVanish to get the blacked out games. If not, I suppose I'll just stick with my other devices. I've never actually watched a game on the MLB app, on my TV. Is the picture quality better than cable? I would hope so. That's another reason I cut the cord. My senses have become jaded after watching hours and hours of streaming 4k HDR on Netflix.
  3. The Nats have definitely been held hostage through all of this.
  4. Well yeah, there's that. But that's not the point. And the average fan doesn't understand how that even works.
  5. The MLB.tv app lets you stream a ton of baseball games. It's like Sunday Ticket. With one caveat: for years now, it has been impossible to stream a team's games from inside of that team's market, due to blackout restrictions imposed by the league which benefit that team's local broadcast network. I could stream an O's game on the MLB.tv app (which is subscription based) only from outside of the market -- say, in Florida. For 2017, that rule is expiring and networks are pivoting to allow in-market streaming of their club's games. They're doing this because of shifting viewing trends -- knowing fans are cutting the cable cord. Not wanting to lose them. But there appears to be some sort of "States Rights" situation where individual clubs/networks have the right to decide. And all of them have decided to go with the trends -- except for MASN (and the LA Dodgers, I believe).
  6. A real shocker here, folks. Amidst the recent lifting of in-market blackout restrictions, MASN is one of only two remaining networks refusing to allow in-market streaming of their club's games in 2017, perfectly demonstrating the exact number of fudgenuts Peter Angelos gives when it comes to his fanbase. http://awfulannouncing.com/local-networks/rob-manfred-says-market-streaming-deals-close-three-mlb-teams.html I hate ranting, but this got me pretty worked up. I happen to be in middle of the "cord-cutting" process and falsely believed I might actually be able to watch the O's on the MLB.tv app. When I found this article and saw, "all but three teams..." in the title -- there really was no reason to continue reading.
  7. Pretty sure Joe Mauer is as much if not more of a bust than Matt at this point. But no, Matt is not a bust. Just hasn't lived up to the hype.
  8. My alarm just went off. Apparently it's time for Adam to swing haplessly at another pitch down and away. Damn you alarm clock.
  9. Seriously. And is there any doubt that he's easily our #2 next year, if not our #1?
  10. Not to worry folks. We've got our best hitter...oh wait.
  11. FWIW, I too think it is awkward an annoying. I haven't once taken part in it. The worst is at the start of each postseason game so far, when the PA (recording) attempts to amp the crowd up for the start of the broadcast. It really does look like 50,000 zombies chanting oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. So forced. Let it die.
  12. A good friend of mine is selling a single seat in terrace box 13 row 9 for GAME 1 -- $150. PM if you're interested.
  13. I must have lucked out. Or the baseball gods are on my side. Seems like I was pretty lucky to get a lottery email, and even luckier to get through the waiting room at 10:01, and even luckier to land 2 tickets to game 2. My seats though. Section 386 row 5. I've honestly never sat in LF. Are these considered LF upper box or reserve? Did I luck out on these too, or will I need a mini-tv?
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